Otterhound Database Glossary

All titles not otherwise indicated are AKC titles.

  AGI   UKC Agility I
  AJP   Agility Excellent Jumpers Preferred
  AKC   American Kennel Club
  Am.   denotes an American (AKC) title
  APDT  Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  Aus.  denotes an Australian title
  AX    Agility Excellent
  AXJ   Agility Excellent Jumper
  AXP   Agility Excellent Preferred
  BIS   all-breed Best In Show
  BISS  Best Of Breed, OHCA National Specialty
  BOB   Best Of Breed
  BOS   Best Of Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed
  Can.  denotes a Canadian (CKC) title
  CD    Companion Dog  (obedience title)
  CDX   Companion Dog Excellent (obedience title)
  CGC   Canine Good Citizen
  Ch.   Breed Champion
  CKC   Canadian Kennel Club
  Col.  denotes a Columbian title
  CT    Champion Tracker
  Dan.  denotes a Danish title
  Eur.  denotes a European title
  FBX   Flyball Excellent (not AKC)
  Fin.  denotes a Finnish title
  Ger.  denotes a German title
  GCH   Grand Champion
  IE    denotes an Irish title
  Int.  denotes an International title
  KC    Kennel Club (UK)
  MACh. Master Agility Champion
  Mex.  denotes a Mexican title
  MX    Master Agility
  MXJ   Master Agility Jumper
  NA    Novice Agility
  NAJ   Novice Agility Jumper
  NAP   Novice Agility Preferred
  NJP   Novice Agility Jumper Preferred
  Nor.  denotes a Norwegian title
  OA    Open Agility
  OAJ   Open Agility Jumper
  OAP   Open Agility Preferred
  OFA   Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (evaluates hips & elbows)
  OHCA  Otterhound Club of America
  OJP   Open Agility Jumpers Preferred
  OTCh  Obedience Trial Champion
  RL1   RallyO Level 1 (APDT rally obedience title)
  ROM   OHCA Registry of Merit (outstanding sires & dams)
  ROMX  OHCA Registry of Merit Excellent (outstanding sires & dams)
  SHDCH Scent Hurdle Champion (not AKC)
  SKC   States Kennel Club
  Swe.  denotes a Swedish title
  TD    Tracking Dog
  TDI   Therapy Dogs International certification
  TDX   Tracking Dog Excellent
  TT    Temperament Tested
  UD    Utility Dog  (obedience title)
  UDX   Utility Dog Excellent (obedience title)
  UK    denotes a British (KC) title
  UKC   United Kennel Club
  VCD1  Versatile Companion Dog 1 
  VCD2  Versatile Companion Dog 2
  VCD3  Versatile Companion Dog 3
  VCD4  Versatile Companion Dog 4
  VO    Versatile Otterhound (OHCA title - titles in 2 areas)
  VOX   Versatile Otterhound Excellent (OHCA title - titles in 3 areas, 1 intermediate)
  VOCH  Versatile Otterhound Champion (OHCA title - titles in 3 areas, 1 advanced)
  VST   Variable Surface Tracking