Index to Otterhound Database by Call Name

(only Otterhounds whose call names are known are included in this index)

Call Name Registered Name Sex Whelped

Abbey Scentasia's Jewel In The Crown B 12-Mar-2007
Abbott GCH Ch. Lonestar Abbott D 3-Jul-2006
Abby Edendene Wistful B 19-Feb-1984
Abby Wag'N Hollow's Abby B 30-Sep-1989
Abby Goose Creek What Were U Thinkin B 6-May-1996
Abby Kalevala Trompe Le Monde B 19-Jul-1999
Abby Bearsden's Abby Maccoll B 27-May-2000
Abby Kalevala Calypso's Abby Kadabra B 6-Jun-2009
Abilene Ch. Lonestar Abilene B 3-Jul-2006
Abraham Ch. Greyfield's One Way Ryder D 28-Jul-1982
Abraxas Villeseekers Abraxas D 17-Apr-2009
Abraxas Villeseekers Anton D 17-Apr-2009
Acucena Vision Quest Acucena B 13-Jun-2013
Addie Kalevala Sweet Adelaide B 1-Mar-1996
Addie Ch. Blue Fairy's Paper Moon B 5-Mar-2012
Addy Patchas Follyhoun Audacity B 13-Jan-1986
Adler Montizard's Chariot of Fire D 23-Nov-2014
Aggie Aggie Of Iroquois B 5-May-1961
Aggie Aberdeen's Agatha B 19-Jun-1986
Airdrie Ch. Avitar's Briar Rose CD TD B 20-Apr-1983
Akai Vision Quest Akai D 13-Jun-2013
Aksel Ch. B&T's Cruizin In 4 Wheel Drive D 16-May-2010
Alastair Kalevala Phoenix Rising D 17-Oct-2004
Albert Conestoga All The Kings Men D 30-Jan-2014
Aldrin DeKenchar's One Giant Leap D 26-Apr-2019
Alex Swe. Ch. Dyfrgi's Select Sort D 23-Oct-1987
Alex Ch. Howl-Away's Jim-N-I's Alexandra B 30-Sep-1989
Alex Scentasia's Double Jeopardy D 2-Dec-2005
Alice Wild Meadow's Lady Alice B 21-Nov-1976
Alice Ch. Love'N Stuff Kiss My Grits B 22-Oct-1994
Alice UK Ch. Teckelgarth Persephone from Bunnahabhain B 23-Apr-1995
Allie Ch. MagicWood Kalevala Wink At The Moon CGC B 15-Jun-2010
Allu Beargarden's Allu D 28-Mar-1996
Ally Wag'N Hollow's Ally Of Weylin B 26-Aug-1993
Alma Villeseekers Alma B 17-Apr-2009
Alphie Sonsies Little Buddy Alphie TD CD CGC TDI VO D 6-Mar-2003
Alvin Riverrun Alvin TD CGC D 25-Jul-1997
Amadahy Vision Quest Amadahy B 13-Jun-2013
Amanda Ch. Billikin's Amanda Grizzlet B 13-Oct-1984
Amanda Ch. Follyhoun Four Footed Friend B 29-Nov-1984
Amaru Vision Quest Amaru D 13-Jun-2013
Amber Aberdeen's Amber B 19-Jun-1986
Amber Actaeon's Jezebel B 8-Sep-1996
Amira Ch. Scentasia's Grand Finale B 11-Sep-2009
Amos Ch. Aberdeen's Famos Amos D 21-May-1994
Amos Blue Fairy's Winter Soldier D 4-Nov-2017
Amy Houndville Amy B 2-Jul-2006
Andouille Camellia Hounds Red Beans And Rice B 29-Jul-2017
Angel Hunter's Angel B 22-Jun-1979
Angel Dutch Ch. Angel van de Kweb B 29-Jan-1982
Angel Greyfield's Sweet Sunrise B 12-May-1988
Angel Wild West Angel In Disguise B 17-Jul-2003
Angela Ch. Blue Fairy's Princess Angelfire B 9-Oct-2007
Angus Aberdeen's Angus D 19-Jun-1986
Angus Poplar Hill's L'ville Hot Brown D 19-May-2005
Angus GCH Ch. Lonestar Angus Prime Choice D 3-Jul-2006
Angus Avitar's Thorin Angus MacLaren D 21-Aug-2017
Ankh Ch. Andel Ankh B 5-Dec-1971
Anna Wild Meadow's Lady Ann B 21-Nov-1976
Anna Ch. Otter-Bee's Anna Bell Patchas B 3-Jul-1989
Anneliese Cruizin's Just One Look RN CGC B 27-Jun-2007
Annie Ch. Je T'aime Annie Plungecreek B 24-Mar-1972
Annie Avitar's Animal Cracker B 22-Apr-1982
Annie Ch. Jenell's Obsession B 7-Dec-1986
Annie Ch. Billikin's Ann-Here-We-Go B 27-Apr-1988
Annie UK Ch. Actaeon's Precocious with Kingstree B 19-Oct-1988
Annie Am.,Can. Ch. Darby's A Special Request B 23-Apr-1990
Annie Scentasia's Annie B 21-Apr-1991
Annie Ch. Kalevala's Little Otter Annie B 10-Sep-1992
Annie Houndville Anna B 2-Jul-2006
Annie Ch. Wild West Annie Get Your Otter B 9-Sep-2008
Annie Four Pillars' Annie Oakley B 22-Mar-2014
Anpaytoo Vision Quest Anpaytoo B 13-Jun-2013
Antje Villeseekers Antje B 17-Apr-2009
Aponi Vision Quest Aponi B 13-Jun-2013
Apperley PCMH Apperley D 1990s
Appletini Aberdeen's Twice The Legal Limit B 29-Dec-2008
Aquinnah Vision Quest Aquinnah B 13-Jun-2013
Aragon Houndville Deputy D 20-Apr-2011
Archie Swe. Ch. Dyfrgi's Silent Searcher D 23-Oct-1987
Archie Graywaves Desert Archie D 18-Jul-1991
Archie DeKenchar's Sir Archie of Hartford County D 26-Apr-2019
Archie Old Country Ice Mountain Archie D 07-May-2019
Ardennes Majestyk Hounds Ardennes B 1-Sep-2018
Arlo Dekenchar's Fence Post Blues B 19-Oct-2011
Arlo OHeavens Wright Above the Prairie D 7-Jul-2019
Arlyne Aberdeen & Crossroads You Can Leave Your Hat On B 18-Jan-2019
Aroha Vision Quest Aroha B 13-Jun-2013
Arron Ch. Four Paws Corner Arron D 28-Jun-1992
Arthur Sonsies Chai Arthur The Dog D 12-Jun-2004
Arthur Hunter's Darco Winn D 14-Dec-2015
Arthur DeKenchar's High Society D 13-Feb-2016
Arthur Avitar's Trying My Patience D 21-Aug-2017
Artie Ch. Aberdeen's Arthur D 19-Jun-1986
Artie Ch. Aberdeen & Conestoga Verrry Interesting B 5-Mar-2016
Ash Ironquest's Divide That By 9 D 24-Jan-2016
Ashley Villeseekers Ashley B 17-Apr-2009
Asterix Villeseekers Asterix D 17-Apr-2009
Astie Aberdeen's Astarte B 19-Jun-1986
Aston Can. Ch. Cruizin The Road to Eden D 30-Jun-2005
Audax Bunnahabhain Aragon D 9-Sep-1999
Augie Baymore Augie D 16-Jun-2003
Augustus Ch. Ironquest's Boss Man D 23-Jul-2012
Autry Wag'N Hollow's Singing Cowboy TDX CGC TDI D 26-Aug-1993
Ava DeKenchar's Show Boat B 13-Feb-2016
Avalon Houndville Actress B 2-Jul-2006
Awesome Ottertails Sir Winston Of OH D 11-Nov-1991
Ayree Ch. Scentasia's Surf'N' Sea Ayre B 26-Aug-2004
Bacall Ch. Poplar Hill's Bold Venture B 6-Jul-2006
Bacardi Cruizin's Hot Buttered Rum B 30-Jun-2005
Bacon Ch. Kalevala's Bacon's Rebellion B 10-Sep-1992
Badger Hunter's Lonestar Badger D 24-Jun-2009
Bailey Aberdeen's Able Bailey D 19-Jun-1986
Bailey Ch. Scentasia's Fantasia B 27-Sep-1989
Bailey Scentasia's Peppermint Patty B 27-Sep-1989
Bailey Cheery OH's Cracklin' Rosie B 19-Jan-1997
Bailey Baymore Bailey's Anthem D 19-Jun-2000
Bailey Conestoga Bailey's Irish Crème C Major D 10-Jan-2017
Baldy Bellhound's Vixen B 19-Dec-1969
Bally Uisneach Brave Ballerina at Ottaryx B 12-Oct-2007
Bananas Aberdeen's Bananas B 3-Oct-1989
Banting OHeavens Wotarukus Sweet Remedy D 7-Jul-2019
Banzo Poplar Hill's Rosencrantz D 16-Apr-2001
Barbie Jenell's Revelation B 1980s
Barclay Ch. Hunter's Lonestar Barclay D 24-Jun-2009
Barker Am.,Can. Ch. UKC Ch. Scentasia's The Price Is Right D 26-Aug-2004
Barkley Kalevala Barkley Charles Clark D 17-Oct-2004
Barley GCH Am.,Int. Ch. UKC Ch. VSOP Canis Major Phoenix Rises CGC D 23-Sep-2007
Barley Mystic Hills Eli's Malt Barley D 13-Feb-2010
Barney Ottertail's Trouble Brewing D 22-May-1988
Barney OHCAR's Barney Google D 1993?
Barney Villeseekers Bilbo D 19-Apr-2009
Baron Can. Ch. Avitar's Front Page News D 16-Apr-1988
Barry CT VOCH Ch. Scentasia Qcumber Wall St Wizard CD RE CGC D 15-Nov-2000
Basil Riverrun Monarch Of The Glen D 20-Mar-2010
Bastian Majestyk No Boundries For Deckenchar's Bastian Bux D 1-Sep-2018
Batman CT Ch. Wild West Batman Ott'R Find It D 9-Sep-2008
Baxter Ch. Scentasia's Shake Rattle N Roll D 6-Apr-2003
Bay Hunter's Dynamic Celina B 6-Mar-2012
Baylee Scentasia's Protector's Echo B 10-Apr-1996
Baylee Scentasia's Be Bop A Lula B 6-Apr-2003
Bayou Uisneach Blue Bayou D 12-Oct-2007
Bazzle Can. Ch. Billikin Impressions D 28-Jul-1990
Beaker OHeavens Blinded Me with Science B 7-Jul-2019
Beamer Ironquest's Elixir of Fine Bourbon D 21-Nov-2017
Bear Ch. Greyfield's Un'Bear'able Of LOH D 16-Apr-1985
Bear Hunter's Lonestar Bexar D 24-Jun-2009
Beattie UK Ch. Kingstree Dalbeattie B 3-Aug-1989
Beau Ch. Conestoga Adonis B. True D 30-Jan-2014
Beauty Ch. Scentasia's Sleeping Beauty B 27-Sep-1989
Bebe Eiren OH Sonsie Joans Phoebe B 19-Apr-1988
Beep B&T's Honk If U Luv Me B 16-May-2010
Beetlejuice Ch. Aberdeen's Beetlejuice D 3-Oct-1989
Belanca Ger.,Eur.,Int. Ch. Alflasker Agua Belanca B 18-Aug-1999
Belinda Aberdeen's Belinda B 3-Oct-1989
Bella Uisneach Bijou D 12-Oct-2007
Bella Dekenchar's Bella Coola Austin B 9-Jul-2010
Bella GCHB Ch., Int. Ch. Blue Fairy's Breaking Dawn CGCA RN TKN RATO B 5-Mar-2012
Bella Avitar's Take That Jazz Forever B 21-Aug-2017
Belle Eiren OH Sonsie Belle Starr B 19-Apr-1988
Belle Howlaway's Belle B 7-Nov-1994
Belle Ch. Poplar Hill's Belle of L'ville CGC B 19-May-2005
Belle Old Country Cranberry Glades Belle B 07-May-2019
Belmondo Villeseekers Belmont D 19-Apr-2009
Benson Montizard's Firebird D 23-Nov-2014
Bentley Riverrun Pirate D 4-Jun-2013
Bently Ch. Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael D 3-Oct-1989
Beppo Villeseekers Beppo D 19-Apr-2009
Bert Patchas Hogan Duke Of Yule D 25-Dec-1988
Bert Patchas Joyful Alpha Bert D 25-Dec-1988
Betsy Rinjan's Canterbury Belle B 14-May-1969
Betty Ottaryx Quiz B 27-Jun-2018
Billy G Blue Fairy's Eclipse of the Heart D 5-Mar-2012
Billy Billikin's One in a Billion D 1980s
Bing NZ Ch. Uneetoile Torbernite D 3-Sep-1992
Bingo Hooters Corcra Be I N Gee OH TD CGC D 10-Dec-1996
Birdee Magicwood Kalevala Free as a Bird B 14-Dec-2012
Bishop Hunter's Lonestar Bishop D 24-Jun-2009
Blair Ch. Conestoga Butterfly Kisses B 10-Jan-2017
Blake Dutch Ch. Blake van de Kweb D 21-Mar-1983
Blaze Ch. Riverrun Magenta Morning Blaze D 20-Mar-2010
Blessing Hunter's Lonestar Blessing B 24-Jun-2009
Blondie Ch. Scentasia's Halcyon Blondie B 27-Sep-1989
Blondie Ch. Fitzcaps Blonde Bomber B 10-Oct-1994
Blossom Hunter's Lonestar Blossom B 24-Jun-2009
Blue Hootman D 1942
Blue Ch. Love'N Stuff Blue Bayou D 18-Jul-1991
Blue Muddcreeks Simply Irresistible CDX RN CGC TDI VOX B 13-Apr-2006
Blue Vision Quest Blue Velvet B 26-Jul-2015
Blueman Ch. Andel Little Big Man D 31-Mar-1971
Bob Ch. Tyburn Talisman D 1960s
Bodie Otterbee's Bodington Gold D 12-May-2012
Bodie Aberdeen & Crossroads You Are My Sunshine D 18-Jan-2019
Bogart Ch. Poplar Hill's Beat The Devil CGC D 6-Jul-2006
Bogie GCH DeKenchar's Howlaway's Leader of the Pack D 13-Feb-2016
Bomber Ch. Aberdeen's Bombshell B 3-Oct-1989
Bonkers Ch. Aberdeen's Bonkers B 3-Oct-1989
Bonney Ch. Hunter's Lonestar Bonney B 24-Jun-2009
Bonnie Dutch Ch. Bonnie van de Kweb B 21-Mar-1983
Bonnie Aberdeen's Bonnie Banner B 3-Oct-1989
Bonnie Ch. Triple Creek Janoras Bonnie B 22-Oct-1997
Bonnie Boravin Jingle B 9-Jan-1998
Bonnie Ch. Corcra Gael Sunbeam Tiger B 21-Apr-2003
Boo Ch. Rinjan's Dandelion Whine D 28-Apr-1971
Boo Wild West Ridin The Rainbow B 26-Jun-2011
Booker Hunter's Lonestar Booker D 24-Jun-2009
Booker Ch. Adeline Poplar Hill's Ain't Misbehavin' CGC D 4-Aug-2009
Boom Ch. Follyhoun Hooters Kaboom D 23-Aug-1993
Boomer Otterbee's Boomerrang Brown D 12-May-2012
Boomer Olphae Wombie D 8-Jun-2019
Boots Hunter's Traveling Boots D 10-May-1981
Bordeaux Uisneach Bespoke Bordeaux D 12-Oct-2007
Bosun Ottaryx Lynus D 7-Oct-2010
Boswell Wildan's Jack Splash D 7-May-2008
Bounce Bandersnatch Tigger's Bounce B 29-Sep-1975
Bowen Avitar's Quidditch D 13-Aug-2009
Bramble Ch. Bramble Kingstree B 7-May-1984
Brandes Avitar's Brandi Wine B 20-Apr-1983
Brandie GCHS Ch. Ironquest's C You're A Fine Girl BISS B 14-Mar-2015
Brandy Adriucha Justops 1967
Brandy Wag'N Hollow's Brandy Snifter B 26-Aug-1993
Bravado Uisneach Bold Bravado D 12-Oct-2007
Braxton Riverrun Shall We Have a Braxton D 9-Jan-2017
Brecken Otter-Bee's Music Man D 9-Nov-1988
Bree Ch. Avitar's Pandemonium B 25-Sep-2004
Breeze Ch. Kalevala Summer Breeze B 19-Jul-1999
Brendan UK Ch. Ottersdream Philosopher D 28-Aug-1999
Brewski Conestoga Analyze This D 30-Jan-2014
Bri Sonsies Sweetbriar Scamp B 26-Feb-1989
Bridget Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar's Bold Beauty Of Rinjan B 20-Apr-1983
Brie Penny's Heaven Bound B 6-Apr-1995
Briggs Four Pillars' Stand And Deliver B 29-Nov-2019
Briscoe Hunter's Lonestar Briscoe D 24-Jun-2009
Bristol Ch. Corcra Gael Bristol Royale B 9-Mar-2001
Brittney Ch. Stonebridge Wishin' on a Star B 12-Sep-1996
Brodie Am Ch., Can. Ch. Avitar's Smoking Hot Jazz RN VO D 27-Oct-2015
Brownie Wild West Deputy Charlie Brown D 26-Jun-2011
Bruzzer Ch. Jenell's My Sin B 7-Dec-1986
Bryce Avitar's Quarter Notes In Jazz D 13-Aug-2009
Brynlee Con Cara's Elenora Rigby B 21-Jun-2018
Bubba Ch. Scentasia's White River Titanium CGC D 12-Mar-2007
Bubbles Conestoga Bubbles Galore C Major B 10-Jan-2017
Buck Scentasia's Mega Bucks D 12-Apr-1996
Buck Avitar's Not 'Til I Say So D 22-Mar-2002
Buckhorn Ch. Chaucer's Buckhorn B 8-May-1982
Buckley Scentasia's Shenanigans D 21-Jul-1998
Buddy Conestoga Augustus Prime D 30-Jan-2014
Burke Ch. Belle River Delta Queen B 14-Apr-1992
Burnley Furaha Farrier D 18-Feb-1983
Bus Ch. Corcra Gael Aston Martin D 9-Mar-2001
Buster Fitzcap's Zaccariah D 7-Feb-1993
Buster Janoras Buster Brown D 15-Jun-2001
Buster Sonsie Clansman D 12-Jun-2004
Busy Izzy Ironquest's Can Be Mrs Busybody B 14-Mar-2015
Butterfly Uisneach Bubbly Butterfly D 12-Oct-2007
Byron Ironquest's Egad Lord Byron Smellynose of Hill Blue D 21-Nov-2017
C.C. Hooters Corcra Carbon Copy B 10-Dec-1996
C2 Jenell's Forever Crystal B 1980s
CJ Ch. Wild West Cracker Jack Ott'R Track TDX CGC D 9-Oct-2007
Caddy Can. Ch. Darby's Pink Cadillac B 23-Apr-1990
Caffrey Ch. Scentasia's Yorktown Patriot CD VO D 8-Jul-2002
Caja Int. Ch. Caja vom Otterzentrum B 22-Dec-1995
Caleb Kalevala Overlord D 10-Sep-1992
Calli GCH Ch. OHeavens What A Scalliwag CGC B 13-Apr-2011
Cally Calliope Of Skye Top B 4-Jan-1967
Cameo Beretania Huia B 9-Oct-2003
Cammie Clearwater's Caramel Delight B 4-Mar-2005
Cammy GCHB Ch. Four Pillars' Tahoe Turquoise CGC B 22-May-2015
Campbell Ch. Clearwater Baileys Irishcream D 21-Jun-2006
Camper Ch. Sonsies Such A Happy Camper TD CGC B 26-Feb-1989
Cap Ch. Bessie's Capitaine D 1937
Captain Ottaryx Quartermaster D 27-Jun-2018
Carlotta Villeseekers Cassis B 11-May-2010
Carly Ch. Aberdeen's Cauzn Confusn Osi B 11-Jun-1991
Carson OHeavens Heeere's Johnny D 13-Apr-2011
Carter Ch. Aberdeen's Blue Jacket McCarter D 3-Oct-1989
Casey Ch. Rinjan's Kasandra B 8-Jan-1989
Casey Avitar's My Name is Casey D 24-Apr-1998
Cassi OHeavens Stars of Cassiopeia B 7-Jul-2019
Caveman Am.,Can. Ch. Aberdeen's Caveman D 11-Jun-1991
Cecelia GCH Ch. Ria's Conestoga Cuervo Gold B 11-Aug-2015
Cedric Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Cedric Vikingsson D 5-May-1961
Ceilidh Tamdhu Lella Lombardi B 7-Mar-1997
Celine Houndville Christabel B 24-May-2010
Chaco Love'N Stuff Rhett Butler D 5-Dec-1992
Chancey Follyhoun Fair Chance B 11-May-1985
Chancey Follyhoun Patchas Chancey B 11-May-1985
Chaos Ch. Patchas Otter Chaos D 3-Jul-1989
Chaos DeKenchar's Chaos is Coming B 26-Apr-2019
Charlie Can. Ch. Avitar's Charlie Brown D 10-Jun-1984
Charlie Ch. Chaucer's Mydramagic Charm B 19-Dec-1985
Charlie UK Ch. Ottersdream Pharoah D 7-Mar-1996
Charly GCH, UKC Ch., Ch. Four Pillars' Road Trip to Charleston CGC TKN TD B 22-May-2015
Charman Olphae Charman ** D 21-Mar-2018
Charmer Am.,Can.,Mex. Ch. Charmer Of Skye Top B 4-Jan-1967
Che Jenell's Bay Rum B 7-Dec-1986
Chelsea Kalevala Great Expectations B 10-Sep-1992
Chelsea Scentasia's Daughter Of Joy B 21-Jul-1998
Cher Clearwater Cherry Parfait A'Rosewell B 4-Mar-2005
Cherub H.B. Cherub Of Lonesome Lane B 1972
Chess Villeseekers Chessman D 11-May-2010
Chester Ch. Follyhoun Winchester D 8-May-1982
Chester Ch. I-R Spicy Ragamataz Of Demar B 5-Sep-1983
Chester Chester Higgins D 1990s
Chester Riverrun Darwin D 28-Mar-2014
Chewbacca Avitar's Much To Do D 24-Apr-1998
Chewie Ironquest's Better Hide Your Heart D 23-Jul-2012
Chewie Riverrun Padawan Chewie D 4-Jun-2013
Chewy Ch. Howlaway's The Colorado Wookie D 30-Sep-1989
Chewy Corcra Gael Vauxhall Prince Henry D 21-Apr-2003
Cheyenne Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar's Classical Jazz Am.,Can. CD B 10-Jun-1984
Cheyenne Hunter's Sunny Cheyenne B 6-Mar-2012
Chi Aberdeen's Chi Town Colossus D 11-Jun-1991
Chia Riverrun Absolute Optimist TD B 25-Jul-1997
Chili Hunter's Laird Chilton CD TD RN CGC TDI CKC-CD VO D 6-Mar-2012
Chip Ch. Scentasia's Orange Crush B 19-Jul-1992
Chucky Ch. Aberdeen's Chucky Cheez Osi D 11-Jun-1991
Churchill Hooters Churchill O'Bearsden D 15-Oct-1994
Churchill Otterbee's Holy Cow it's Churchill D 12-May-2012
Chutney Snuggers Chutney D 31-May-1987
Cinders Wildan Jeannie B 9-Feb-2002
Claire Scentasia's Planet Claire B 24-Jun-2000
Clancey Scentasia's Sweeney Todd D 21-Apr-1991
Clansman Dumfriesshire Clansman '76 D 5-Mar-1976
Clara Ch. Skyranch Clara Bell Patchas B 13-Jan-1986
Clara Ch. Hunter's Dame Clara B 6-Mar-2012
Clementine Cheery OH's Little Darlin' B 19-Jan-1997
Cleo Ch. Aberdeen's Sangre de Cristo Cleona B 11-Jun-1991
Clive Shreenwater Blackjack D 23-Apr-1994
Clodagh Four Pillars' Niagara River Song B 22-Mar-2014
Clover UK Ch. Clover ex Kingstree B 20-Apr-2006
Clyde Am.,Can. Ch. Chorister Of Skye Top D 4-Jan-1967
Coco DeKenchar's Coco White Hot Chocolate B 26-Apr-2019
Cocoa Ch. Ironquest's Chocolate Congelado B 14-Mar-2015
Cody White River's Shining In Cody D 12-Aug-2009
Cokie Ch. Scentasia's The Real Thing B 19-Jul-1992
Colin Blue Fairy's White River Daredevil D 17-Mar-2016
Colleen Houndville Ciara B 24-May-2010
Collier PCOH Chief D 12-May-1997
Colombo UK Ch. Maycup Maverick D 1-Dec-1991
Columbus Barilla Tarter D 23-Apr-2000
Comfers Comfrey of Deanery B 29-Sep-1997
Congo Ch. Aberdeen's Gorilla D 9-Jan-1996
Cooper Am.,Int. Ch. Aberdeen's Unsolved Mystery D 31-Jul-2009
Cooper Snooperline Elvis D 11-Jan-2015
Cooper Ria's Cooper Callahan D 11-Aug-2015
Cooper Old Country Sittin On Coopers Rock D 07-May-2019
Copper Ch. Triple Creek Copper Penny B 6-Apr-1995
Copper Hunter's Merry Celeste B 6-Mar-2012
Copper Kiowa Creeks Copper Bottom Still D 25-Mar-2017
Cora Old Country Seneca Rocks Rose B 07-May-2019
Cora Catskill Otter Be My Valentine B 6-Jun-2019
Corbin Scentasia's Blue Chip Barker D 15-Nov-2000
Cordelia Rinjan's Lovely Lass B 5-Oct-1991
Cordelia Blue Fairy's Never a Dull Moment B 17-Mar-2016
Corduroy Sonsie Corduroy D 12-Jun-2004
Corry Carillion Of Skye Top B 4-Jan-1967
Cos Ch. Aberdeen's Cosmik Debris B 11-Jun-1991
Cosma Houndville Clover B 24-May-2010
Courtney Ch. Edendene Fancourt CD B 8-May-1981
Cousteau Corcra Gael Cousteau's Silver Shadow D 5-Jul-2008
Cowboy Wild West Cowboy Hero CGC D 18-Mar-2001
Creed Ch. Ironquest's Chesapeake Boatman's Creed D 14-Mar-2015
Cricket Ch. Vison Hornet B 7-Feb-1993
Critter Bellhound's Good Grief B 19-Feb-1977
Crooner Four Pillars' Drops Anchor in Amity Harbor D 22-Mar-2014
Crosby Hunter's Dillon Peyton D 14-Dec-2015
Crosley Riverrun Dashing Through Heather B 28-Mar-2014
Crystal Gayle GCH Ch. Ria's Crystal Gael B 11-Aug-2015
Crystal Ch. Greyfield's Razzmataz B 28-Jul-1982
Cubbie GCH Am.,Int. Ch. UKC Ch. Aberdeen's Publicity Hound RN TDX CGC VOX D 29-Aug-2005
Curry Ch. Bessie's Courageous D 1937
Cutter Clearwater's Holiday Cookie D 4-Mar-2005
Cyril Riverrun Finally! Cyril D 25-Jun-2008
DUI GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Under The Influence D 31-Jul-2009
Daffy Conestoga CMajor Daffodil B 10-Jan-2017
Dahlia Kendal Dahlia '70 B 5-Sep-1970
Daisy Jane Jenell's Jean Nate B Dec-1986
Daisy Mae Ottersdream Pandia B 6-May-2003
Daisy Ch. Greyfield's Doubtful Daisy B 17-Jan-1981
Daisy Boravin Vanity B 8-Jan-1986
Daisy Adeline's Daisy B 12-Jun-2006
Daisy Ria's Field of Daisies B 11-Aug-2015
Dallas Four Pillars' Malibu Classic Anna Mari DAllesandro B 22-May-2015
Dallas Hunter's Dallas Diva B 14-Dec-2015
Damien Ch. Aberdeen's Copper Dirt Devil D 22-Oct-1997
Damon Hunter's Damon Aleron D 14-Dec-2015
Dancer Can. Ch. Bellhound's Dancer D 19-Dec-1969
Dane Pyrus CGC D 25-May-2000
Danny Nordmark's Deliquent D 20-Oct-1978
Daphne Avitar's Calgary Star Of Texas TD B 10-Jun-1984
Darby GCH Ch. Montizard's Little Miss Firecracker B 23-Nov-2014
Darby Conestoga Benedict Darby C Major D 10-Jan-2017
Dareya GCH Ch Adeline's Sine Metu TD NF NFP CGC VO B 4-Aug-2009
Dash B&T's 4 On The Floor D 16-May-2010
Dawg Valley View Farm Folly D 7-Dec-1972
Dawn Hunter's Bloody Dawn B 10-May-1981
Dawn Hunter's Dawn Star B 14-Dec-2015
Dawny Corcra Gael Rolls Silver Dawn D 5-Jul-2008
Dayze Blue Fairy's Ticket To Ride To Con Cara's Olphae B 21-Jun-2018
Dazzle GCH Ch. UKC Ch. Scentasia's Bedazzled In Diamonds CGC B 12-Mar-2007
Demon Ch. Andel Follyhoun Worthy Demon B 30-Jun-1974
Dempsey Ch. Follyhoun Family Man D 17-Oct-1983
Dempsey Riverrun D J Dempsey D 28-Mar-2014
Derby GCH Ch. Poplar Hill's Unbridled Spirit CGC D 19-May-2005
Desi Aberdeen's Designated Driver D 6-Sep-2014
Desmond Aberdeen's Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da D 10-Jan-2005
Destiny Riverrun Destiny B 28-Mar-2014
Dewey Riverspruce's Danas Dewey D 26-May-2009
Dewi Riverrun Dewi D 28-Mar-2014
Dia Ch. Scentasia's Diamonds Are Forever B 12-Mar-2007
Diana Hunter's Diana Evanna of Adeline B 14-Dec-2015
Dibbes Kingstree Vanderhum D 3-Apr-2013
Dietta Aberdeen's Douse De'light B 6-Dec-1992
Dillon Wild West Marshall Dillon D 26-Jun-2011
Dinah Aberdeen's Dynamo Hum B 6-Dec-1992
Dita Ch. Ironquest's Exotic Striptease B 21-Nov-2017
Diva Willowhound's Diva The Wiggles B 31-May-1999
Dixie Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar's Dixieland Jazz B 9-Jan-1986
Dixie Dekenchar's Li'L Bit O' Dixie B 2-Sep-2015
Dizzy UK Ch. Teckelgarth Degas D 18-Jan-2000
Doc Aberdeen & Crossroads You Can'T Make This Up D 18-Jan-2019
Dodger DeKenchar's Street Savoire Faire D 26-Apr-2019
Dolly Kalevala Never Say Goodbye B 6-Jun-2009
Domino Aberdeen's Simply Irresistible B 22-Sep-2006
Donald PCOH Donald Bunnahabhain D 27-Aug-2004
Donut UK,IE Ch. Cairo's Mystical D 14-Sep-2005
Doogal Avitar's Puppy Of The Prior D 25-Sep-2004
Dora Hunter's Dora The Traveler B 14-Dec-2015
Doyle Hunter's Doyle Crispin D 14-Dec-2015
Dr. Watson Ch. Wag'N Hollow's This Ones For You CGC D 7-Apr-1991
Dr. Watson Avitar's My Dear Dr. Watson D 24-Apr-1998
Dr. Watson Four Pillars' Mystery On The Nile D 29-Nov-2019
Draco Teckelgarth Draco Malfoy D 11-Aug-2003
Dragonfly Teckelgarth Dragonfly B 18-Jan-2000
Dreamer Penny for Your Thoughts B 6-Apr-1995
Dreyfus Ch. Scentasia's Phantom Of The Opera D 21-Apr-1991
Drifter Ch. Kendal Drifter '53 D 22-Dec-1953
Druid Vison Phalanx D 19-Jun-1989
Dudley Ch. Jenell's Limited Edition D 1-May-1988
Dudley Am.,Can. Ch. Cruizin's Dudley DoRight Of WH D 24-Dec-1999
Dudley Aberdeen's Why Not D 11-Aug-2016
Duff Ch. Chaucer's Sir Duff Of Bearsden D 19-Dec-1985
Duffy Riverrun Freeway Duffy McGruff D 25-Jun-2008
Dugan Scentasia's RC Cola And A Moon Pie D 19-Jul-1992
Duke Kingstree Merryman At Steepledene D 8-Apr-2002
Duke Riverrun My Duke D 20-Mar-2010
Dulcie Ch. Dulciana Of Skye Top B 21-Jun-1968
Duncan Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Colorado Homerun D 7-Apr-1991
Duncan Can. Ch. Avitar's In The News D 24-Jan-1993
Duncan Bearsden Duncan O'Cannonfyre CGC TDI D 29-Apr-1998
Duncan Ch. Poplar Hill's King Duncan D 16-Apr-2001
Duncan Scentasia's Johnny Be Good D 6-Apr-2003
Duncan Scentasia's Texas Hold 'Em D 26-Aug-2004
Duncan Avitar's Quiet Revolution D 13-Aug-2009
Dundee Andel Mother Nature's Son D 30-Jun-1974
Dundee Follyhoun Dundee Of Patchas B 11-May-1985
Dunkley Olphae Wisdom D 8-Jun-2019
Dustin Ch. Magicwoods Tribute to Scentasia D 14-Dec-2012
Dusty Hooters Knock On Wood D 3-Dec-1996
Dwayne Adeline's Royal Rumble D 4-Aug-2009
Dylan Ch. Anawim Serenading In The Wind D 1-May-1988
Dylan Magicwood Kalevala Poetic License D 14-Dec-2012
Earl Adeline's Black Pearl Of Lane's Cove D 4-Aug-2009
Earl DeKenchar's Theodore Earl of Da Boro D 26-Apr-2019
Ebony Hunter's Riverrun Ebony Twilight B 9-Oct-2017
Echo UKC Ch. AKC GCH Ch. OHeavens Worth Repeating CGC B 13-Apr-2011
Eddie UK Ch. Ottersdream Purlieu B 1-Nov-1993
Eddie MagicWood Deja Vu D 15-Jun-2010
Eddie Snooperline Eddie D 11-Jan-2015
Eddie Avitar's Total Eclipse OTM SCN D 21-Aug-2017
Eeyore Ch. Adriucha Mohawk Menace D 15-Jun-1968
Effie Snuggers First Ed. At Tufskin D 1980s?
Eifa Ottaryx Quintessa B 27-Jun-2018
Eilidh Olphae Cadence With Wildan** B 21-Mar-2018
Einstein Scentasia's Otter Be Ashamed B 21-Jul-1998
Einstein Ironquest's E Equals Em Cee Squared D 21-Nov-2017
Electra Hunter's Riverrun Electra Rose B 9-Oct-2017
Elizabeth Ch. Cheery OH's Daimler O'Corcra Gael B 19-Jan-1997
Elke Ch Four Pillars' Evening On Elk River B 29-Nov-2019
Ella Snooperline Ella B 11-Jan-2015
Elle Ch. Poplar Hill's Mint Julep B 19-May-2005
Ellie Mae Avitar's Persuasive Ellie Mae B 25-Sep-2004
Ellie Ria's Laura Ellen B 6-Jun-2013
Ellie Avitar's Total Eclipse is OtM SCN B 21-Aug-2017
Ellie Avitar's Twinkle Toes B 21-Aug-2017
Elmer Ch. Aberdeen's Elmer Fudd Tails End D 15-Dec-1992
Eloise Can. OTCh UKC OTCh Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Eloise UDX TD SKC CD B 30-Sep-1989
Elsa Hunter's Riverrun Elsa Snow B 9-Oct-2017
Elvis Scentasia's Boston Minuteman D 8-Jul-2002
Emil Snooperline Emil D 11-Jan-2015
Emilee Hunter's Riverrun Emilee Jade B 9-Oct-2017
Emiline GCH Ch. Kalevala Always in Scentsational Style B 6-Jun-2009
Emily Parmour's Emeline B 29-Nov-1974
Emily Snuggers Licorice Twist B 3-Jan-1986
Emily Emily B 20-Mar-1987
Emma GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Trouble B 2-Dec-2005
Emma Snooperline Emma B 11-Jan-2015
Emme Blue Fairy's Dance with Dragons B 17-Mar-2016
Emmet Hooters Corcra Mr. Emmet D 10-Dec-1996
Emmet Scentasia's Good Time Charlie D 21-Jul-1998
Emmet Four Pillars' Red Sky at Morning D 22-Mar-2014
Emmet Majestyk Emmet Otter's Jug-Band D 1-Sep-2018
Emmett Avitar's Rhinestone Clownboy D 9-Mar-2013
Enzo Houndville Edward D 4-Apr-2014
Ernie Ch. Patchas Earnest Intention D 25-Dec-1988
Esther C.I.B. NORD CH FI CH DK CH SE CH SO CH Houndville Esther BALTW-15 NORDW-15 SEW-16 DKW-17 NORDW-17 SEW-17 B 4-Apr-2014
Eunice GCH Ch., Int. Ch. Ria's Eunice CGC B 6-Jun-2013
Eve Evita van de Kweb B 31-Jul-1984
Eve GCH Ch. Four Pillars' The Era Starts Anew CGC B 22-Mar-2014
Evy Rinjan's Evadne B 13-Jun-1972
Faie Houndville Flora** B 14-Feb-2016
Fanny Ch. Aberdeen's Funny Girl B 21-May-1994
Fanta Uisneach Beowulf's Fantasy B 12-Oct-2007
Farina Uisneach Adorable Farina B 19-Mar-2007
Farley Ironquest's Alf-Alpha My Favorite Little Rascal D 27-Mar-2011
Farrah Follyhoun Snuggers Tassle B 19-Aug-1985
Favour Furaha Favour B 18-Feb-1983
Fay Snooperline Fay B 19-Oct-2016
Feeona Riverspruce's Spurr Of The Moment B 26-May-2009
Fenway Avitar's Green Field Of Dreams B 16-Mar-1989
Ferdinand Snooperline Ferdinand D 19-Oct-2016
Fergus Kingstree Highlander D 8-Nov-1995
Fergus Scentasia's Leader Of The Pack D 6-Apr-2003
Fergus Avitar's The Best Is Yet to Come D 21-Aug-2017
Fernand Snooperline Finn D 19-Oct-2016
Ferry UK Ch. Kingstree Ferryman D 31-Jul-1991
Fezzie Four Pillars' Fezzik "As You Wish" D 22-Mar-2014
Fezziwig Fezziwig D 24-Dec-1999
Fieby Queen Fieby van de Kweb** B 11-Sep-2016
Filip Houndville Filip** D 14-Feb-2016
Fingal Ch. Kendal Fingal D 10-Jul-1978
Finlay Bunnahabhain Ramsay D 10-Jan-2008
Finn Clearwater's Flipper B 11-Mar-2008
Finn Old Country Faithful Finn D 07-May-2019
Finn Four Pillar' Washing Finn Crosses the Delaware D 29-Nov-2019
Finnegan Finnegan D 10-May-1981
Finnegan CT Ch. Riverrun Finnegan VO CGC NAP NAJP VOX D 25-Jun-2008
Finnegan Dekenchar's Battalion 3's Chief Finnegan D 9-Jul-2010
Finnegan Ironquest's Dream Weaver Finnegan D 24-Jan-2016
Finnegan Catskill Wild Wolf Howl D 6-Jun-2019
Finnegan OHeavens Laird Farenheit Rising D 7-Jul-2019
Finnigan Willowhound's Finnigan B 27-Aug-2000
Fiona Blue Fairy's Deer Hunter B 26-Oct-2012
Flash GCH Ch. White River's News Flash D 12-Aug-2009
Fletch Four Pillars' Fletch's Fetzer Valve D 22-May-2015
Fletcher Aberdeen's Liar Liar Pants On Fire D 10-Feb-2001
Fletcher Snooperline Fletcher D 19-Oct-2016
Flo Keepcott Florin B 26-Oct-2009
Floh Krauholt Claudia B 14-Jun-1991
Floki Blue Fairy's Floki of Kattegat D 17-Mar-2016
Forest Kalevala Hunter Tanqueray D 19-Jul-1999
Forest Hunter's Forest Wanderer D 24-Apr-2019
Forester Furaha Forester D 18-Feb-1983
Forrest Ch. Four Pillars' Tomorrow is Another Day D 22-Mar-2014
Fred Can.,Bermuda Ch. Avitar's Alfred the Great D 22-Apr-1982
Fred Am.,UK Ch. Ottersdream Protector D 19-Nov-1984
Fred Ch. Aberdeen's Count Fredrick D 11-Jun-1991
Fred Scentasia's Fanta Frederick D 19-Jul-1992
Fred Ch. Janoras Yabba Dabba Doo D 15-Jun-2001
Freddie Ch. Scentasia's Sirius Star CGC D 24-Jun-2000
Freddy Ch. Snuggers Carefree D 31-May-1987
Frederick Mystic Hills Magnum Derringer D 28-Sep-2015
Freeman Freeman van de Kweb D 20-Jul-1985
Freya Houndville Freya** B 14-Feb-2016
Fridge Hooters Monster Fridge D 1-Jan-1995
Frisbee Follyhoun Frisbee D 24-Apr-1977
Frisco Hunter's Frisco Traveler D 24-Apr-2019
Fritz Villeseekers Camillo D 11-May-2010
Funny Follyhoun Funtyme Snuggers B 14-Sep-1983
G.T. Can. Ch. Avitar's Good Time Jazz Can. CD SHDCH B 16-Mar-1989
Gabby Ch. Scentasia's Hot To Trot B 21-Jul-1998
Gabel GCH Ch. IABCA Int. Ch. Magicwood C Major Merrily Dreaming's 5th Amendment CGC D 14-Dec-2012
Gabriel GCH Ch. Kalevala Knockin' on O'Heaven's Door CGC D 6-Jun-2009
Gabriel Houndville Gabriel* D 17-Mar-2019
Gaia Houndville Charlotte B 24-May-2010
Gambler Ch. Wag'N Hollow's The Colorado Gambler D 7-Apr-1991
Gambler Belle River Riverboat Gambler D 14-Apr-1992
Gandalf Snooperline Gandalf D 29-Apr-2018
Gandolf Riverrun Frivole Gandolf D 25-Jun-2008
Garnet Mystic Hills Garson's Garnet Aglow B 13-Feb-2010
Gator Ch. Chaucer's Blue Collar Worker D 20-Mar-1987
Geiger Four Pillars' Unimog Tickles Tail of the Dragon CGC D 22-May-2015
Gene Ch. Wild West Gene Ottery TD VO D 17-Jul-2003
General GCH Ch. Magicwood Kalevala O'Henry Otterhound CGCA D 14-Dec-2012
Genesis Jenell's Genesis B 25-Dec-1988
Gent Ria's In Honor of Pete Smith D 27-Feb-2019
Gentelman Gentelman van de Kweb D 11-Oct-1986
George Houndville Galahad* D 17-Mar-2019
Gertie Balthazar Minuet at Cairo's B 9-Sep-1998
Getty GCH Ch. Magicwood Kalevala Gettysburg Memory B 14-Dec-2012
Gigi Ottersdream Phanera B 6-May-2003
Gilbert Hooters Follyhoun Enlil CGC D 23-Aug-1993
Gilbert Catskill While the Bobcat's Away D 6-Jun-2019
Gillie Shreenwater Domino B 23-Apr-1994
Gillis Ch. Aberdeen's Gee Whillikers CGC D 9-Jan-1996
Gilly Eiren OH Sonsie Gillyflower CD TD B 19-Apr-1988
Gimli Snooperline Gimli D 29-Apr-2018
Gina Can. Ch. Rinjan's Jovial Jean Can. CD B 1-Apr-1980
Gina Baymore Regina B 16-Jun-2003
Ginger Adriucha's Ginger B 7-Jun-1966
Ginger Hunter's Ginger B 10-May-1981
Ginger Shreenwater Piquet D 1-Sep-1991
Ginger Hooters Ginger B 23-Nov-1996
Ginger Clearwater's Ginger Snap B 4-Mar-2005
Ginger Wild West Ginger Flower B 26-Jun-2011
Ginny Am.,Fin. Ch. Cotton Ginny B 2-Feb-1985
Ginny Snooperline Ginny B 29-Apr-2018
Gio GCH, Am Ch., Can. GCH, Can. Ch. Avitar's Sweet Sounding Jazz RN VO D 27-Oct-2015
Gipsy Ch. Kingstree Gipsy B 18-Nov-1993
Gipsy Snooperline Gipsy B 29-Apr-2018
Gladys Mudcreeks So Gladys Youre Ours B 13-Apr-2006
Glory Scentasia's Glimpse Of Glory B 8-Jul-2002
Goldie Ch. Corcra Gael Golden Lotus V Ria B 5-Jul-2008
Golly Ch. Aberdeen's Good Golly B 9-Jan-1996
Goofy Aberdeen's Out To Get You APDT RL2 RA CGC D 10-Jan-2005
Goofy Snooperline Goofy D 29-Apr-2018
Gordy Bearsden's Gordy MacGregor D 27-May-2000
Gossie UK Ch. Boravin Gossamer B 1-Aug-1992
Gotcha Ch. Aberdeen's Gotcha D 9-Jan-1996
Grace Aberdeen & Crossroads You Don'T Own Me B 18-Jan-2019
Gracie Ch. Goose Creek Greymist CD CGC B 6-May-1996
Gracie Ch. Riverrun Sonsies Comedy TDX CGC VO B 12-Jun-2004
Gracie UK Ch. Keepcott Banknote B 2-Dec-2004
Gracie Avitar's Sound of Jazz Forever B 27-Oct-2015
Greta Ch. Patchas Otter Be In Pictures B 3-Jul-1989
Griffin Am GCH., Can. Ch. Avitar's Quick Riffs In Jazz Am., Can. RN B 13-Aug-2009
Grizz Ch. Birchdell's Ragmop Of Sunwood B 15-May-1979
Grizzly Avitar's I'm Yukon Grizzly D 24-Jan-1993
Grobi Snooperline Grobi D 29-Apr-2018
Gryff UK Ch. Cairo's Gryffindor for Spinotta D 11-Jan-2004
Gryphon Catskill Heron you Loud and Clear D 6-Jun-2019
Guiness Kalevala Guiness Mackeson D 17-Aug-1994
Guinevere Rinjan's Guinevere B 22-Jul-1974
Guinness Ch. Mudcreeks Stream Keeper D 13-Apr-2006
Guinness Montizard's Firebrand D 23-Nov-2014
Gulliver Copper Chaos Gulliver Hajjar D 22-Oct-1997
Gummi Ch. Corcra Gael Rolls Silver Spirit B 5-Jul-2008
Gunner Howlaway's Pac Man D 7-Nov-1994
Gunner Riverrun Fabregas D 25-Jun-2008
Gunther Jenell's Brut D 7-Dec-1986
Gus Hooters TJ's Little Bro Gus D 18-Jun-1996
Gus Riverrun A'gus TD CGC TDI D 25-Jul-1997
Gusto Ch. Follyhoun Fair Warning B 30-Aug-1980
Gypsy Am.,Can. Ch. Scentasia's Gypsy Impressions B 21-Apr-1991
Gyver Ch. Billikin's Sir Tyler MacGyver D 27-Apr-1988
Hafflinn Teckelgarth Hermit D 11-Jan-2010
Haggis Ch. Follyhoun Fair 'N Square D 11-May-1985
Haile Jenell's Frozen Rain B 9-Oct-2000
Hamish Scentasia's Shooting Star D 24-Jun-2000
Hank Aberdeen's Gone Fishin' D 9-Jan-1996
Hankie Kingstree Linen B 28-Mar-2000
Hannah Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Sweet Serenade B 7-Apr-1991
Hannah Kalevala The Road to Hannah B 17-Aug-1994
Hannah Ch. Aberdeen's Hurricane Hannah B 1-Aug-1996
Hannah Riverrun Annah B 25-Jul-1997
Happy Wild Meadow's Arthur D 21-Nov-1976
Hardy Happy Hours Thomas Hardy Ale D 25-Mar-1994
Harley Rinjan's Kincaid Be Harley D 8-Jan-1989
Harley Ironquest's D Harley-Davidson Limited Edition D 24-Jan-2016
Harlow Mystic Hills Trapper Louis D 28-Sep-2015
Harper GCH Ch. Ironquest's Bode One's Time B 23-Jul-2012
Harry Scentasia's Captain America D 19-Dec-1997
Harry Kalevala Wild About Harry D 8-Feb-2003
Harry Blue Fairy's Yer A Wizard! D 19-Feb-2019
Harry Old Country Harrison County Hound D 07-May-2019
Harvey Michael Kalevala Happy Adventurer D 6-Jun-2009
Harvey Ch. Ottersdream Pinochio CGC D 30-Apr-1989
Harvey Love'N Stuff Hellofakisser D 22-Oct-1994
Harvey Mudcreeks Spring Harvest D 13-Apr-2006
Harvey Ch. Hunter's Harvey Corrigan D 6-Mar-2012
Hastings Kalevala Protector's Legacy D 1-Mar-1996
Hattie Hooters Hatteras Cuhaven B 15-Oct-1994
Hawk Ch. Andel Hawk Who Hunts Walking D 30-Jun-1974
Hawkeye Eiren OH Sonsie Sweet Hawkeye B 19-Apr-1988
Hazel Boravin Nutshell B 22-Apr-1981
Hazzard Hazzard at Otterbobs D 3-Jun-1985
Heidi Ch. Aberdeen's Heidi-Heidi Ho CGC B 1-Aug-1996
Henley GCH Riverspruce Yukon Jack D 7-Apr-2007
Henna UK Ch. Balthazar Mimosa at Dinaleas B 9-Sep-1998
Henrie GCH Ch. Magicwood Kalevala Henrietta Howl-OH'Day TDX VOI B 14-Dec-2012
Henry Snuggers Oh Henry D 3-Jan-1986
Henry Aberdeen's Cool Henry Luke D 11-Jun-1991
Henry Cairo's Dumbledore D 11-Jan-2004
Hera Swe.,Fin.,Eur.,Int. Ch. Dyfrgi's Something Sweet of Sweden B 18-Jun-1989
Herbie Hooters Corcra Rumor Has It D 23-Nov-1996
Herman Catskill Mountain Hoowligan D 6-Jun-2019
Hershey Ch. Hirsute Angelic Corcra Gael Hershey B 26-Nov-2008
Hershey Conestoga Anejo on the Rocks D 30-Jan-2014
Hershey Riverrun Deja Vu Hershey Kisses D 28-Mar-2014
Hesper Kingstree Merry Maid B 8-Apr-2002
Higgins Tar Beach Doubting Thomas D 7-Dec-1981
Highlander Highlander van de Kweb D 6-Jul-1987
Hilda Ottaryx Quaver B 27-Jun-2018
Hiro Belle River Colonel Reb D 14-Apr-1992
Hispidus Hispidus van de Kweb D 6-Jul-1987
Hobbes Ch. Scentasia's Hobbes Bardill D 27-Sep-1989
Holly Hooters Holly B 1-Jan-1995
Honey Adriucha's Faith B 30-May-1966
Honey GCH Ch. Ironquest's Bit O'Honey B 23-Jul-2012
Hoot Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar Follyhoun Kahootz D 20-Apr-1983
Hoover UK Ch. Wildan's Jubilant D 9-Feb-2002
Hoover Baymore Hoover At Quietwood D 16-Jun-2003
Hope Adeline's Hope B 20-Mar-2004
Hope Ria's Blaze of Golden Hope B 11-Aug-2015
Horace Kingstree Nevada D 23-Jul-1997
Horatio Ria's Captain Horatio Roooo D 11-Aug-2015
Hot Toddy Ch. Ramsgrove Hot Toddy B 7-Apr-2003
Houston Am.,UK Ch. Teckelgarth Inquisitor Via Kingstree D 27-May-2002
Howdy Can. Ch. Riverspruce's No Redoubt About It NAP OAJ CGC D 26-May-2009
Huck Hunter's Midnight Comet D 6-Mar-2012
Huck Ironquest's C Digby Earl-Dean D 14-Mar-2015
Huckleberry Clearwater's Huckleberry Hound D 11-Mar-2008
Hudson Baymore Royal Hudson D 16-Jun-2003
Huey Mudcreeks Sunday Surprise D 13-Apr-2006
Hughie Actaeon's Persuader D 19-Oct-1988
Hughie Ch. Riverrun McHugh TDX CGC VOI D 20-Mar-2010
Hugo Ch. Scentasia 'N Aberdeen's X-Man Amz D 19-Dec-1997
Hugo UK,IE Ch. Keepcott Connoisseur D 20-Apr-2006
Hugo Otterbee's Killian Red D 12-May-2012
Huntley Four Paws C Autumn Hunter UKC AGI D 28-Jun-1992
Huxley Kalevala Brave New World TD CGC D 6-Jun-2009
Igor Old Country Gravely Hound Of Dunbar D 07-May-2019
Igraine Houndville Faith** B 14-Feb-2016
Indi UK Ch. Kingstree Indiana B 23-Jul-1997
Indy Scentasia's Batman D 19-Dec-1997
Inquest Dumfriesshire Inquest '67 D 1-Jan-1967
Iris Willowhound's Wild Iris B 31-May-1999
Irma Aberdeen's Irma La Douce B 2-Aug-1996
Isaac Scentasia's Rhinestone Cowboy D 21-Jul-1998
Isla Olphae Ciara ** B 21-Mar-2018
Islay C.I.B. N UCH SE UCH FI UCH NORD UCH Houndville Daisy B 20-Apr-2011
Ivanka Ria's Transatlantic Two to Four Pillars B 27-Feb-2019
Ivy Ch. Aberdeen's English Ivy B 15-Dec-1992
Izzie Aberdeen's Up The Creek B 31-Jul-2009
Izzy Actaeon's Jazzy with Wildans B 8-Sep-1996
Izzy VOCH Ch. Sonsies Call Me Isabel VCD3 OM5 UDX5 AXP AJP TDX RA B 12-Jun-2004
Jace Blue Fairy's Hound of Baskervilles D 26-Oct-2012
Jack Otterbobs Orbit with Kingstree D 28-Nov-1986
Jack Ch. Kalevala Jack The Lad RN CGC VO D 8-Feb-2003
Jack Clearwater Creek's Lonesome Dove D 11-Mar-2008
Jack Avitar's Rhythm N' Blue D 9-Mar-2013
Jack Aberdeen & Crossroads Yukon Jack Of the NW Territory D 18-Jan-2019
Jackson Ch. Scentasia's Second To None D 2-Dec-2005
Jagger Olphae Clayton ** D 21-Mar-2018
Jake Ch. Cheery OH's Return To Scentasia D 19-Jan-1997
James Brown Ch. Cheery OH's I Feel Good! CGC TDI D 19-Jan-1997
James Bunnahabhain Phoenix D 12-Nov-2005
Jamie Ch. Jenell Number Five B 19-Dec-1985
Jane Ch. Wild West Calamity Jane TD VO B 17-Jul-2003
Jasper Ch. Kalevala Avenger At Amazona D 19-Jul-1999
Jasper Scentasia's Jasper Sez D 26-Aug-2004
Jasper Avitar's Packin' Heat D 25-Sep-2004
Java OHeavens Put a Quark in it D 7-Jul-2019
Jaxson Willowhound's Jaxson D 31-May-1999
Jazz Ch. Avitar's Feirie Femme B 16-Apr-1988
Jazz Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar's Mighty Fine Jazz Can. RN B 24-Apr-1998
Jazz Ch. Sonsies Looney Tune B 6-Mar-2003
Jazzy Ch. Belle River Dixieland Jazz B 14-Apr-1992
Jeb DeKenchar's General Jeb D 26-Apr-2019
Jeepers Ch. Aberdeen's Jeepers Creepers B 9-Feb-2000
Jenna Ch. Wildan's Jus' Cruizin CGC TDI B 9-Feb-2002
Jennie Andel Jennie B 25-Mar-1974
Jerry Ch. Riverrun Angus McGuinness D 25-Jul-1997
Jessica Jenell's Heaven Scent B 7-Dec-1986
Jessie DeKenchar's Jessie Orange Fire Ball B 26-Apr-2019
Jester Ch. Riverrun Mor Logaire Jester CGC THD D 20-Mar-2010
Jette Houndville Ariel B 2-Jul-2006
Jezebel Dumfriesshire Jezebel '72 B 14-Feb-1972
Jezebel Scentasia's Shady Lady B 21-Jul-1998
Jim Ch. Aberdeen's People Are Strange D 29-Aug-2005
Jitterbug Wildan Jitterbug B 7-May-2008
Joey Ch. Aberdeen's Jose Cuervo D 9-Feb-2000
Johnnie Clearwater's Huckleberry D 4-Mar-2005
Johnny Ironquest's Be Cool D 23-Jul-2012
Jojo GCH, Ch. Four Pillars' Journey to OHeavens B 22-May-2015
Joker Uisneach Absolute Joker D 19-Mar-2007
Joline Boravin Unity B 3-May-1986
Jolly Man Adeline's Jolly Man D 12-Jun-2006
Jolly Greyfield's Enjoli Of Jenell B 7-Dec-1986
Jolly Hooters Jolly Good Show D 20-May-1995
Jorrocks Dumfriesshire Jorrocks '72 D 14-Feb-1972
Josef Ch. Hunter's Taking Moonlight Chances D 6-Mar-2012
Josie Actaeon's Jigsaw B 8-Sep-1996
Judd Ch. Tyburn Trumpeter D 1960?
Judson Follyhoun Fats Domino D 26-Jul-1982
Jula Houndville Artemis B 2-Jul-2006
Junior Ch. Hooters Corcra Gael Rolz Rois D 3-Oct-1994
Juno Ironquest's Classic Juno B 14-Mar-2015
K.C. Avitar's Kalipso Jazz D 26-Dec-1994
Kali Love'N Stuff Taylor Made Kiss B 22-Oct-1994
Karl Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re Killing Me, Smalls! D 18-Jan-2019
Kate Old Country Shenandoah Kate to Four Pillars B 07-May-2019
Katie Ch. Adriucha Katrine Kelpie B 8-Sep-1967
Katie Ch. Scentasia's Kiss Me Kate B 21-Apr-1991
Katy Ch. Billikin's Hillandwain Katy B 16-Jan-1987
Keela Avitar's Great Little Follower D 16-Mar-1989
Keeper GCH Ch. White River's He's A Keeper! D 12-Aug-2009
Kegger Ch. Clearwater Howlaway What's On Tap D 21-Jun-2006
Kellen Blue Fairy's First Knight D 4-Nov-2017
Kelly Greyfield's Ragtime Kelly Girl D 28-Jul-1982
Kelly Ch. Aberdeen's Hog Wild O'Foxfire B 1-Aug-1996
Kelvin Avitar's Klassical Jazz D 26-Dec-1994
Kendall Ch. Scentasia's Good Time Girl B 21-Jul-1998
Kenni Ch. Clearwater's Tequila Mockingbird B 21-Jun-2006
Kenzie Ch. Riverrun Perfect Pitch Kenzington RN B 4-Jun-2013
Keone Ch. Scentasia's Yankee Doodle Dandy RN VO D 8-Jul-2002
Kevin Chaucer's Qcumber Kevin TD D 2-Feb-1985
Khaleesi Blue Fairy's Song of Ice and Fire B 15-Sep-2014
Kidder Ch. Aberdeen's No Kidding B 4-Nov-2003
King John Birchrun-Dell King John D 15-May-1979
Kipa Beretania Takahe D 9-Oct-2003
Kirby Patchas Otter See Me Now D 3-Jul-1989
Kirby Ch. Scentasia's Gotta Have My Tab UD UKC CDX D 19-Jul-1992
Kirby Ironquest's Earl of Kirby D 21-Nov-2017
Kiri Avitar's New Age Jazz Am.,Can. TD Am.,Can. RN B 22-Mar-2002
Kiss GCH Ch. Conestoga Agave Kiss B 30-Jan-2014
Kissy Ch. Aberdeen's Janora French Kiss B 21-May-1994
Kit Houndville Farrell** D 14-Feb-2016
Kitch Ch. White River's Brookshire Kitchener D 12-Aug-2009
Kitty Ch. Wild West Miss Kitty TD B 26-Jun-2011
Kiwi Bearsden's Haydee MacBain B 27-May-2000
Kiwi Dekenchar's Miz BeHavin' B 19-Oct-2011
Kizzy Ch. UKC Ch. Zymurgy's Kismet Victory Malt B 23-Sep-2007
Knuddel Alflasker Boss D 15-Mar-1991
Kozo Ironquest's Echo B 21-Nov-2017
Kylie Ch. Aberdeen's Knock Your Sox Off B 8-Dec-2000
L'il Di Ch. Corcra Gael Triumph Spitfire B 21-Apr-2003
Lady Jade Ch. Aberdeen's Quest For The Best B 30-Nov-2005
Lady Hunter's Pretty Lady B 22-Jun-1979
Laffin Ch. Aberdeen's Sock It To Me B 22-Sep-2006
Lance Hooters Corcra Sir Lancelot D 3-Dec-1996
Lance Scentasia's Skiing In Switzerland D 26-Aug-2004
Lark Ch. Kalevala Keepsake B 19-Jul-1999
Larry Snuggers Freestyle D 8-Aug-1989
Lassy Scentasia's One Classy Lassy B 3-May-2000
Latifah Ch. Aberdeen's Queen Of Everything B 30-Nov-2005
Laurel Kingstree Landgirl B 28-Mar-2000
Leeloo Ch. Blue Fairy's Fifth Element RN CGC VO B 9-Oct-2007
Lennon MagicWood Kalevala Number Nine Dream D 15-Jun-2010
Lenny Aberdeen's Off Color D 10-Jan-2005
Leroy Aberdeen's Once In A Blue Moon D 10-Jan-2005
Lewis Riverrun Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This CGC D 9-Jan-2017
Liam Clearwater's Star Trek D 11-Mar-2008
Libby Ch. Scentasia's Lady Liberty B 8-Jul-2002
Libby Ottaryx Lotus B 7-Oct-2010
Liberty NZ Ch. Kingstree Liberty B 28-Mar-2000
Lil Sebastian Hunter's Douglas Beorn D 14-Dec-2015
Lil Ch. Sonsies Li'l Spitfire B 6-Mar-2003
Lilly Uisneach Lilly At Ottaryx B 19-Mar-2007
Lilly Snooperline Fina B 19-Oct-2016
Lilly DeKenchar's Allie's Lillie Lou B 26-Apr-2019
Lily Ch. Kalevala Windfall B 19-Jul-1999
Lily Baymore Tellus Lily B 16-Jun-2003
Lily Clearwater's Snickerdoodle B 4-Mar-2005
Lily Blue Fairy's Something to Talk About B 17-Mar-2016
Lily Ch. Conestoga Convallaria Montana CGC TKN B 18-Jul-2017
Lincoln Magicwood Kalevala Pilkkia D 14-Dec-2012
Lindee Ria's Golden Blaze Upon a Linden Tree B 11-Aug-2015
Lindsay Kalevala's Bittersweet B 1-Mar-1996
Link Ch. Aberdeen's Neanderthal D 4-Nov-2003
Lips Ch. Aberdeen's Hotlips Echovesna B 1-Aug-1996
Liv Ch. Baymore's Alaskan Liv TD CGC VO B 16-Jun-2003
Livia Teckelgarth Livia Drusilla from Bunnahabhain B 30-Dec-1993
Livy Can. Ch. Adelaide Of Lyonnesse Can. CD B 15-Oct-1975
Lizzie IABCA CH Con Cara's Aint She Sweet B 21-Jun-2018
Logan Corcra Gael Panther Deville D 21-Apr-2003
Logan Blue Fairy's Wolverine D 4-Nov-2017
Lola Aberdeen's X-Rated B 23-Sep-2017
Loopey Ch. Corcra Gael Frazer Nash D 5-Jul-2008
Lotti Houndville Damsel B 20-Apr-2011
Lou-Lou Ottersdream Piaget B 7-Mar-1996
Louie Teckelgarth Zulu D 23-Oct-1998
Louie Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Semper Fi TD D 8-Jul-2002
Louis Ironquest's Excellent King Louis D 21-Nov-2017
Louise Wit's End Jeeze Louise VCD2 CDX AX OAJ TD B 1997?
Loyal UK Ch. Kingstree Loyal B 28-Mar-2000
LuLu Scentasia's Jumping Rope With LuLu B 26-Aug-2004
Lucas Kalevala Howling Success D 24-Apr-1998
Lucky Adriucha Lady Luck B 1968
Lucy Shreenwater Ever Hopeful B 5-Sep-1998
Lucy Sonsies Lady Lucy Diamond B 6-Mar-2003
Lucy Ch. Sonsies Lend Me An Ear Lucy TDX CGC VO B 6-Mar-2003
Lucy Ottaryx Lyric B 7-Oct-2010
Lugnuts B&T's Cruizin Jus' Hold Em Tight D 16-May-2010
Lula Riverrun 5 O'Clock Somewhere CDX TD VO B 25-Jun-2008
Lulu Ch. Bunnahabhain Authoress B 9-Sep-1999
Luna-Toons Avitar's Terrestrial Extra Moon B 21-Aug-2017
Luna Riverrun Siobhan B 9-Jan-2017
Lutra Houndville Amber B 2-Jul-2006
Lyle Aberdeen's Alzedo D 19-Jun-1986
Lynus Baymore Commander Lynus D 16-Jun-2003
Mabel Actaeon's Promise B 19-Oct-1988
Mabel Ottersdream Pasque B 7-Mar-1996
Mac Eiren's OH MacDougal D 1980s
Mac Ch. Chaucer's Macduff Calvani D 8-May-1982
Mac Ch. Jenell's Stetson D 18-Dec-1986
Mac Bearsden's MacEwan O Muirwood D 29-Apr-1998
Mac Ramsgrove Whisky Mac D 7-Apr-2003
Mac DeKenchar's MacLeod There Can Be Only One D 26-Apr-2019
MacAndrew Ch. Bearsden MacAndrew John Dhu D 29-Apr-1998
MacDougal Am.,Can. Ch. Bearsden's MacDougal Argyll D 29-Apr-1998
MacGregor Boravin Villager at Teckelgarth D 8-Jan-1986
MacGregor Ch. Scentasia's Oliver O'Bearsden D 21-Apr-1991
MacIan Bearsden's MacIan Ridge Runner D 29-Apr-1998
Macho Follyhoun Foolish Pleasure D 24-Apr-1977
Maddie Am.,Can.,Mex.,Int. Ch. Fernbank Madrigal B 7-Nov-1968
Maddie Am.,Can. Ch. Billikin's Why Not Triagain B 16-Jan-1987
Maddie Scentasia's Cinderella B 27-Sep-1989
Maddie Con Cara's Lady Madonna B 21-Jun-2018
Madison Jenell's English Leather D 7-Dec-1986
Madison Jenell's Paul Sebastian D 18-Dec-1986
Madison Ch. Kalevala Blithe Spirit CGC B 17-Oct-2004
Maggie Ch. Billikin's Rough Cut Diamond B 13-Oct-1984
Maggie Ch. Windsong's Hurricane Maggie B 11-Sep-1989
Maggie Belle River Magnolia Blossom B 14-Apr-1992
Maggie Scentasia's Yoo Hoo B 19-Jul-1992
Maggie Kalevala's Into The Wind B 1-Mar-1996
Maggie Adeline's Maggie Brown B 12-Jun-2006
Maggie Scentasia's Joyful Ruby B 12-Mar-2007
Maggie Blue Fairy's Crocodile Maggie May B 9-Oct-2007
Maggie Dekenchar's Southern Pink Magnolia B 4-Jan-2010
Maggie Ironquest's Brown's Legacy Carolina in My Mind B 23-Jul-2012
Maggie Olphae Celeste ** B 21-Mar-2018
Maggy Adeline's Keeper of 4 Truths B 20-Mar-2004
Maisie OHeavens Maisie Mae B 13-Apr-2011
Majik Cairo's Majikmoments by Wildan B 14-Sep-2005
Major Ger.,Int. Ch. Teckelgarth Danger Mouse D 11-Aug-2003
Malcolm Ch. Corcra Gael Lagonda D 5-Jul-2008
Malcom OHeavens Set to Stun D 7-Jul-2019
Mama Boo Ch. Fogbound's Lady Clara B 20-Jun-1977
Mamba Am.,Int. Ch. Blue Fairy's Black Mamba RN CGC VO B 9-Oct-2007
Mandy Wild Meadow's Amanda B 21-Nov-1976
Mandy Keepcott Celebration B 20-Apr-2006
Mango Riverrun Aurora Mango B 25-Jul-1997
Manny Ria's Manchester Man D 27-Feb-2019
Marauder Boravin Marauder D 16-Apr-2000
Marilyn Ch. Clearwater's Mud Pie CGC B 4-Mar-2005
Marley Riverrun Phezziwig Marley's Ghost D 4-Jun-2013
Marlin Ironquest's Big Fish Small Pond D 23-Jul-2012
Marmaduke Maycup Marmaduke D 1-Dec-1991
Marshall Montizard's All Fired Up D 23-Nov-2014
Marston Aus. Ch. Geuron of Falconcrag D 28-Jul-1986
Martha Ch. Fogbound's Almost Martha B 20-Jun-1977
Marz Cairo's Marzbar D 14-Sep-2005
Mason Adeline's Mason Little Hawk D 12-Jun-2006
Maud Ch. Greyfield Persistent Maud CD B 16-Apr-1985
Maud Triple Creeks Copper Queen CD B 22-Oct-1997
Maude Boravin Maude B 16-Apr-2000
Maude UK Ch. Ottersdream Pheisty at Keepcott B 8-Oct-2001
Mavis Alderann Wednesday B 1-Apr-2014
Max Jenell's Old Spice D Dec-1986
Max Ch. Sonsies Cause For Alarm RA VO D 12-Jun-2004
Max Villeseekers Alf D 17-Apr-2009
Max Four Pillars' Maximus Prime D 22-May-2015
Maxx Jenell's British Sterling D 7-Dec-1986
Maya MagicWood On The Pulse Of Morning TD CGC B 15-Jun-2010
Maynard Dekenchar's Too Big For His Britches D 2-Sep-2015
Mazy Janoras Summer Breeze B 15-Jun-2001
McLaren Ch. Corcra Gael McLaren B 9-Mar-2001
Meadow Boravin Meadow B 16-Apr-2000
Mecki Ch. Four Pillars' Trailblazer CGC D 22-May-2015
Meera DeKenchar's Meera, Meera on the Ball B 26-Apr-2019
Meg Falconcrag Nutmeg of Nanhelen B 9-Jan-1979
Megan UK Ch. Kingstree Nutbrown at Keepcott B 30-Oct-2002
Megan Beargarden's Pole Star at Houndville B 8-Aug-2010
Melody Tyburn Gogmagog B 1960s
Merlin Willowhound's Merlin D 31-May-1999
Merlin Cairo's Midastuch of Nolmacdon D 14-Sep-2005
Mick Ch. Cheery OH's Jumpin' Jack Flash D 19-Jan-1997
Mickey Happy Hours MacAndrews Ale D 25-Mar-1994
Middleman Uisneach Beyond Belief D 12-Oct-2007
Mighty Mouse Houndville Audrey B 2-Jul-2006
Mikey Riverspruce's Matsu Wigglebutt D 7-Apr-2007
Millie Ch. Scentasia's Million Dollar Baby B 12-Apr-1996
Millie Magicwood Kalevala Bushmills Irish Honey B 14-Dec-2012
Milo DeKenchar's Swingin' On a Star D 13-Feb-2016
Mindy Ch. Vison Pheasant B 19-Jun-1989
Minne Kingstree Minnesota B 23-Jul-1997
Minor McDuffs Sweet Sue B 2-Jun-1986
Miracle GCHB UKC Ch. AKC Ch. OHeavens I Believe in Miracles B 22-Dec-2012
Mirage Boravin Mirage B 16-Apr-2000
Miss Molly Teckelgarth Zither B 23-Oct-1998
Missy Ch. Kiowa Creeks Little Rascal Miss Crabtree B 25-Mar-2017
Mister Wilson Manfull van de Kweb D 13-Mar-2008
Mistletoe Maycup Mistletoe B 1-Dec-1991
Misty Cruizin's Misty B 30-Jun-2005
Mitch UK Ch. Cairo's Mystry to Nolmacdon D 14-Sep-2005
Moley Bellhound's Holy Moley D 19-Feb-1977
Molly Hooters Good Golly Miz Molly B 20-May-1995
Molly Ch. Cheery OH's Poetry In Motion B 19-Jan-1997
Molly Mudcreeks Sweet Molly Malone B 13-Apr-2006
Molly Villeseekers Bella B 19-Apr-2009
Molly Mystic Hills Princess Molly B 13-Feb-2010
Molly Ch. Riverrun Bearsden Molly MacPhee B 20-Mar-2010
Mona Aberdeen's Oh Fudge B 10-Jan-2005
Monster Bellhound's Suffrin Succotash D 19-Feb-1977
Monster Ch. Aberdeen's Monster Mash B 25-Mar-2003
Monty Ch. Ottertail Monty the Python D 22-May-1988
Moon Aberdeen & Conestoga Visitor From Another Planet B 5-Mar-2016
Moose Can. Ch. Parmour's Fryer Tuck D 29-Nov-1974
Moose Bearsden's Hamish MacTavish TD D 27-May-2000
Mopsy Ria's Mopsy Chosen by 4 Loved by All B 11-Aug-2015
Morett Happy Hours Moretti Lager B 25-Mar-1994
Morgan Ch. Kalevala Witchery Of Riverrun B 17-Sep-1992
Morgan Ch. Scentasia's Hostile Takeover CGC TDI B 15-Nov-2000
Morgan Ironquest's After Hours Party B 27-Mar-2011
Morris Corcra Gael Morris Minor D 5-Jul-2008
Morse Keepcott Discovery D 30-Jun-2007
Mort Follyhoun Four Letter Word D 29-Nov-1984
Moseley VOCH Ch. Sonsie's Laird Moseley CDX UKC CDX TDX RA CGC D 6-Mar-2003
Moses Ch. Rinjan's Holy Moses D 20-Aug-1976
Moses Clearwater Creek's Ole' Blue D 11-Mar-2008
Mossy Riverrun Dunstan D 28-Mar-2014
Mounty Teckelgarth Yellowknife D 4-Oct-1998
Muddy Scentasia's I'm Ready VCD1 CD TD RN OA OAJ MXP MJP OFP CGC VOX D 6-Apr-2003
Muffin Ch. Billikin's Ragamuffin B 13-Oct-1984
Mugsy Wag'N Hollow's Mugsy Anne Hoefler B 26-Aug-1993
Muldoon Four Pillars' Top of the Morning D 22-Mar-2014
Mulligan Wag'N Hollow's Mulligan Stewart D 7-Apr-1991
Munchkin Hoddoms Ehu Kai Happy Hippie D 6-Oct-1980
Munki Cairo's Munkibizniz B 14-Sep-2005
Murdoch Riverrun Ri Murdoch D 23-May-2016
Murhpy Ottaryx Lomax D 7-Oct-2010
Murphey Magicwood Kalevala Longstreet Fly-By-Night D 14-Dec-2012
Murphy Andel John Adams D 4-Jul-1976
Murphy Ch. Jenell's Devin D 7-Dec-1986
Murphy Corcra Gael MG Magnette CGC B 21-Apr-2003
Murphy Clearwater's Southern Comfort D 21-Jun-2006
Murphy Uisneach Beautiful Bliss D 12-Oct-2007
Murray Avitar's Rigamorol D 9-Mar-2013
Murray Kiowa Creeks Miraculous Murray D 25-Mar-2017
Nabbie Bearsden's MacNab MacMillan D 29-Apr-1998
Nabob Ch. Nabob Of Adriucha D 1960s
Nana Ch. Dekenchar's Freedom Rising B 9-Jul-2010
Nanna Beargarden's Nanna B 28-Mar-1996
Nanny Ch. Follyhoun Hootenanny B 17-Jan-1987
Nanuu Can. Ch. Avitar's Nanuu O'Canada D 22-Mar-2002
Napsu Houndville Connor B 24-May-2010
Nash Actaeon's P'Nash D 19-Oct-1988
Nebi Avitar's Tauri Nebula B 21-Aug-2017
Nell Scentasia's Final Curtain Call B 11-Sep-2009
Nell Aberdeen & Crossroads You Had Me At Hello B 18-Jan-2019
Nella Beargarden's Patchy Pal B 28-Mar-1996
Nelli Avitar's Nonchalant Nelli CGC B 22-Mar-2002
Nellie Catskill Busy Beaver B 6-Jun-2019
Nelly Baymore Suite Nelly Dean B 19-Jun-2000
Nemo Falconcrag Triumph D 14-Jul-1980
Nergal Ramsgrove Nergal Lutrakai D 7-Apr-2003
Nevarre King Nevarre By Kingstree D 29-Sep-1997
Nevi Avitar's Northern Lights B 22-Mar-2002
Newton Blue Fairy's Back to the Future D 26-Oct-2012
Nick Hooters Nick D 3-Dec-1996
Nicky Ch. Aberdeen's Neato Cool B 4-Nov-2003
Nikki Ch. Greyfield's Just a Nickolodean B 8-Jul-1992
Nimrod Nimrod van de Kweb D 26-Dec-1990
Ninu Quiet van de Kweb** D 11-Sep-2016
Noah Ch. Houndville Admiral Ley CGC D 2-Jul-2006
Noble GCH Ch. Dekenchar's Noble Legend D 9-Jul-2010
Noisy Hunter's Nosey Noisy D 10-May-1981
Noodles Ch. Fitzcaps All Is Well B 4-Nov-1994
Noodles Riverspruce's Plenty Of Sweet Kiska B 26-May-2009
Nora Avitar's Keepsake B 26-Dec-1994
Norm Norm D 1-Sep-2018
Nozem Quibus van de Kweb** D 11-Sep-2016
Nury Avitar's Quips N' Quotes B 13-Aug-2009
Nutmeg UK Ch. Kingstree Nutmeg B 30-Oct-2002
Nutshell Lux. Ch. Kingstree Nutshell B 30-Oct-2002
O'Neill Ch. Aberdeen's Iceman Of Menlo D 2-Aug-1996
Oakie UK Ch. Boravin Oakleaf B 28-Sep-1982
Oakie Kingstree Oklahoma B 9-Jun-2004
Oakley You Are My Sunshine B 1-Sep-2018
Obie Scentasia's Oberon D 24-Jun-2000
Oddie Avitar's Seattle Snoop D 27-Oct-2015
Odie Arthur's Christmas Present B 30-Aug-1980
Odo CT Adeline's Odo Proudfoot CD RE NAJ OJP VOX D 20-Mar-2004
Odyssey GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Q Quest TD MXB MX AXJ OF CGC VOX B 2-Dec-2005
Ojo Houndville Freesia** B 14-Feb-2016
Oli Dekenchar's Oli'Bamas Southern Comfort D 2-Sep-2015
Olive Ann MagicWood Kalevala Black Bubbles B 22-May-2014
Olive Ch. Scentasia's Olive Oyl B 27-Sep-1989
Oliver Riverspruce's Stony Oliver D 7-Apr-2007
Olivia Can. OTCh Ottertail's Olivia UDX TDX UKC UD B 17-Jan-1987
Olivia Scentasia's Flower Drum Song B 21-Apr-1991
Olle Kingstree Vampire D 3-Apr-2013
Ollie Belle River Cotton Picker D 14-Apr-1992
Ollie Ottersdream Plunderer CD TDX D 7-Mar-1996
Ollie Balthazar Topboy D 7-Jun-1997
Ollie Sonsies Large Boy Oliver D 6-Mar-2003
Olly Ottaryx Mumford D 26-Jul-2013
Ophelia Ch. Poplar Hill's Ophelia CDX CGC VO B 16-Apr-2001
Opie Sir Opster Of Perkins Palace D 2-Feb-1985
Orenda Scentasia's Final Vision Quest B 11-Sep-2009
Orson Adeline's War Of The Worlds D 20-Mar-2004
Oscar Ch. Clearwater's Creme Brulee D 4-Mar-2005
Oscar Kingstree Reiver D 16-Mar-2007
Oscar Riverrun Mungo D 20-Mar-2010
Oscar Aberdeen's Xpect the UnXpected D 23-Sep-2017
Oti Ottaryx Quartz at Goldmarker B 27-Jun-2018
Otis Ch. Patchas Otis Of Lido D 13-Jan-1986
Otis Hooters Corcra Always Ready D 23-Nov-1996
Otis Copper Country's Slobberknocker D 22-Oct-1997
Otis OHeavens Mystery Machine D 13-Apr-2011
Otis Magicwood Kalevala Who Am I D 14-Dec-2012
Otter Birchrundell's Brown Sugar B 15-May-1979
Otti Houndville Arnold D 2-Jul-2006
Ottie Ch. Ottertail Otterly Ridicqlus B 17-Jan-1987
Ottley Ch. Marshall Of Grass Roots D 7-Dec-1972
Otto Follyhoun Chaucer's Otto D 2-Feb-1985
Otto Hooters Otto D 18-Jun-1996
Otto Barilla Tagus D 23-Apr-2000
Otto Avitar's Notorius Gangster D 22-Mar-2002
Otto Houndville Chopin D 24-May-2010
Otto Houndville Clansman D 24-May-2010
Otto Ch. Ironquest's Constable Otto Matic D 14-Mar-2015
Ousel Boravin Useful B 3-May-1986
Oyda Nor.,Dan. Ch. Bunnahabhain Leader D 17-Jul-2001
Ozzie Avitar's Rebellious Wizard Oz D 9-Mar-2013
Ozzy Ch. Corcra Gael DeLorean DMC12 D 21-Apr-2003
Ozzy GCH Ch., Int. Ch. Blue Fairy's Wizard Of Oz CGC D 26-Dec-2010
Ozzy Dekenchar's One Hot Mess D 2-Sep-2015
Painter Otterbobs Painter D 9-Jul-1987
Painter Ch. Kingstree Painter D 24-Jan-2005
Paladin Ch. Chaucer's Paladin D 8-May-1982
Pancho Villa Cruizin's Hot Ryder's Return D 30-Jun-2005
Panda Teckelgarth Kingsley D 21-Feb-2003
Pandy Cairo's Pandora B 27-Apr-2000
Paris Ch. Aberdeen's Party Animal B 29-Aug-2005
Parker Ch. Kalevala Nosey Parker B 17-Oct-2004
Pastry Dan. Ch. Boravin Ymer D 4-Jul-1987
Patch Villeseekers Bingo D 19-Apr-2009
Patches Ch. Cerberus Amber Patch B 18-Nov-1975
Pate Ria's Peter's Legacy D 27-Feb-2019
Pati Ch. Follyhoun Qcumber Geez Lueez B 22-May-1988
Patron GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Ultimate Addiction D 31-Jul-2009
Patsy Ottersdream Patsy of Actaeon B 1-Nov-1993
Patton MagicWood Good To Go General Patton D 15-Jun-2010
Paule Paule D 25-May-2000
Pawley Scentasia's Pawl Revere D 8-Jul-2002
Pax Ch. Follyhoun Oro'Lin Of Wo'Ken D 19-Dec-1985
Peabody Ch. Aberdeen's Know It All D 8-Dec-2000
Peaches Restive Of Adriucha B 1962?
Peaches Bearsden's Collier MacBean B 27-May-2000
Pearl Ironquest's Diving for Oysters B 24-Jan-2016
Pearly UK Ch. Otterbobs Pearly of Lyonesse B 9-Jul-1987
Pedro Aberdeen & Conestoga Vote for Pedro D 5-Mar-2016
Peeler UK Ch. Boravin Peeler D 6-Jul-1983
Peete Jenell's Halston D 18-Dec-1986
Peetee Jenell's Grey Flannel D 18-Dec-1986
Peeto Hunter's Laird Clint D 6-Mar-2012
Peggy Sue Jenell's Tidalwave B 1-May-1988
Penelope MagicWood Kalevala Penny Lane B 15-Jun-2010
Penfold Teckelgarth Pontiff D 4-Apr-2014
Penny Fate Hunter's Fate of Magicwood B 24-Apr-2019
Penny Ch. Scentasia's Penelope Goodbody B 27-Sep-1989
Penny Riverrun Anne Tempest Kaleva B 25-Jul-1997
Penny Clearwater's Sky King B 11-Mar-2008
Penny OHeavens I Found a Lucky Crickwood Penny CGC RATI RATN B 13-Jan-2015
Peone Eiren OH Sonsie Peone B 19-Apr-1988
Percy Ch. Actaeon's Persistence D 19-Oct-1988
Perkins Can. Ch. Tar Beach Cap'n Perkins D 30-Aug-1980
Perle Perle B 25-May-2000
Peter Avitar's Practically Perfect D 25-Sep-2004
Phae Ottaryx Phaedrra B 14-Jul-2015
Phebe Zymurgy's Dandelion Wine B 23-Sep-2007
Phipps Ch. Riverrun Phipps at Thurloe D 4-Jun-2013
Phoebe Ch. Kalevala's MacKenzie O'Bearsden B 10-Sep-1992
Phoebe Dut.,Bel.,Lux.,Int. Ch. Kola by Kingstree B 29-Sep-1997
Phoebe Ch. Blue Fairy's Legends of the Fall CGC B 26-Oct-2012
Pickles Conestoga Bread-N-Butyer Pickles D 10-Jan-2017
Pickwick Ottersdream Pluto D 30-Apr-1989
Pilot Kalevala Protector's Pilot D 24-Apr-1998
Pip Ottaryx Pepperpot B 14-Jul-2015
Pip Rattle van de Kweb** B 28-Feb-2017
Piper Riverrun Puddle Jumper B 4-Jun-2013
Pippa Ch. Ottersdream Pippa B 30-Apr-1990
Pippa Ironquest's All I Want RN AJP CGC B 27-Mar-2011
Pixie Hunter's Pixie B 10-May-1981
Pokey Am.,Can. Ch. Chaucer's Hocus Pocus D 8-May-1982
Polly Actaeon's Polly B 19-Oct-1988
Poppy Am.,Can. Ch. Galaxie Of Skye Top B 1970s
Poppy Baymore Populaer Luxe B 16-Jun-2003
Poppy Blue Fairy's Mary Poppins B 17-Mar-2016
Porter Wag'N Hollow's Demon Rum D 26-Aug-1993
Porter Ch. Aberdeen's Object Of Desire D 10-Jan-2005
Porter Adeline's General Lafayette Chocolate Thunder D 4-Aug-2009
Porter Riverrun Porter Fitzgerald D 4-Jun-2013
Precious Ottersdream Precious B 19-Nov-1984
Precious Ch. Scentasia's Wheel Of Fortune B 26-Aug-2004
Prince Ch. Jenell's One Man Show D 7-Dec-1986
Prince Otterbee's Sippin Newcastle Seaside D 12-May-2012
Princess Leia Ch. Aberdeen's Otter This World B 10-Jan-2005
Pris Ch. Aberdeen's Perfectly Normal B 29-Aug-2005
Priscilla Shreenwater Primero B 4-Dec-1994
Puff Ch. Aberdeen's Cocoa Puff Of Osi B 11-Jun-1991
Puff IE Ch. Cairo's Hufflepuff B 11-Jan-2004
Puffin Avitar's Speaker of the House B 27-Oct-2015
Pumpkin Snuggers Chocolate Kiss B 3-Jan-1986
Pumpkin GCH Ch. Riverrun Magical Moment CGC B 20-Mar-2010
Puzzle Teckelgarth Quality Street B 2-Nov-2004
Quark Dan. Ch. Quark D 12-Nov-1992
Quarry Ch. Boravin Quarryman D 15-Sep-1984
Queen Ch. Chaucer's Queen Gwenevere B 17-Oct-1983
Queen Ch. Kingstree Queen Wildwest B 16-Sep-2005
Queller Queller van de Kweb D 11-Feb-1993
Quick Ch. Kingstree Quick B 16-Sep-2005
Quincy Ch. Scentasia's Doonesbury D 27-Sep-1989
Quincy Avitar's Quincy D 13-Aug-2009
Quinn Ch. Aberdeen's Quintessential Lady B 30-Nov-2005
Quinn Quinn van de Kweb** D 11-Sep-2016
Quinn Ottaryx Quinevere B 27-Jun-2018
Quinte Philine Quinte van de Kweb B 21-Nov-1982
Quip Quip van de Kweb D 11-Feb-1993
Quirk Aberdeen's Uncola Nut B 31-Jul-2009
RC Jenell's Royal Copenhagen D 18-Dec-1986
Rachel Ch., Int. Ch. Blue Fairy's Against All Odds CGCA RI TKN B 17-Mar-2016
Radar Hooters Follyhoun Radar O'Rily D 19-Jul-1992
Rader Clearwater's Mash D 11-Mar-2008
Raggs Scentasia's Moxie B 19-Jul-1992
Rags Ch. HB Twilight Trumpeter D 13-Sep-1973
Rags Ch. Tar Beach Blythe Of Greyfield B 10-Aug-1979
Rags Otter-Bee's Duke Of Rag Tyme D 17-Aug-1988
Rags Can. Ch. Avitar's Ragtime Jazz RN B 9-Mar-2013
Rainie Ch. Hooters Follyhoun Rainie B 19-Jul-1992
Rally Scentasia's Wall St. Rally D 15-Nov-2000
Ralph Ch. Hooters Follyhoun Ralph D 19-Jul-1992
Ralphie Aberdeen's Triple Dog Dare You D 29-Dec-2008
Ramona Ch. Hooters Follyhoun Ramona CGC B 19-Jul-1992
Ranger B&T's Built Ford Tough D 16-May-2010
Ranger GCH, Ch. Four Pillars' Lone Ranger D 12-Jul-2017
Rascal Ch. Destiny Of Skye Top B 21-Jun-1968
Rascal Ch. Chaucers Rapscallion B 30-Aug-1980
Rascal Avitar's Maxmillan Mischiefmaker D 24-Apr-1998
Raz UK Ch. Kingstree Rascal D 16-Mar-2007
Reba Ch. Hooters Corcra Reba B 3-Oct-1994
Rebbie Graywaves Belle River Rebel Yell D 14-Apr-1992
Rebel UK Ch. Kingstree Vanguard D 3-Apr-2013
Reggie Am.,Can. Ch. Darby's Holy Smoke D 23-Apr-1990
Reggie Scentasia's Haleys Comet D 24-Jun-2000
Reggie Avitar's Sir Reginald D 27-Oct-2015
Rem Ch. Hooters Rembrandt O'Bearsden D 15-Oct-1994
Reme Scentasia's Remembrance B 11-Sep-2009
Renfield Hooters Renfield Baymore D 18-Jun-1996
Rhapsody Ch. Hooters Corcra Rhapsody B 3-Dec-1996
Rhonda Ch. Hooters Corcra Rhonda B 3-Oct-1994
Ricky Aberdeen's Super Freak D 22-Sep-2006
Rider Ironquest Poplar Hill's CC Rider CGC B 14-Mar-2015
Riley Ch. Hooters Corcra Gael Riley Imp B 10-Dec-1996
Riley Sonsies Calypso Life O Riley D 12-Jun-2004
Riley GCH Am.,Can. Ch Avitar's Bearsden Prairie Jazz RN Can. RA VO B 25-Sep-2004
Ringo Adeline's If I Sang Otter Tune TD D 4-Aug-2009
Ripley Ch. Aberdeen's Alien B 19-Jun-1986
Ripley Adeline's Ripley's Believe It Or Not B 4-Aug-2009
Riva Cragshield Curlew B 27-Apr-1990
River Ch. Mudcreeks Sprite B 13-Apr-2006
River Dekenchar's Magothy's Noble River D 19-Oct-2011
Rock Avitar's Motor City Sound D 24-Apr-1998
Rockford Hooters Rockford Baymore D 3-Dec-1996
Rocky Ch. Hooters Rockefeller O'Bearsden TDX D 15-Oct-1994
Rodney Ch. Hooters Follyhoun Rodney D 19-Jul-1992
Roger Ch. Dekenchar's Qcumber Tumbleweed VCD1 CDX TDX RM CGCA BN PCD TKA VOX D 19-Oct-2011
Ronja Pretious van de Kweb B 2013
Roo Mystic Hills Nina Roo B 13-Feb-2010
Rooney Uisneach Amazing Rooney D 19-Mar-2007
Rose Poplar Hill's L'ville Rosebud CGC B 19-May-2005
Rose Avitar's Queen Ethyl Rose B 13-Aug-2009
Rose Conestoga Briar Rose C Major B 10-Jan-2017
Roseanna Roseannadanna Ch. Conestoga Aberdeens Always Something B 30-Jan-2014
Rosie Am. Ch, Can. Ch. Avitar's A Lady Cambrige B 22-Apr-1982
Rosie Ch. Hooters Follyhoun Showbiz B 23-Aug-1993
Rosie Kalevala Rosie B 17-Aug-1994
Rosie Ria's 14-Karat Rose Gold B 11-Aug-2015
Roux Hooters Roux Rochambeau B 1-Jan-1995
Rover Ch. Hooters Corcra Gael Range Rover D 23-Nov-1996
Rowan Teckelgarth Quaintly with Kingstree B 2-Nov-2004
Rowdy Avitar Mapleleaf Optimist D 24-Apr-1998
Rowley Ironquest's Better Late Than Never D 23-Jul-2012
Roy Shuflshuz Qcumber Happy Tails To You TD RA CGC VO D 25-May-2008
Ruby Ruby B 28-Dec-1991
Ruby Cairo's Madam Pomfrey B 11-Jan-2004
Ruby Adeline's Corundum B 12-Jun-2006
Ruby Clearwater's Ruby Cordial B 21-Jun-2006
Ruckus GCH Ch. Dekenchar's Raisin' A Ruckus B 19-Oct-2011
Rudiger B&T's Little Deuce Coupe B 16-May-2010
Rudy Bellhound's Rudolph D 19-Dec-1969
Ruesha Hooters Ruesha Razzmatazz B 1-Jan-1995
Rufus GCH Scentasia's End Of An Era CGC D 11-Sep-2009
Rufus Olphae Cadman ** D 21-Mar-2018
Rugby Am.,Can. Ch. Andel Milk Bank D 12-Aug-1975
Ruger Con Cara Blue Fairy's They Say it's Your Birthday! D 21-Jun-2018
Rum Ch. Chaucer's Rum And Coke B 19-Dec-1985
Rupert Aus. Ch. Benchista Lloyd George D 1980s
Rupert Ch. Scentasia's Scattergories TD VO D 26-Aug-2004
Russia Hooters Russian Roulette B 15-Oct-1994
Rusty Darby's Rusty D 23-Apr-1990
Ruthie Hooters Follyhoun Ruthie B 19-Jul-1992
Rya Corcra Gael Lea Francis B 5-Jul-2008
Rylie Hooters Follyhoun Reilly D 23-Aug-1993
SHeDaisy SHeDaisy B 2000?
Saar Corcra Gael AC Cobra D 21-Apr-2003
Sadie Mae Clearwater's Moonshine B 21-Jun-2006
Sadie Ch. Greyfield's Seldom Sadie B 12-May-1988
Sadie Fitzcap's Sadie Be Good B 5-Mar-1994
Sadie Hooters Corcra Sadie OH What a Lady B 10-Dec-1996
Sadie Kingstree Merry Girl B 8-Apr-2002
Saffy UK Ch. Ottersdream Perfection at Dinaleas B 23-Aug-1996
Sailor Ch. Greyfield's So Long Sailor D 12-May-1988
Sailor Aberdeen's Simple Twist of Fate D 22-Sep-2006
Sally Ch. Scentasia's Sally Forth O'Blkn B 27-Sep-1989
Sally Ch. Sonsies Riverrun Amuck Sally TD VO B 25-Jul-1997
Sam Ch. I-R Spicy Play Me Some Rag D 5-Sep-1983
Sam Jacob Best Of New Berlin CGC D 2-Jun-1986
Sam Scentasia's Ain't Misbehavin' D 21-Apr-1991
Sam Xenos van de Kweb D 21-Jun-1996
Sam Wild West Yo-Semite Sam D 17-Jul-2003
Sam Avitar's Play It Again D 25-Sep-2004
Sammy Kiowa Creeks Sammy Can't Drive 55 D 25-Mar-2017
Samson Hooters Corcra Samson D 23-Nov-1996
Sandal Ch. Greyfield Downtown Girl B 16-Apr-1985
Sandy Sonsies Cheery Sandy Noodles B 12-Jun-2004
Sarah Cruizin's Dark Star B 27-Jun-2007
Sasquatch Am.,Can. Ch. Follyhoun First In Line D 24-Apr-1977
Sassa Cotter's Wildflower Dainty B 17-Aug-1995
Sassafrass Riverrun So Wright For OHeavens CGC B 9-Jan-2017
Sassy Hooters Corcra Random Reaction B 23-Nov-1996
Sassy Willowhound Sassy Sue B 27-Aug-2000
Sassy Ch. Aberdeen's Sufferin' Succotash B 22-Sep-2006
Savannah Mystic Hills Savannah Pointer B 28-Sep-2015
Sawyer GCH Ch. Dekenchar's Nozebody's Perfect D 19-Oct-2011
Scarlett Aberdeen's Fiddle Dee Dee B 21-May-1994
Scarlett Blue Fairy's Gone With The Wind B 26-Dec-2010
Schacko Kingstree Nudger D 30-Oct-2002
Scout Aberdeen's Stranger than Fiction D 22-Sep-2006
Scout Ironquest's Can't Be Pie In The Sky B 14-Mar-2015
Screech Ch. Greyfield's Justin the Nick Of Time D 8-Jul-1992
Scruffy Scentasia's Forty Second St D 21-Apr-1991
Scrumpy Balthazar Teddyboy at Cairo's D 7-Jun-1997
Scuba Ch. Adriucha Rob Roy CD D 23-May-1973
Seamus Riverrun Seamus D 9-Jan-2017
Seanna Adeline's Seanna B 20-Mar-2004
Seeger Ironquest's Against the Wind D 27-Mar-2011
Semmi Houndville Dutchman D 20-Apr-2011
Senna Ironquest's Adelheid B 27-Mar-2011
Sequoia Avitar's Sequoia Rey McCoy B 27-Oct-2015
Sera Ch. Seraphina Of Lonesome Lane B 21-Jul-1975
Sergeant Am. Ch., Can. Ch. Avitar's First Sergeant Jazz Can. CD FBX SHDCH D 16-Apr-1988
Seymour Olphae Wizard D 8-Jun-2019
Shadow Greyfield's Sufferin' Succotash B 5-Apr-1990
Shadrach Ironquest's Across the Water D 27-Mar-2011
Shally Riverrun Funny Girl B 25-Jun-2008
Shandy Scentasia's Emerald Isle B 12-Mar-2007
Shane Greyfield's Seigneur Shane CGC D 12-May-1988
Sheba Boravin Sheba B 26-Sep-1985
Sheela Houndville Cornelia B 24-May-2010
Shelby Wag'N Hollow's Shelby Sioux B 30-Sep-1989
Sherman Ch. Aberdeen's Made You Look D 25-Mar-2003
Shona Ch. Riverrun Sonsies Tempest TD CGC B 28-Feb-1993
Shuffles GCH. Wild West Texas Two Step B 26-Jun-2011
Sible Patchas Otterly Impossible B 3-Jul-1989
Sidney Villeseekers April B 17-Apr-2009
Siggy Con Cara & Blue Fairy's This Bird Has Flown B 21-Jun-2018
Sigor Bellhound's Blitzen D 19-Dec-1969
Silas Adeline's Silas of Lake Oconee D 4-Aug-2009
Simon Old Country Greenbriar Simon D 07-May-2019
Sinbad Beacon Sinbad D 20-Sep-1993
Singer GCH. Dekenchar's Legacy CGC B 4-Jan-2010
Sissy B&T's Classy Chassis B 16-May-2010
Sister Ch. Clearwater's Blue Nun B 21-Jun-2006
Skeemr Dekenchar's The Plot Thickens B 19-Oct-2011
Skeeter Aberdeen & Crossroads Yeah Well I Got Plenty To Say! B 18-Jan-2019
Skye Ch. Blue Fairy's Skye Girl, The Hollywood Superdog B 9-Oct-2007
Sleuth Ch. Cragmont Laird Andel D 15-Mar-1977
Smith Ria's Proper English Gentleman D 27-Feb-2019
Smitty Ch. Aberdeen's Lost In Space D 10-Feb-2001
Smokey Hooters Corcra Smokey Robnsn D 10-Dec-1996
Smooch Follyhoun Hershey's Kiss B 3-Jan-1986
Smudge Snuggers Smudge TD B 11-Jan-1979
Snickers Aberdeen's Ruffled Feathers B 7-Jul-2006
Sniff VDH CH Houndville Fantasy** SE JV-16 B 14-Feb-2016
Snuffy Greyfield's Shur Snuffy Smith D 17-Aug-1992
Snuggles Am.,Can. Ch. Hooters Mrs. Snugglepuss B 1-Jan-1995
Solo Ch. Keyboard Solo Performance B 24-Jul-1989
Sookie Dekenchar's Sookie Of Sengekontackite Sakawageia B 9-Jul-2010
Sophie Greyfield's Showtime Sophie B 5-Apr-1990
Sophie Mudcreeks Sweet Lady Sophie B 13-Apr-2006
Sparkle Scentasia's Tourmaline Treasure B 12-Mar-2007
Sparky Ch. Riverrun Qcumber Power On BN PCD RA TD D 4-Jun-2013
Spike Avitar's Masked Marvel D 24-Apr-1998
Spirit Ch. Riverrun Spirit CGC TD B 9-Jan-2017
Spring Can. Ch. Riverspruce's Tolovana Breakup OA AXJ CGC B 7-Apr-2007
Sprite Boravin Gala B 1-Aug-1992
Sprocket Bunnahabhain Ricochet Can. TD D 10-Jan-2008
Sprocket Ironquest's Addicted to Love D 27-Mar-2011
Sprocket WW-14, C.I.B. NORD UCH Houndville Dasher D 20-Apr-2011
Sprocket Catskill Porcupine Wild Thyme D 6-Jun-2019
Sputnik NORD UCH Houndville Emperor JEUW-15 D 4-Apr-2014
Squeezy Aberdeen's Exquisitely Corcra B 15-Dec-1992
Squire Edendene Squire Of Patchas D 10-Jan-1983
Squirt Scentasia's Squirt D 19-Jul-1992
Staffa Can. Ch. Falconcrag Staffa B 9-Jan-1979
Stanley DeKenchar's Stand By Me D 26-Apr-2019
Star Ch. Aberdeen's Star Of Texas B 22-Sep-2006
Starr Ch. Wild West Belle Starr RN CGC VO B 17-Jul-2003
Stetson Ch. MagicWood Howlaway's Ropin The Dream D 15-Jun-2010
Stevie Nicks Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re A Black Magic Woman B 18-Jan-2019
Stilton Kalevala Limehouse Blues D 24-Apr-1998
Stoli Ch. Aberdeen's Shaken Not Stirred CGC D 22-Sep-2006
Stomper Sonsies Buffalo Stomp D 26-Feb-1989
Striker Ch. OHeavens Strike The Harp at Crikwood CGC D 13-Apr-2011
Stuart Dekenchar's Stuart the Brave D 19-Oct-2011
Stuart Magicwood Kalevala Stutackular Snickers D 14-Dec-2012
Sue Greyfield's Sensational Sue B 5-Apr-1990
Sue Greyfield's So Sorry B 5-Apr-1990
Sue Greyfield Not Justa Knicknack B 8-Jul-1992
Sugar Ch. Ottertail Some Like It Hoot B 22-May-1988
Sugar CT Ch. Wild West Sugar Britches CGC VO B 17-Jul-2003
Suiza Aberdeen's Whole Enchilada B 11-Aug-2016
Sully Dekenchar's Devilish Intent B 19-Oct-2011
Summer Ch. Cruizin's Hot Summer Daze B 30-Jun-2005
Sundae Clearwater's French Silk TD B 4-Mar-2005
Sunny Ch. Chaucer's Sunflower B 30-Aug-1980
Susie Hunter's Talking Susie B 10-May-1981
Suzie Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar's All That Jazz Can. CD B 22-Apr-1982
Swak Love'N Stuff Sealed With a Kiss D 22-Oct-1994
Sweetie-Pie Eiren OH My Lonesome Lane B 24-Nov-1982
Taddye Ch. Scentasia's Truth Or Consequences B 26-Aug-2004
Taffey Ch. Janoras Taffey Apple B 15-Jun-2001
Tagert Ch. Hooters MacTagert O'Bearsden D 23-Nov-1996
Tal Ch. Follyhoun Snuggers Talisman D 19-Aug-1985
Tali Clotterswood Rambler B 3-Sep-1988
Tallulah Adeline's Tabula Rasa B 12-Jun-2006
Tally Bearsden's Tally Ho o Muir Wood B 18-Apr-2015
Tangle Ch. Dumfriesshire Tangle '57 B Feb-1957
Tangle Follyhoun Snuggers Tangle B 19-Aug-1985
Tara Ottaryx Quiver B 27-Jun-2018
Tarka Tarka van de Kweb D 17-Jun-1994
Tarn Falconcrag Tarka of Conart D 14-Jul-1980
Tarra Rinjan's Goody Gum Drops B 22-Jul-1974
Tasia Ch. Scentasia's Fire N Ice CGC B 12-Mar-2007
Taurus Dumfriesshire Taurus '78 D 31-Mar-1978
Tease Ch. Ironquest's Almost Persuaded OJP CGC B 27-Mar-2011
Teddy Ch. Ottersdream Preditor D 28-Aug-1999
Teddy Aberdeen's XLNT Adventure D 23-Sep-2017
Tellem Camellia Hounds Spill The Beans To Ironquest B 29-Jul-2017
Tess Ch. Jenell's Windsong B 7-Dec-1986
Tess Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Tess B 30-Sep-1989
Texas Kingstree Texas D 23-Jul-1997
Thatcher Rinjan's Keen Knows D 8-Jan-1989
Thatcher Blue Fairy's Iron Lady B 26-Oct-2012
Thistle Willowhound's Thistle B 31-May-1999
Thunees Villeseekers Atlas D 17-Apr-2009
Ticket UK Ch. Acorn Kingstree B 15-Jan-1983
Tiger Woods GCH Ch. Conestoga Aberdeens Addicted to Love D 30-Jan-2014
Tigger Rinjan's Dame Dumfriesshire B 28-Apr-1971
Tillie GCH Ch. Dekenchar's Waltzing Matilda B 19-Oct-2011
Tilly Ch. Graywaves Cruise Control B 1-May-1988
Tilly UK Ch. Ottersdream Phloozie B 28-Aug-1999
Timmy Ch. Four Paw's Snuggers Hang Ten D 28-Jun-1992
Timmy Ironquest & Aberdeen's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test B 21-Nov-2017
Tips Camellia Hounds Mississippi Baked Bean B 29-Jul-2017
Tito Aberdeen & Crossroads You Say Potato D 18-Jan-2019
Titus Willowhound Titus van Rijn D 21-Oct-1998
ToBe Ch. Scentasia Poplar Hill To Be Or Not To Be D 16-Apr-2001
Toby Boravin Tobias D 12-Oct-1985
Toby Ch. Baymore's Tobias TD RN CGC VO D 19-Jun-2000
Toby Ch. Janoras Dream Catcher D 15-Jun-2001
Toby Scentasia's Bad To The Bone D 6-Apr-2003
Toki Aberdeen & Crossroads Yetti D 18-Jan-2019
Tolly UK Ch. Teckelgarth Ptolemy D 23-Apr-1995
Tommy Boy MagicWood McGuire's Dream Boy D 15-Jun-2010
Tommy Ch. Billikin's Dirty Hairy D 13-Oct-1984
Tommy Ch. Howlaway's Qcumber Pinbalwizard CD TDX D 7-Nov-1994
Tommy Ch. Aberdeen's Killer Tomato D 8-Dec-2000
Tonka Janoras Mighty Tonka D 15-Jun-2001
Tony VOCH Ch. Scentasia's Iron Man VCD1 CD OA AXJ NAP OJP TDX RA CGC D 19-Dec-1997
Toony Bellhound's Cupid B 19-Dec-1969
Topper Greyfield's Top Scout D 17-Jan-1981
Topper Ch. Billikin's Tri'N For the Top D 16-Jan-1987
Tori Mystic Hills Citori Prestige B 28-Sep-2015
Tory Kalevala Cricket's Aviator D 24-Apr-1998
Tovi Conestoga Ballissima Tovi B 10-Jan-2017
Trace Wild West Dreamin' Out Loud D 26-Jun-2011
Tracker Follyhoun Four Play D 29-Nov-1984
Tracker Ria's Tracker Mender of Hearts v Bos D 6-Jun-2013
Travis Kalevala The Magic Dragon D 17-Sep-1992
Trevor Baymore's Troubador D 19-Jun-2000
Tribee Hooters Tribee B 20-May-1995
Tris Ch. Kalevala Jolly Good Show D 24-Apr-1998
Trix Aberdeen's Silly Rabbit B 22-Sep-2006
Truffles Ch. Billikin's Bearpaws Got'r Ott'r B 13-Nov-1994
Trump GCH Ch. Four Pillars' Triumph with B&T's CGC D 22-May-2015
Tuck Bearsden's Friar Tuck o Wooded Glen CGC THDA THD TKN D 18-Apr-2015
Tucker Snuggers Tommy Tucker D 19-Aug-1985
Tucker Ch. Scentasia's Two Good Tobe True NAJ OAJ VO CGC D 2-Dec-2005
Tyler Wag'N Hollow's Lone Star D 26-Aug-1993
Tyler Aberdeen's Livin' On The Edge TD RN CGC VO D 10-Feb-2001
Tyson Houndville Austin D 2-Jul-2006
Ugh Ch. Kalevala The Big Easy D 17-Sep-1992
Vango Jenell's Scoundrel B 18-Dec-1986
Vanity Aus. Ch. Savannah Dark Cissie B 5-Feb-1986
Vanna Wag'N Hollow's Windswept Havana B 26-Aug-1993
Vanner Boravin Vanner D 8-Jan-1986
Velvet Wild West Velvet Cowgirl B 26-Jun-2011
Viceroy Narbeth Voyager D 15-Jan-1995
Viking Ch. Vison Vanguard D 23-May-1997
Vince Adriucha Vincenta B 26-Jun-1975
Vincent Houndville Basil D 16-Dec-2007
Vinnie Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Prince Valiant D 19-Dec-1997
Viola Ch. Riverrun Meant To Be TD THDX CGC VO B 20-Mar-2010
Violet Riverspruce's Purple Hayes CGC B 26-May-2009
Virginia Old Country West Virginia Attitude to Four Pillars B 07-May-2019
Wagner Snuggers Plum Tuckered out D 1980s?
Waldo Eiren OH Sonsie Uncle Waldo D 19-Apr-1988
Wall-E Riverspruce's Magnus from Snowy River VCD1 BN RN RAT RATO NW1 D 26-May-2009
Wallis Dekenchar's Legend In Her Own Time B 9-Jul-2010
Wally Jenell's Earthquake D 1980s
Wally Scentasia's Empty Wallet D 12-Apr-1996
Wally Ironquest's Earl Wynn of Wallabie D 21-Nov-2017
Walnut Alderann Walnut B 1-Apr-2014
Walter Webster GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Told You So D 29-Dec-2008
Wanda Clearwater's Lucy Gidget B 11-Mar-2008
Warlock UK Ch. Teckelgarth Warlord D 9-Sep-2006
Watchman Alderann Watchman at Keepcott D 1-Apr-2014
Watney Ch. Scentasia's Polly Purebred B 27-Sep-1989
Watson Bellhound's Leaping Lizards D 19-Feb-1977
Watson Mudcreeks Sir Watson Holmes TD D 13-Apr-2006
Watson Alderann Warwick D 1-Apr-2014
Waylon Blue Fairy's Lord of the Rings D 5-Mar-2012
Webster Ch. Kalevala's Lionheart D 10-Sep-1992
Weston Riverrun Marquis De Winston D 20-Mar-2010
Wheatie Scentasia's Aurora Borealis B 24-Jun-2000
Whooper Ch. Inspiration Of Skye Top B 10-Mar-1975
Whoopi Ch. Howlaway's Outburst B 7-Nov-1994
Wicket GCH Ch. Adeline's Sticky Wicket BISS B 12-Jun-2006
Wiggins Kiowa Creeks Wiggins of Baker Street D 25-Mar-2017
Wilbur Ch. Love'N Stuff Kiss N Tail D 22-Oct-1994
Wiley Majestyk Hounds Little Miss Wiley RN CGCA B 1-Sep-2018
Wiley Catskill What the Fox D 6-Jun-2019
Willfull UK Ch. Dekenchar's Willfull via Kingstree B 2-Sep-2015
Willi Adeline's Wilhelmina B 20-Mar-2004
William Dumfriesshire Cypher at Trevereux D 16-Sep-1980
Willie Nelson GCHS Ch. Conestoga Another Tequila Sunrise D 30-Jan-2014
Willie Willie Brown D 1990?
Willie Col. Ch. Scentasia's Bingo Grumbler D 26-Aug-2004
Willie GCH Ch. MagicWood Willie Mae CA B 15-Jun-2010
Willie Snooperline Felicity B 19-Oct-2016
Willow Can. Ch. Avitar's Fatal Attraction B 16-Apr-1988
Willow Ottersdream Phlirt CGC B 8-Oct-2001
Wilson Greyfield's Still Stewie D 5-Apr-1990
Wilson MagicWood Sterling O'Corcragael D 22-May-2014
Wilson Ironquest's Call Me Wilson D 14-Mar-2015
Winchester Ironquest's Double Barrel D 24-Jan-2016
Windsor Four Pillars' Succession D 22-Mar-2014
Windy Scentasia's Solar Winds B 24-Jun-2000
Winn Avitar's Quantum Leaps D 13-Aug-2009
Winnie Ch. Zymurgy's Lady Winnipeg Of Ashdown Forest CGC B 23-Sep-2007
Winnie Ria's Ms. Harriet Winfield B 11-Aug-2015
Winslow Old Country Blackwater Falls D 07-May-2019
Winston Ch. Billikin's Raggedy Man D 13-Oct-1984
Winston Ch. Rinjan's Knight de Mon Plaisir D 8-Jan-1989
Winston Dekenchar's Garcon Doux De Houndzhollow CGC D 4-Jan-2010
Winston DeKenchar's Fly Me to the Moon D 13-Feb-2016
Winston Catskill Our Significant Otter D 6-Jun-2019
Wishbone Hooters Wishbone D 20-May-1995
Wonder DeKenchar's He's A Wonder D 26-Apr-2019
Woody Ch. Scentasia's Stonebridge Mtn Dew D 19-Jul-1992
Woody Blue Fairy's Toy Story D 26-Dec-2010
Wookiee Ch., Int. Ch. Blue Fairy's Force Awakens CGC B 11-Nov-2015
Wotsit Alderann Wotsit B 1-Apr-2014
Wynne Kiowa Creeks Lady Bronwyn of the Sandhills B 25-Mar-2017
Wynonah Scentasia's Final Conquest B 11-Sep-2009
Xela Kalevala Xela Ju B 17-Aug-1994
Xena Ch. Scentasia's Warrior Princess CD CGC TDI B 19-Dec-1997
Xenia Xenia van de Kweb at Kingstree B 21-Jun-1996
Yankee Ironquest's Big Shoes To Fill D 23-Jul-2012
Yardley Ironquest's A-Game B 27-Mar-2011
Yo Yo Wild West Yo Yo Otter Rodeo CGC TD B 9-Sep-2008
York Ch. York Of Adriucha D 9-Mar-1963
Yorkist Teckelgarth Ypsilanti D 4-Oct-1998
Yquem Aberdeen & Crossroads You Really Got Me D 18-Jan-2019
Yuri Am. Ch. Avitar's Timeless Jazz D 21-Aug-2017
Zelda Adeline's Piccadilly B 12-Jun-2006
Zelda Blue Fairy's Breath of the Wild B 17-Mar-2016
Ziggy Ch. Scentasia's Just a Gigolo D 21-Jul-1998
Zipper Magic Copper D 22-Oct-1997
Ziva Scentasia's I'm The Only One B 16-Jan-2009
Zoe Ch. Fitzcap's Zantipe B 7-Feb-1993
Zoey Scentasia's My Fair Lady B 21-Apr-1991
Zoey Sonsies Trail Blazer CD TD B 28-Feb-1993
Zuko Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re The One That I Want D 18-Jan-2019
Zuni Ch. Aberdeen's Hostess W Th Mostes Amz B 1-Aug-1996
Zuni Ch. Ironquest's Azunia B 27-Mar-2011
Zuzu Zuzu Petals B 24-Dec-1999