Otterhound Club of America Hall of Fame

Registered Name Reason for Inclusion Whelped

Ch. Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael all-breed Best In Show 3-Oct-1989
Ch. Aberdeen's Krazy Kat all-breed Best In Show 8-Dec-2000
Ch. Aberdeen's Neanderthal all-breed Best In Show 4-Nov-2003
GCH Am.,Int. Ch. UKC Ch. Aberdeen's Publicity Hound RN TDX CGC VOX Tracking Dog Excellent 29-Aug-2005
GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Ultimate Addiction All-Breed Best In Show 31-Jul-2009
GCH Ch. Aberdeen's Under The Influence All-Breed Best In Show 31-Jul-2009
CT Adeline's Odo Proudfoot CD RE NAJ OJP VOX Tracking Dog Excellent & Variable Surface Tracking Dog 20-Mar-2004
Adriucha Zola's Priza UD Utility Dog 9-Oct-1969
Am.,Can. Ch. Andel Milk Bank all-breed Best In Show 12-Aug-1975
Am.,Can. Ch. Avitar Follyhoun Kahootz all-breed Best In Show 20-Apr-1983
Ch. Billikin's Amanda Grizzlet all-breed Best In Show 13-Oct-1984
Ch. Cheery OH's Return To Scentasia all-breed Best In Show 19-Jan-1997
GCH Ch. Conestoga Aberdeens Addicted to Love all-breed Best In Show 30-Jan-2014
GCHS Ch. Conestoga Another Tequila Sunrise all-breed Best In Show 30-Jan-2014
Ch. Dekenchar's Qcumber Tumbleweed VCD1 CDX TDX RM CGCA BN PCD TKA VOX Tracking Dog Excellent 19-Oct-2011
Emily service to mankind 20-Mar-1987
GCHB Ch. Four Pillars' Tahoe Turquoise CGC All-Breed Best In Show 22-May-2015
Ch. Hooters Corcra Gael Range Rover all-breed Best In Show 23-Nov-1996
Hooters Follyhoun Enlil CGC service to mankind 23-Aug-1993
Am.,Can. Ch. Hooters Mrs. Snugglepuss all-breed Best In Show 1-Jan-1995
Ch. Hooters Rockefeller O'Bearsden TDX Tracking Dog Excellent 15-Oct-1994
Ch. Howlaway's Qcumber Pinbalwizard CD TDX Tracking Dog Excellent 7-Nov-1994
GCH Ch. Kalevala Always in Scentsational Style all-breed Best In Show 6-Jun-2009
Ch. Kalevala Blithe Spirit CGC all-breed Best In Show 17-Oct-2004
Ch. Kalevala's MacKenzie O'Bearsden all-breed Best In Show 10-Sep-1992
GCH Ch. Magicwood Kalevala Henrietta Howl-OH'Day TDX VOI Tracking Dog Excellent 14-Dec-2012
Ottersdream Plunderer CD TDX Tracking Dog Excellent 7-Mar-1996
Can. OTCh Ottertail's Olivia UDX TDX UKC UD Utility Dog & Tracking Dog Excellent 17-Jan-1987
Ch. Rinjan's Dandelion Whine all-breed Best In Show 28-Apr-1971
Ch. Rinjan's Kasandra all-breed Best In Show 8-Jan-1989
CT Ch. Riverrun Finnegan VO CGC NAP NAJP VOX Tracking Dog Excellent & Variable Surface Tracking Dog 25-Jun-2008
Ch. Riverrun McHugh TDX CGC VOI Tracking Dog Excellent 20-Mar-2010
Ch. Riverrun Sonsies Comedy TDX CGC VO Tracking Dog Excellent 12-Jun-2004
Can. Ch. Riverspruce's Tolovana Breakup OA AXJ CGC Agility Excellent Jumpers 7-Apr-2007
CT VOCH Ch. Scentasia Qcumber Wall St Wizard CD RE CGC Tracking Dog Excellent & Variable Surface Tracking Dog 15-Nov-2000
GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Q Quest TD MXB MX AXJ OF CGC VOX Agility Excellent 2-Dec-2005
GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Trouble all-breed Best In Show 2-Dec-2005
Ch. Scentasia's Gotta Have My Tab UD UKC CDX Utility Dog 19-Jul-1992
Ch. Scentasia's Hostile Takeover CGC TDI all-breed Best In Show 15-Nov-2000
Ch. Scentasia's Howlaway Semper Fi TD all-breed Best In Show 8-Jul-2002
Scentasia's I'm Ready VCD1 CD TD RN OA OAJ MXP MJP OFP CGC VOX Agility Excellent 6-Apr-2003
VOCH Ch. Scentasia's Iron Man VCD1 CD OA AXJ NAP OJP TDX RA CGC Agility Excellent & Tracking Dog Excellent 19-Dec-1997
Ch. Scentasia's Shake Rattle N Roll all-breed Best In Show 6-Apr-2003
Am.,Can. Ch. Skye Top's Cedric Vikingsson all-breed Best In Show 5-May-1961
VOCH Ch. Sonsie's Laird Moseley CDX UKC CDX TDX RA CGC Tracking Dog Excellent 6-Mar-2003
VOCH Ch. Sonsies Call Me Isabel VCD3 OM5 UDX5 AXP AJP TDX RA Utility Dog, Tracking Dog Excellent, & Agility Excellent 12-Jun-2004
Ch. Sonsies Lend Me An Ear Lucy TDX CGC VO Tracking Dog Excellent 6-Mar-2003
Can. OTCh UKC OTCh Ch. Wag'N Hollow's Eloise UDX TD SKC CD Utility Dog 30-Sep-1989
Wag'N Hollow's Singing Cowboy TDX CGC TDI Tracking Dog Excellent 26-Aug-1993
CT Ch. Wild West Batman Ott'R Find It Tracking Dog Excellent & Variable Surface Tracking Dog 9-Sep-2008
Ch. Wild West Cracker Jack Ott'R Track TDX CGC Tracking Dog Excellent 9-Oct-2007
CT Ch. Wild West Sugar Britches CGC VO Tracking Dog Excellent & Variable Surface Tracking Dog 17-Jul-2003