Otterhound Club of America Registry of Merit

(for Outstanding Sires and Dams)

Registered Name ROM/ROMX Whelped

CH Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael ROM 3-Oct-1989
CH Aberdeen's Alien ROMX 19-Jun-1986
CH Aberdeen's Bombshell ROM 3-Oct-1989
AM CH, CAN CH Aberdeen's Caveman ROMX 11-Jun-1991
CH Aberdeen's English Ivy ROM 15-Dec-1992
CH Aberdeen's Hog Wild O'Foxfire ROM 1-Aug-1996
CH Aberdeen's Jeepers Creepers ROM 9-Feb-2000
CH Aberdeen's Lost In Space ROM 10-Feb-2001
GCH CH Adeline's Sticky Wicket BISS ROM 12-Jun-2006
Adriucha's Ginger ROM 7-Jun-1966
CH Agrippa Of Adriucha ROM 12-May-1964
CH Andel George Scot Stuart ROM 26-Dec-1969
AM CH, CAN CH Andel Milk Bank ROM 12-Aug-1975
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar Follyhoun Kahootz ROMX 20-Apr-1983
CH Billikin's Amanda Grizzlet ROMX 13-Oct-1984
CH Billikin's Ragamuffin ROM 13-Oct-1984
CH Birchdell's Ragmop Of Sunwood ROM 15-May-1979
CH Chaucer's Queen Gwenevere ROM 17-Oct-1983
CH Chaucer's Rum And Coke ROM 19-Dec-1985
CH Chaucer's Sir Duff Of Bearsden ROM 19-Dec-1985
CH Cheery OH's Return To Scentasia ROM 19-Jan-1997
CH Dulciana Of Skye Top ROM 21-Jun-1968
CH Fogbound's Lady Clara ROM 20-Jun-1977
AM CH, CAN CH Follyhoun First In Line ROMX 24-Apr-1977
CH Greyfield's Doubtful Daisy ROM 17-Jan-1981
Iroquois Dervish Of Adriucha ROM 5-May-1961
CH Kalevala Blithe Spirit CGC ROM 17-Oct-2004
CH Kalevala Jack The Lad RN CGC VO ROM 8-Feb-2003
Kalevala Protector's Legacy ROM 1-Mar-1996
CH Kendal Drifter '53 ROM 22-Dec-1953
CH Poplar Hill's Ophelia CDX CGC VO ROM 16-Apr-2001
GCH CH Poplar Hill's Unbridled Spirit CGC ROM 19-May-2005
CH Ramsgrove Hot Toddy ROMX 7-Apr-2003
CAN CH Rinjan's Jovial Jean Can. CD ROM 1-Apr-1980
GCH CH Riverrun Magical Moment CGC ROM 20-Mar-2010
CH Riverrun Sonsies Comedy TDX CGC VO ROM 12-Jun-2004
Scentasia's Be Bop A Lula ROM 6-Apr-2003
CH Scentasia's Doonesbury ROM 27-Sep-1989
GCH CH Scentasia's Double Q Quest TD MXB MX AXJ OF CGC VOX ROM 2-Dec-2005
AM CH, CAN CH Scentasia's Gypsy Impressions ROM 21-Apr-1991
CH Scentasia's Howlaway Semper Fi TD ROM 8-Jul-2002
CH Scentasia's Lady Liberty ROM 8-Jul-2002
CH Scentasia's Million Dollar Baby ROM 12-Apr-1996
CH Scentasia's Yorktown Patriot CD VO ROM 8-Jul-2002
AM CH, CAN CH Skye Top's Cedric Vikingsson ROM 5-May-1961
CAN CH Skye Top's Pennicoach Ballade ROM 1963?
CH Sonsies Riverrun Amuck Sally TD VO ROM 25-Jul-1997
CH Tar Beach Blythe Of Greyfield ROM 10-Aug-1979
Tar Beach Doubting Thomas ROMX 7-Dec-1981
CH Vison Hornet ROM 7-Feb-1993
CH Who's Hoo Of Whitehall ROM 8-Mar-1977
CH Wild West Belle Starr RN CGC VO ROM 17-Jul-2003