Ch. Clearwater Howlaway What's On Tap
2006-2009 ~ OFA Good
GCH Scentasia's End Of An Era CGC
2009-2017 ~ OFA Good
Ch. Scentasia's Diamonds Are Forever
SIRE: Ch. Magicwoods Tribute to Scentasia
2012 ~ OFA Good, Elbows Normal
Shreenwater Blackjack
1994-2006 ~ OFA Good
GCH Ch. Adeline's Sticky Wicket BISS
2006-2021 ~ OFA Good,ROM
Ch. Corcra Gael Bristol Royale
2001-2014 ~ OFA Fair

Ch. Scentasia's White River Titanium CGC
2007-2016 ~ OFA Good
GCH Ch. White River's News Flash
GCH Ch. Scentasia's Double Trouble
2005-2010 ~ BIS,BISS,OFA Good
DAM: Ch. Blue Fairy's Paper Moon
2012 ~ OFA Fair
Ch. Kalevala Jack The Lad RN CGC VO
2003-2014 ~ OFA Good,ROM
Ch. Blue Fairy's Fifth Element RN CGC VO
2007-2020 ~ OFA Moderate
Ch. Wild West Belle Starr RN CGC VO
2003-2011 ~ ROM