Index to Otterhound Database by Birth Date

1800s-1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s unknown

Barrister D1800s?
Chaunter D1800s
Cobbler D1800s
Cotswold Collier D1800s
Dainty B1800s
Darling B1800s
Dawson's Chaunter D1800s
Dawson's Rakish B1800s
Doubtful (1) B1800s
Dumfriesshire Darling B1800s
Dumfriesshire Thrifty B1800s [photo]
Jestor D1800s
Lord Bandon's Cowslip B1800s
Lord Bandon's Hopeful B1800s
Lord Fitzhardinge's Sarah B1800s
Rally B1800s
Rufus D1800s
Safety B1800s
Sailor D1800s
Triumph B1800s
Truthful B1800s
Lomax Countess B1850s
Lomax Royal D1850s
Rafter D1850s
Bowler D1860s
Bruiser D1860s?
Carlisle Bellman D1860s
Carlisle Boozer D1860s
Carlisle Luther D1860s
Carlisle Major D1860s
Cockermouth Ringwood D1860s?
Hawkstone Dorcas B1860s
Kendal Rally 60s B1860s?
Kendal Ruler 60s D1860s?
Rough Rally B1860s?
Hawkstone Dashwood '62 D1862
Hylton Wybergh's Ringwood D1862
Carlisle Careless B1864?
Carlisle Glory '65 B1865
Wellington D1865
Carlisle Boozer '67 D1867
Carlisle Major '67 D1867
Carlisle Stanley '67 D1867
Countess B1867
Carlisle Fireman D1870s?
Carlisle Lucifer D1870s
Carlisle Swimmer D1870s?
Carlisle Thunder D1870s
Carrick's Careless B1870s
Clinker D1870s
Coulter's Carlisle D1870s
Coulter's Joyful B1870s
Fairmaid B1870s?
Hawkstone Priestess B1870s
Hill's Clinker D1870s
Hill's Cromwell D1870s
Hill's Lottery B1870s
Hill's Nimrod D1870s
Hill's Sinbad D1870s
Morris's Carrier D1870s
Morris's Julia B1870s
Morris's Singwell B1870s
Phillips Bellman D1870s
Radnor & W Hereford Violet B1870s
Rally 70s B1870s?
Ruler D1870s?
Swimmer D1870s?
Warner-Hill's Garcia B1870s
Warner-Hill's Grizi B1870s
Warner-Hill's Rachel B1870s
Warner-Hill's Rebe B1870s
Warner-Hill's Scipio D1870s
Warner-Hill's Tomboy D1870s
West Cumberland Bashful B1870s
West Cumberland Coroner D1870s
West Cumberland Panzi B1870s
West Cumberland Rector D1870s
West Cumberland Ringlet B1870s
West Cumberland Tippler D1870s
Wilkinson's Gaylad D1870s?
Wilkinson's Rockwood D1870s?
Carlisle Charmer B1870
Warner-Hill's Charon D1873
Hill's Careless '77 B1877
Hill's Chieftan '77 D1877
Hill's Chorister '77 D1877
Hill's Patti '78 B1878
Hill's Rosebud '78 B1878
Hill's Safety '79 B1879
Hill's Sally '79 B1879
Hill's Sportsman D1879
Hill's Stormer D1879
Carlisle Lottery D1880s?
Cockermouth Ruby B1880s
Dumfriesshire Baronet D1880s
Egremont Bashful B1880s
Egremont Clansman D1880s
Hill's Chaunter D1880s
Hill's Statesman D1880s?
Kendal Charmer B1880s
Kendal Como B1880s
Kendal Crazy B1880s
Kendal Londesboro D1880s?
Kendal Ragman D1880s?
Kendal Rally 80s B1880s
Kendal Swimmer D1880s
Legard's Crafty B1880s?
Legard's Duster D1880s?
Legard's Liberty B1880s?
Legard's Spartan D1880s?
Morris's Senator D1880s?
Newton's Novia B1880s?
Hawkstone Conqueror '80 D1880
Hill's Clinker '80 D1880
Hill's Conqueror '80 D1880
Hill's Crazy '80 D1880
Hill's Cromwell '80 D1880
Hill's Gannymede '80 D1880
Hill's Rachel '80 B1880
Hill's Reginald '80 D1880
Hill's Rival '80 D1880
Hill's Rufus '80 D1880
Hill's Barmaid '81 B1881
Hill's Chantress '81 B1881
Hill's Gaylass '81 B1881
Hill's Gladsome '81 B1881
Hill's Graceful '81 B1881
Hill's Joyous '81 B1881
Hill's Margery '81 B1881
Hill's Namesake '81 D1881
Hill's Niobe '81 B1881
Hill's Ranger '81 D1881
Hill's Vanity '81 B1881
Hill's Clinker '82 D1882
Hill's Grappler '82 D1882
Hill's Guardsman '82 D1882
Hill's Regular '82 D1882
Hill's Rhiata '82 B1882
Songstress B1882
Hill's Pilgrim '83 D1883
Hill's Poverty '83 D1883
Hill's Princess '83 B1883
Hill's Ragman DOct-1883
Kendal Boozer D7-May-1884
Kendal Brillie B7-May-1884
Carlisle Warrior D1889?
Buckley's Mawddwy Truthful B1890s
Carlisle Remedy B1890s
Carlisle Smuggler D1890s
Doyne's Saucebox B1890s?
Dumfriesshire Barrister D1890s
Dumfriesshire Dewdrop B1890s
Dumfriesshire Dimple B1890s
Dumfriesshire Sailer D1890s
Dumfriesshire Tomboy D1890s
Egremont Charmer B1890s
Furious B1890s?
Gunson's Dabchick B1890s
Hamilton's Prudence B1890s
Hawkstone Clinker D1890s
Hawkstone Rarity B1890s
Hawkstone Ringlet B1890s
Hawkstone Smuggler D1890s
Hawkstone Sportsman D1890s
Kendal Dauntless 90s D1890s
Kendal Marksman D1890s
Kendal Rally 90s B1890s
Kendal Rockwood D1890s
King's Cheerful B1890s
King's Sailor D1890s
NOH Rival B1890s
NOH Scamper D1890s
PCOH Denmark D1890s?
PCOH Sylvia B1890s
Reckless of Craigwell D1890s? [photo]
Smiler D1890s?
Smuggler D1890s?
Whitehill Palafox D1890s
Dumfriesshire Sailor '90 D1890
Hawkstone Speedy B1890?
Rufford Partner D1890?
Carlisle Lily '91 B1891
Dumfriesshire Dewdrop '92 B1892
Dumfriesshire Dexter '92 D1892
Dumfriesshire Spearman '92 D1892
Carlisle Lofty B1893?
Co Limerick Tangle B1893?
Dumfriesshire Dewdrop '93 B1893
Hawkstone Constance '93 B1893
Dumfriesshire Charmer '94 B1894
Dumfriesshire Daylight '94 B1894
Dumfriesshire Duchess '94 B1894
Dumfriesshire Rally '94 B1894
Dumfriesshire Solway '94 D1894
Dumfriesshire Stanley '94 D1894
Dumfriesshire Comedy '95 B1895
Dumfriesshire Regent '95 D1895
Dumfriesshire Royal '95 D1895
Dumfriesshire Sailor '95 D1895
Dumfriesshire Stormer '95 D1895
Co Limerick Trouncer '96 D1896
Dumfriesshire Countess B1896
Dumfriesshire Dainty '96 B1896
Dumfriesshire Daisy '96 B1896
Dumfriesshire Darling '96 B1896
Dumfriesshire Dauntless '96 B1896
Dumfriesshire Diligent '96 B1896
Dumfriesshire Seaman '96 D1896
Dumfriesshire Sinbad '96 D1896
Dumfriesshire Skipper '96 D1896
Dumfriesshire Swimmer '96 D1896
Essex Sinbad D1896
Buckley's Mawddwy Ranter D1897
Carlisle Charmer '97 B1897
Carlisle Chaunter '97 D1897
Dumfriesshire Smuggler '97 D1897
Dumfriesshire Songstress '97 B1897
Dumfriesshire Boozer D1898
Dumfriesshire Darling '98 B1898
Dumfriesshire Doubtful '98 B1898
Dumfriesshire Dowager '98 B1898
Dumfriesshire Safety '98 B1898
Meath Vulcan D1898?
Dumfriesshire Batchelor '98 D7-Apr-1898 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Crazy '99 B1899
Dumfriesshire Sandboy '99 D1899
Dumfriesshire Spartan '99 D1899
Dumfriesshire Tester '99 D1899
Dumfriesshire Spanker '99 D16-May-1899
Alexandra Of Hartland B1900s
Bachelor D1900s?
Brookfield Charity B1900s?
Brookfield Marksman D1900s?
Careless B1900s
Carlisle Danger D1900s
Carlisle Dimple B1900s?
Carlisle Khaki B1900s?
Carlisle Phyliss B1900s
Carlisle Ringwood D1900s
Carlisle Stormer D1900s?
Carlisle Tester D1900s?
Cheriton Racket B1900s?
Culmstock Charity B1900s
Daisy I B1900s
Daphne B1900s
Dauntless Lady B1900s?
Demon D1900s
Dewdrop B1900s
Dexterous D1900s
Dorcas B1900s
Doris B1900s
Doubtful (2) B1900s
Doubtful (3) B1900s
Doubtful (4) B1900s
Dowager B1900s
Druid D1900s
Drummer D1900s
Dumfriesshire Bellman D1900s
Dumfriesshire Daisy B1900s?
Dumfriesshire Damsel B1900s?
Dumfriesshire Deemster D1900s?
Dumfriesshire Doubtless B1900s
Dumfriesshire Secret B1900s
East Scotland Solomon D1900s
East Scotland Virtue B1900s
Hasting-Clay's Doxy B1900s
Marquess Conyngham's Dora B1900s
Mona B1900s
Monarch D1900s
Planter D1900s
Sorcerer D1900s?
Stormer D1900s?
Tester D1900s
Thorneycroft's Tempest B1900s?
Tyrant D1900s?
Buckingham Dorcas '00 B1900
Carlisle Music '00 B1900
Cheriton Gallant D1900?
Co Limerick Nickname B1900?
Dumfriesshire Dorcas '00 B1900
Dumfriesshire Dorothy '00 B1900
Hamilton's Dairymaid B1900?
NOH Champion D1900?
NOH Sorceror D1900?
Statesman of Craigwell D1-Jun-1900
Buckingham Gauntlet '01 D1901
Carlisle Columbine '01 B1901
Dumfriesshire Charmer '01 B1901
Dumfriesshire Marauder '01 D1901
Dumfriesshire Secret '01 B1901
Dumfriesshire Sinbad '01 D1901
Dumfriesshire Smiler '01 D1901
Dumfriesshire Spanker '01 D1901
Dumfriesshire Thrifty '01 B1901
King's Chorister '01 D1901
King's Comedy '01 B1901
Rayne's Boatman D1901 [photo]
Wharfedale Carmelite '01 D1901
Wharfedale Comedy '01 B1901
Buckley's Mawddwy Boaster D8-Mar-1901
Buckingham Countess '02 B1902
Buckingham Gaylass '02 B1902
Buckingham Ruby B1902?
Carlisle Bellman '02 D1902
Carlisle Driver D1902?
Crowhurst Dauntless '02 B1902
Dumfriesshire Cheerful '02 B1902
Dumfriesshire Comus '02 D1902
Dumfriesshire Dauntless '02 B1902
Dumfriesshire Safety '02 B1902
Dumfriesshire Samson '02 D16-Feb-1902
Dumfriesshire Doubtless '02 B27-Apr-1902
Miranda Of Annan B10-Aug-1902
Carlisle Bruiser '03 D1903
Carlisle Ranter '03 D1903
Carlisle Ringwood '03 D1903
Carlisle Thunder '03 D1903
Carlisle Valour '03 B1903
Co Limerick Valesman '03 D1903
Crowhurst Destiny '03 B1903
Crowhurst Marksman D1903?
David Davies Dragon '03 D1903
Dumfriesshire Bachelor '03 D1903
Dumfriesshire Bellman '03 D1903
Dumfriesshire Bondsman '03 D1903
Dumfriesshire Spearman D1903
Eastern Counties Driver '03 D1903
Thorneycroft's Racket '03 B1903
Dumfriesshire Thunder '03 D13-Mar-1903
Buckingham Gadfly '04 B1904
Buckingham Landsman '04 D1904
Buckingham Orator '04 D1904
Buckingham Ranter '04 D1904
Buckingham Royster '04 D1904
Buckingham Vanity '04 B1904
Carlisle Actor '04 D1904
Courtenay Tracy Milkmaid '04 B1904
Dumfriesshire Careless '04 B1904
Dumfriesshire Darling '04 B1904
Dumfriesshire Dimple '04 B1904
Dumfriesshire Stormer '04 D1904
West Cumberland Stella B1904
Dumfriesshire Daisy '04 B11-May-1904
Wharfedale Chantress '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Cheerful '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Countess '04 B22-Oct-1904
Wharfedale Singwell '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Songstress '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Stormer '04 D12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Sylvia '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Symbol '04 B12-Nov-1904
Wharfedale Captain '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Careful '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Carmen '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Chorister '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Comely '04 B25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Cruel '04 D25-Dec-1904
Wharfedale Cruiser '04 D25-Dec-1904
Buckingham Barmaid '05 B1905
Buckingham Boatman '05 D1905
Buckingham Driver '05 D1905
Buckingham Pilot '05 D1905
Buckingham President '05 D1905
Buckingham Safety '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Careless '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Chorister '05 D1905
Courtenay Tracy Pagan '05 D1905
Courtenay Tracy Pedlar '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Truemaid '05 B1905
Dumfriesshire Bellman '05 D1905
Dumfriesshire Brusher '05 D1905
Dumfriesshire Doubtless '05 B1905
Dumfriesshire Dowager '05 B1905 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Duchess '05 B1905
Dumfriesshire Secret '05 B1905
Eastern Counties Pilgrim '05 D1905
Hamilton's Playful B1905
Marquess Conyngham's Barman '05 D1905
West Cumberland Stella '05 B1905
Daphne Of Hartland B1-Jan-1905
Hartland Spearman D1-Jan-1905
Wharfedale Ranter '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Ringwood '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Royal '05 D9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Ruby '05 B9-Apr-1905
Wharfedale Baffler '05 D18-Jun-1905
Hartland Minstrel D14-Jul-1905
Hartland Moonshiner D14-Jul-1905
Buckingham Drummer '06 D1906
Buckingham Duchess '06 B1906
Buckingham Hamlet '06 D1906
Buckingham Melody '06 B1906
Buckingham Ranger '06 D1906
Buckingham Remus '06 D1906
Buckingham Romulus '06 D1906
Buckingham Stormer '06 D1906
Buckingham Trojan '06 D1906
Carlisle Briton '06 D1906
Carlisle Countess '06 B1906
Carlisle Danger '06 D1906
Carlisle Dragon '06 D1906
Carlisle Faithful '06 B1906
Carlisle Rattler '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Rector '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Regent '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Songster '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Tapster '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Truthful '06 B1906
Crowhurst Graceful '06 B1906
Dumfriesshire Boatman '06 D1906 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Brenda '06 B1906
Dumfriesshire Bugleman '06 D1906
Dumfriesshire Comely '06 B1906
Dumfriesshire Dainty '06 B1906
Dumfriesshire Dorrit '06 B1906
Dumfriesshire Sailor '06 D1906
Dumfriesshire Saracen '06 D1906
Marquess Conyngham's Daylight '06 B1906
Marquess Conyngham's Ruby '06 B1906
Wharfedale Tester '06 D27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Tipsy '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truelass '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truman '06 D27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Truthful '06 B27-Jan-1906
Wharfedale Bangle '06 B2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Batchelor '06 D2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Belman '06 D2-Mar-1906
Wharfedale Bumper '06 D2-Mar-1906
Border Counties Gameboy '07 D1907
Border Counties Gamester '07 D1907
Buckingham Careless '07 B1907
Buckingham Milkmaid '07 B1907
Buckingham Remedy '07 B1907
Carlisle Ruler '07 D1907
Carlisle Sarah '07 B1907
Carlisle Stormer '07 D1907
Culmstock Bellmaid '07 B1907
Culmstock Boaster '07 D1907
Culmstock Buster '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Baffler '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Barrister '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Belfry '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Bellmaid '07 B1907
Dumfriesshire Boatman '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Bugleman '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Damsel '07 B1907
Dumfriesshire Daphne '07 B1907
Dumfriesshire Diligent '07 B1907
Dumfriesshire Ranter '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Rockwood '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Royal '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Ruler '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Saracen '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Solway '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Spanker '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Spearman '07 D1907
Dumfriesshire Spinster '07 B1907
Dumfriesshire Stormer '07 D1907
Eastern Counties Diligent '07 B1907
Essex Bugleman D1907
Marquess Conyngham's Bugleman '07 D1907
Marquess Conyngham's Galliard '07 D1907
Marquess Conyngham's Gameboy '07 D1907
Marquess Conyngham's Graceful '07 B1907
Marquess Conyngham's Grimston '07 D1907
Marquess Conyngham's Ruby '07 B1907
Thorneycroft's Racket '07 B1907
West Cumberland Daisy '07 B1907
West Cumberland Racket '07 B1907
Wharfedale Solomon '07 D8-Feb-1907
Wharfedale Spooner '07 D8-Feb-1907
Wharfedale Hermit '07 D16-Mar-1907
Wharfedale Herod '07 D16-Mar-1907
Hartland Statesman D20-Mar-1907
Hartland Mosstrooper D1-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Baffler '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Barmaid '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Bluebell '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Boozer '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Boxer '07 D25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Brenda '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Brevity '07 B25-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Rakish '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ransome '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ringlet '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Royal '07 D29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ruby '07 B29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Ruler '07 D29-Apr-1907
Wharfedale Dauntless '07 B11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Delver '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Dido '07 B11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Drummer '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Duster '07 D11-Jun-1907
Wharfedale Careless '07 B3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Carver '07 D3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Castor '07 D3-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Banker '07 D17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Barrister '07 D17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Buxom '07 B17-Oct-1907
Wharfedale Safety '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Sailor '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Skilful '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Songstress '07 B8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Swimmer '07 D8-Nov-1907
Wharfedale Remus '07 D11-Nov-1907
Border Counties Dauntless '08 B1908
Border Counties Dewdrop '08 B1908
Border Counties Dorcas '08 B1908
Border Counties Dorothy '08 B1908
Border Counties Dulcet '08 B1908
Border Counties Gaylad '08 D1908
Border Counties Guardsman '08 D1908
Buckingham Bachelor '08 D1908
Buckingham Beeswing '08 B1908
Buckingham Councillor '08 D1908
Buckingham Dairymaid '08 B1908
Buckingham Dauntless '08 B1908
Buckingham Daylight '08 B1908
Buckingham Gipsy '08 B1908
Buckingham Nursemaid '08 B1908
Buckingham Ragman '08 D1908
Buckingham Rambler '08 D1908
Buckingham Songstress '08 B1908
Buckingham Stewardess '08 B1908
Carlisle Dainty '08 B1908
Carlisle Dauntless '08 B1908
Carlisle Royster '08 D1908
Courtenay Tracy Bachelor '08 D1908
Courtenay Tracy Chaunter '08 D1908
Crowhurst Stewardess '08 B1908
Crowhurst Stormer '08 D1908
Crowhurst Wentworth '08 D1908
Culmstock Bellman '08 D1908
Dumfriesshire Daisy '08 B1908
Dumfriesshire Spartan '08 D1908
Dumfriesshire Trojan '08 D1908
Eastern Counties Champion '08 D1908
Eastern Counties Dahlia '08 B1908
Marquess Conyngham's Careful '08 B1908
Marquess Conyngham's Cautious '08 B1908
Marquess Conyngham's Venus '08 B1908
Wharfedale Dowager '08 B1908
Wharfedale Belman '08 D6-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Dainty '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Darling '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Dewdrop '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Doubtful '08 B9-Jan-1908
Wharfedale Vagabond '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vanquisher '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Venus '08 B17-May-1908
Wharfedale Viking '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Villager '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vocal '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Vulcan '08 D17-May-1908
Wharfedale Pilgrim '08 D20-May-1908
Wharfedale Pilot '08 D20-May-1908
Wharfedale Playful '08 B20-May-1908
Wharfedale Rally '08 D24-May-1908
Buckingham Banker '09 D1909
Buckingham Barmaid '09 B1909
Buckingham Bracelet '09 B1909
Buckingham Gladys '09 B1909
Buckingham Graceful '09 B1909
Buckingham Harkaway '09 D1909
Buckingham Reveller '09 D1909
Buckingham Waterman '09 D1909
Courtenay Tracy Tomboy '09 D1909
Courtenay Tracy Trojan '09 D1909
Courtenay Tracy Tuneful '09 B1909
Courtenay Tracy Tyrant '09 D1909
Crowhurst Dutiful '09 B1909
Crowhurst Spiteful '09 B1909
Crowhurst Tiresome '09 B1909
Crowhurst Twilight '09 B1909
Culmstock Drummer '09 D1909
David Davies Portia '09 B1909
Dumfriesshire Barrister '09 D1909
Dumfriesshire Daffodil '09 B1909
Dumfriesshire Doreen '09 B1909
Dumfriesshire Tomboy '09 D1909
Dumfriesshire Tyrant '09 D1909
Marquess Conyngham's Rockwood '09 D1909
West Cumberland Doris '09 B1909
West Cumberland Rarity '09 B1909
Wharfedale Dagon '09 D1909
Wharfedale Darter '09 D1909
Wharfedale Driver '09 D1909
Wharfedale Gambol '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gaudy '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gaylad '09 D1909
Wharfedale Giddy '09 B1909
Wharfedale Gravity '09 B1909
Wharfedale Guider '09 D1909
Wharfedale Madcap '09 B1909
Wharfedale Madrigal '09 D1909
Wharfedale Magic '09 B1909
Wharfedale Marker '09 D1909
Wharfedale Melody '09 B1909
Wharfedale Mermaid '09 B1909
Wharfedale Monarch '09 D1909
Wharfedale Music '09 D1909
Wharfedale Songstress '09 B9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Spanker '09 D9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Sunbeam '09 B9-Jul-1909
Wharfedale Rachel '09 BNov-1909
Wharfedale Ruby '09 BNov-1909
Banker D1910s?
Boatman D1910s
Damsel I B1910s
Dempster D1910s
Desperate B1910s
Dumfriesshire Dasher D1910s?
Dumfriesshire Demon D1910s?
Dumfriesshire Doubtful B1910s?
Dumfriesshire Tyrant D1910s
Kendal Duchess B1910s
Kendal Ruby B1910s
Kendal Trouncer D1910s?
Kendal Trumpeter D1910s
Kendal Viking D1910s?
Kendal Wanton (1) B1910s?
Kendal Woeful B1910s?
William Thompson's Baffler D1910s?
William Thompson's Belman D1910s?
William Thompson's Bounty B1910s?
William Thompson's Brenda B1910s?
William Thompson's Crafty B1910s?
William Thompson's Duchess B1910s?
William Thompson's Monarch D1910s?
William Thompson's Ringlet B1910s?
William Thompson's Rival B1910s?
William Thompson's Tester D1910s?
William Thompson's Vanish B1910s?
William Thompson's Villager D1910s?
William Thompson's Vocal B1910s?
William Thompson's Wanton B1910s?
William Thompson's Woeful B1910s?
Border Counties Radiant '10 B1910
Border Counties Rally '10 B1910
Border Counties Ranger '10 D1910
Border Counties Ransome '10 B1910
Border Counties Rattle '10 B1910
Border Counties Redrose '10 B1910
Border Counties Reveller '10 D1910
Border Counties Ringlet '10 B1910
Border Counties Rocket '10 D1910
Border Counties Ruby '10 B1910
Border Counties Telltale '10 B1910
Border Counties Tempest '10 B1910
Border Counties Triumph '10 B1910
Border Counties Warcry '10 D1910
Border Counties Warlike '10 D1910
Border Counties Watchman '10 D1910
Border Counties Wonder '10 D1910
Buckingham Barrowman '10 D1910
Buckingham Boozer '10 D1910
Buckingham Daylight '10 B1910
Buckingham Dutchman '10 D1910
Buckingham Gaylass '10 B1910
Buckingham Pilgrim '10 D1910
Buckingham Prefect '10 D1910
Buckingham Primate '10 D1910
Buckingham Rapture '10 B1910
Buckingham Rummager '10 D1910
Buckingham Stewardess '10 B1910
Carlisle Sailor '10 D1910
Carlisle Sinbad '10 D1910
Carlisle Smuggler '10 D1910
Carlisle Swimmer '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Tackler '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Tempest '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Testy '10 B1910
Courtenay Tracy Tracer '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Trifle '10 B1910
Courtenay Tracy Trueman '10 D1910
Crowhurst Ganeymede '10 D1910
Crowhurst Gaylass '10 B1910
Crowhurst Glyder '10 D1910
Crowhurst Gravity '10 B1910
Culmstock Baronet '10 D1910
Culmstock Songstress '10 B1910
Culmstock Susan '10 B1910
David Davies Packman '10 D1910
David Davies Panther '10 D1910
David Davies Pilgrim '10 D1910
David Davies Pillager '10 D1910
David Davies Pilot '10 D1910
David Davies Playful '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Baffler '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Banker '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Briton '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Chaunter '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Chieftain '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Dagmar '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Dairymaid '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Daphne '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Dora '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Dorcas '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Doubtful '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Scipio '10 D1910
Dumfriesshire Seamstress '10 B1910
Dumfriesshire Talisman '10 D1910 [photo]
Eastern Counties Barton '10 D1910
Eastern Counties Bellman '10 D1910
Eastern Counties Cheerful '10 B1910
Eastern Counties Dashwood '10 D1910
Eastern Counties Dragon '10 D1910
Marquess Conyngham's Bachelor '10 D1910
Marquess Conyngham's Bangle '10 B1910
Marquess Conyngham's Beauty '10 B1910
Marquess Conyngham's Bugler '10 D1910
West Cumberland Beatrice '10 B1910
West Cumberland Solway '10 D1910
Wharfedale Bangle '10 BJan-1910
Wharfedale Scornful '10 DJan-1910
Wharfedale Syntax '10 DJan-1910
Wharfedale Gallant '10 DApr-1910
Wharfedale Galloper '10 DApr-1910
Wharfedale Gambol '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Garland '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Gaylass '10 BApr-1910
Wharfedale Safety '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Sailor '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Selfish '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Skilful '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Snowdrop '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Spartan '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Spiteful '10 B16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Struggler '10 D16-Jun-1910
Wharfedale Swimmer '10 D16-Jun-1910
WTOH Rattler D25-Jan-1911 [photo]
William Thompson's Rally '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ranter '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rattler '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rector '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Restless '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ringlet '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rival '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rocket '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Rouser '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Ruby '11 B25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vagabond '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vaulter '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vexer '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Viking '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Villager '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vocal '11 D25-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Vulcan '11 D25-Jan-1911
WTOH Barrister D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Bangle '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Banker '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Barmaid '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Barrister '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Belman '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boaster '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boatman '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boozer '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Boxer '11 D28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Brevity '11 B28-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Chanter '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Charity '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Charmer '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Comedy '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Pilot '11 D31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Prudence '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Purity '11 B31-Jan-1911
William Thompson's Actor '11 D3-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Auditor '11 D3-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Darling '11 B5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Dido '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Doxy '11 B5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Drummer '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Duster '11 D5-Feb-1911
William Thompson's Factor '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Farmer '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Ferryman '11 D30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Flighty '11 B30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Frantic '11 B30-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Saladin '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Saracen '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Soldier '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Spanker '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Stormer '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Struggler '11 D31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Sylvia '11 B31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Symbol '11 B31-Mar-1911
William Thompson's Sportsman '12 D1912
William Thompson's Stormer '12 D1912
William Thompson's Sunbeam '12 B1912
William Thompson's Sylvia '12 B1912
William Thompson's Symbol '12 B1912
William Thompson's Tester '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tidy '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tipsy '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Tomboy '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Trampler '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Trojan '12 D17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Truthful '12 B17-Jan-1912
William Thompson's Racket '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rally '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rector '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Ringlet '12 B21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rival '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rouser '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Rummager '12 D21-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Captain '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Carmelite '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Carver '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Challenger '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Chanter '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Charmer '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Cheerful '12 B22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Chorister '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Crowner '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Cruiser '12 D22-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Damsel '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Dido '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Doubtful '12 B23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Driver '12 D23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Duster '12 D23-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Hamlet '12 D29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Heedless '12 B29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Hotspur '12 D29-Feb-1912
William Thompson's Painter '12 D30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Pilot '12 D30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Playful '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Primrose '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Prudence '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Purity '12 B30-Mar-1912
William Thompson's Active '12 D12-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Artist '12 D12-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Factor '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Famous '12 B26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Fencer '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Flyer '12 D26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Frolic '12 B26-Apr-1912
William Thompson's Furious '12 B26-Apr-1912
Culmstock Bachelor D1913? [photo]
William Thompson's Venus '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vexer '13 D8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vixen '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vocal '13 B8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Vulcan '13 D8-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Sailor '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Solway '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Stanley '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Stormer '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Struggler '13 D18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Sylvia '13 B18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Symbol '13 B18-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Factor '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Ferryman '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Flyer '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Forager '13 D25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Furious '13 B25-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Plato '13 D27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Primrose '13 B27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Printer '13 D27-Mar-1913
William Thompson's Bachelor '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Boaster '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Boozer '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Bumper '13 DApr-1913
William Thompson's Buxom '13 BApr-1913
William Thompson's Damsel '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Danger '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Dido '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Doxy '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Drummer '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Duchess '13 B1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Duster '13 D1-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Marker '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Marmion '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Maxim '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Medler '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Melody '13 B2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Melton '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Monarch '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Monte '13 D2-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Trulass '13 B3-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Actor '13 D6-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Auditor '13 D6-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rally '13 B7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rector '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rival '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rocket '13 D7-Apr-1913
William Thompson's Rouser '13 D7-Apr-1913
Dumfriesshire Deemster '14 D1914
William Thompson's Gaudy '14 B16-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Giddy '14 B16-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Tempest '14 B25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Thunder '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Tomboy '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Trouncer '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Trulass '14 B25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Truman '14 D25-Feb-1914
William Thompson's Madcap '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Mermaid '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Merriman '14 D4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Music '14 B4-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Jollity '14 B14-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Joyful '14 B14-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Hannibal '14 D23-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Hebe '14 B23-Mar-1914
William Thompson's Bandsman '14 D5-May-1914
William Thompson's Bugler '14 D5-May-1914
William Thompson's Vagabond '14 D27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vanity '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Venus '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vixen '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Vocal '14 B27-May-1914
William Thompson's Rakish '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Rally '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Ransom '14 B28-May-1914
William Thompson's Rummager '14 D28-May-1914
William Thompson's Darling '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Dido '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Diligent '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Driver '14 D31-May-1914
William Thompson's Duchess '14 B31-May-1914
William Thompson's Duster '14 D31-May-1914
Dumfriesshire Druid '16 D1916
Dumfriesshire Damsel '17 B1917
Dumfriesshire Dasher '19 D1919
William Thompson's Ruby '19 B1919
Carlisle Danger 20s D1920s
Chorister D1920s
Craft B1920s
Dazzler D1920s
Diana (1) B1920s
Dollie B1920s
Driver D1920s
Dumfriesshire Dragon D1920s
Dumfriesshire Pilgrim D1920s?
Dumfriesshire Skilful B1920s?
Kendal Dauntless 20s B1920s
Rachael B1920s
Kendal Chanter '20 D1920
William Thompson's Trumpeter '20 D1920
Carlisle Danger '22 D1922
Dexter D1922
Dumfriesshire Banker '22 D1922
Dumfriesshire Dewdrop '22 B1922
Dumfriesshire Doris '22 B1922
Dumfriesshire Dragon '22 D1922
Kendal Bangle '22 B1922
Kendal Bellman '22 D1922
Kendal Driver '22 D1922
Kendal Primrose '22 B1922
Kendal Ravish '22 B1922
Kendal Ringlet '22 B1922
Dreadful B1923
Dumfriesshire Dreadful '23 B1923
Kendal Garland '23 B1923
Kendal Truthful '23 B1923
Kendal Wanton '23 B3-Dec-1923
Kendal Warlock '23 D3-Dec-1923
Kendal Watchful '23 B3-Dec-1923
Kendal Welcome '23 B3-Dec-1923
Kendal Charmer '24 B1924
Kendal Damon '24 D1924
Kendal Danger '24 D1924
Kendal Deemster '24 D1924
Kendal Dewdrop '24 B1924
Kendal Dido '24 B1924
Kendal Dimple '24 B1924
Kendal Doubtful '24 B1924
Kendal Duster '24 D1924
Spiteful B1924?
Kendal Hamlet '24 D15-Jan-1924
Kendal Handel '24 D15-Jan-1924
Kendal Havoc '24 B15-Jan-1924
Kendal Hebe '24 B15-Jan-1924
Kendal Hermit '24 D15-Jan-1924
Kendal Hopeful '24 B15-Jan-1924
Kendal Hotspur '24 D15-Jan-1924
Kendal Selfish '24 B21-Feb-1924
Kendal Smuggler '24 D21-Feb-1924
Kendal Solway '24 D21-Feb-1924
Kendal Songstress '24 B21-Feb-1924
Kendal Spanker '24 D21-Feb-1924
Kendal Spartan '24 D21-Feb-1924
Kendal Spooner '24 D21-Feb-1924
Kendal Sylvia '24 B21-Feb-1924
Kendal Symbol '24 B21-Feb-1924
Kendal Carmelite '24 D3-Mar-1924
Kendal Charity '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Cheerful '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Chorister '24 D3-Mar-1924
Kendal Comedy '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Comely '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Countess '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Crafty '24 B3-Mar-1924
Kendal Crowner '24 D3-Mar-1924
Kendal Vagabond '24 D18-Apr-1924
Kendal Viking '24 D18-Apr-1924
Kendal Vulcan '24 D18-Apr-1924
Kendal Tempest '24 B8-May-1924
Kendal Tidy '24 B8-May-1924
Kendal Tomboy '24 D8-May-1924
Kendal Trinket '24 B8-May-1924
Kendal Trouncer '24 D8-May-1924
Kendal Famous '24 B13-May-1924
Kendal Farmer '24 D13-May-1924
Kendal Fencer '24 D13-May-1924
Kendal Finder '24 D13-May-1924
Kendal Flighty '24 B13-May-1924
Kendal Forager '24 D13-May-1924
Kendal Baffler '25 D1925
Kendal Banker '25 D1925
Kendal Barrister '25 D1925
Kendal Bluebell '25 B1925
Kendal Boozer '25 D1925
Kendal Boxer '25 D1925
Kendal Bumper '25 D1925
Kendal Buxom '25 B1925
Kendal Dainty '25 B1925
Saunter D1925
Dumfriesshire Barmaid '26 B1926
Kendal Carver '26 D1926
Kendal Clasher '26 D1926
Kendal Coster '26 D1926
Kendal Craftsman '26 D1926
Kendal Cruiser '26 D1926
Kendal Rally '26 B1926
Kendal Rarity '26 B1926
Kendal Rhona '26 B1926
Kendal Rosebud '26 B1926
Dumfriesshire Searcher '27 D1927
Kendal Bandsman '27 D1927
Kendal Bondman '27 D1927
Kendal Bowman '27 D1927
Kendal Giddy '27 B1927
Kendal Tester '27 D1927
Kendal Tidy '27 B1927
Kendal Tipsy '27 D1927
Kendal Tomboy '27 D1927
Kendal Trinket '27 B1927
Kendal Truelass '27 B1927
Dumfriesshire Brenda '28 B1928
Kendal Plunder '28 D1928
Kendal Primula '28 B1928
Kendal Proctor '28 D1928
Badger D1929
Kendal Danger '29 D1929
Kendal Delver '29 D1929
Kendal Diver '29 D1929
Kendal Dreadnought '29 D1929
Kendal Drifter '29 D1929
Kendal Gaiety '29 B1929
Kendal Gaylass '29 B1929
Kendal Gayna '29 B1929
Kendal Rachel '29 B1929
Bessie's Blue Girl B1930s
Dumfriesshire Butterfly B1930s
Dumfriesshire Languish B1930s
Dumfriesshire Laudable B1930s?
Dumfriesshire Ruler D1930s?
Dumfriesshire Workman D1930s?
Pettit's Black Duncan D1930s
Saunter's Barney D1930s?
Glory B1930
Kendal Charity '30 B1930
Kendal Comedy '30 B1930
Kendal Spiker '30 D1930
Kendal Sponsor '30 D1930
Kendal Truelove '30 B1930
Kendal Trusty '30 B1930
Kendal Wager '30 D1930
Kendal Warlock '30 D1930
Kendal Warner '30 D1930
Kendal Watcher '30 D1930
Kendal Weaver '30 D1930
Bessie Blue B1931 [photo]
Kendal Carol '31 D1931
Kendal Carus '31 D1931
Kendal Clansman '31 D1931
Kendal Clara '31 B1931
Kendal Coaster '31 D1931
Kendal Comus '31 D1931
Kendal Cora '31 B1931
Kendal Dalesman '31 D1931
Kendal Dancer '31 D1931
Kendal Dapper '31 D1931
Kendal Dasher '31 D1931
Kendal Deemster '31 D1931
Kendal Dragon '31 D1931
Kendal Dutchman '31 D1931
Kendal Gadfly '31 B1931
Kendal Glory '31 B1931
Kendal Graceful '31 B1931
Kendal Gratitude '31 B1931
Kendal Gravity '31 B1931
Kendal Handel '31 D1931
Kendal Homer '31 D1931
Kendal Trustful '31 B1931
Kendal Bagman '32 D1932
Kendal Batman '32 D1932
Kendal Bogman '32 D1932
Kendal Radiant '32 B1932
Kendal Rapture '32 B1932
Kendal Rhoda '32 B1932
Kendal Smoker '32 D1932
Kendal Tracer '32 D1932
Kendal Captain '33 D1933
Kendal Chaser '33 D1933
Kendal Contest '33 D1933
Kendal Garnish '33 B1933
Kendal Primrose '33 B1933
Kendal Rattler '33 D1933
Kendal Regent '33 D1933
Kendal Rocket '33 B1933
Kendal Ruler '33 D1933
Dumfriesshire Criffel '34 D1934
Dumfriesshire Crusty '34 D1934
Kendal Dancer '34 D1934
Kendal Danger '34 D1934
Kendal Dapper '34 D1934
Kendal Dashwood '34 D1934
Kendal Warrior '34 D1934
Kendal Watcher '34 D1934
Kendal Watchwood '34 D1934
Kendal Chimer '35 D1935
Kendal Chorister '35 D1935
Kendal Clinker '35 D1935
Kendal Dodger '35 D1935
Kendal Dragon '35 D1935
Kendal Draper '35 D1935
Kendal Gaudy '35 B1935
Kendal Gladsome '35 B1935
Kendal Guilty '35 B1935
Kendal Ranger '35 D1935
Kendal Rector '35 D1935
Kendal Redcap '35 B1935
Kendal Remedy '35 B1935
Kendal Remus '35 D1935
Kendal Rover '35 D1935
Kendal Dainty '36 B1936
Kendal Daphne '36 B1936
Kendal Dulcet '36 B1936
Kendal Pastime '36 B1936
Kendal Pilot '36 D1936
Kendal Piper '36 D1936
Kendal Tomboy '36 D1936
Kendal Trimmer '36 D1936
Kendal Trueman '36 D1936
Kendal Twister '36 D1936
Bessie's Camille B1937
CH Bessie's Capitaine Cap D1937 [photo]
Bessie's Cavalier D1937
CH Bessie's Countess B1937 [photo]
CH Bessie's Courageous Curry D1937 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Talisman '37 D1937
Kendal Damper '37 D1937
Kendal Denmark '37 D1937
Kendal Dexter '37 D1937
Kendal Druid '37 D1937
Kendal Fencer '37 D1937
Kendal Flamer '37 D1937
Kendal Fleecer '37 D1937
Kendal Foreman '37 D1937
Kendal Gladness '37 B1937
Kendal Gypsy '37 B1937
Kendal Racket '37 B1937
Kendal Ragman '37 D1937
Kendal Rally '37 B1937
Kendal Ranter '37 D1937
Dumfriesshire Leader '38 D1938
Dumfriesshire Violet '38 B1938
Dumfriesshire Willing '38 B1938
Kendal Banker '38 D1938
Kendal Boozer '38 D1938
Kendal Dasher '38 D1938
Kendal Dauntless '38 B1938
Kendal Daylight '38 B1938
Kendal Destiny '38 B1938
Kendal Dewdrop '38 B1938
Kendal Dorothy '38 B1938
Kendal Duchess '38 B1938
Kendal Duke '38 D1938
Kendal Rival '38 D1938
Kendal Bellman '39 D1939
Kendal Bluebell '39 B1939
Kendal Cadbury '39 D1939
Kendal Charmer '39 B1939
Kendal Ploughman '39 D1939
Kendal Ramble '39 B1939
Kendal Ranger '39 D1939
Kendal Ransome '39 B1939
Kendal Rattler '39 D1939
Kendal Regan '39 B1939
Kendal Ringwood '39 D1939
Kendal Rocket '39 D1939
Kendal Rockwood '39 D1939
Kendal Rosa '39 B1939
Kendal Rouser '39 D1939
Kendal Tasty '39 B1939
Dumfriesshire Nettler D1940s
Duncan's Replica B1940s
Forfeit B1940s
Kendal Dewdrop B1940s
Kendal Doxey B1940s
Master D1940s
Dinah BJun-1940
Donna BJun-1940
CH Hoary D1942
CH Hobo D1942
Hootman Blue D1942
CH Hulda B1942
Kendal Racket '42 B1942
Kendal Ravish '42 B1942
Kendal Regent '42 D1942
Kendal Romper '42 D1942
Kendal Royal '42 D1942
Intrepid D1943
Intruder D1943
Intuition B1943
Jade B1944
Dumfriesshire Talisman '45 D1945
Dumfriesshire Tanner '45 D1945
Dumfriesshire Tarnish '45 B1945
Dumfriesshire Telltale '45 B1945
Capitaine's Lunger D5-Sep-1945
Dumfriesshire Vanish '46 B1946
Dumfriesshire Visible '46 B1946
Kendal Dulcet '46 B1946
Kendal Ranger '46 D1946
Kendal Ruler '46 D1946
CH Jabo's O'Molly B1947
Kendal Snowdrop '47 B1947
Sandy St Michael D1947 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Desperate '47 BFeb-1947
Dumfriesshire Dreadnought '47 DFeb-1947
Dumfriesshire Druid '47 DFeb-1947
Dumfriesshire Bachelor '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Banker '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Beautiful '48 BMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Bellman '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Boatman '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Booster '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Bouncer '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Bruiser '48 DMar-1948
Dumfriesshire Tomboy '49 D1949
Dumfriesshire Traveller '49 D1949
Dumfriesshire Trinket '49 B1949
Dumfriesshire Tuneful '49 B1949
Kendal Trimmer '49 D1949
Ebony Of Adriucha B1950s
Eric Of Adriucha D1950s
Fury Of Adriucha B1950s
Dumfriesshire Actor '50 D1950
Dumfriesshire Adam '50 D1950
Dumfriesshire Alfred '50 D1950
Dumfriesshire Andrew '50 D1950
Holly Topper Of Adriucha B1950
Kendal Stately '50 B1950
Kendal Sultan '50 D1950
Kendal Swimmer '50 D1950
Jamon's Rachael B30-Mar-1950
CH Jamon's Regina B30-Mar-1950
CH Jamon's Reveliere B30-Mar-1950
Jamon's Roberta B30-Mar-1950
Dumfriesshire Nancy '51 B1951
Dumfriesshire Nation '51 D1951
Dumfriesshire Nicety '51 B1951
Dumfriesshire Nonsense '51 B1951
Dumfriesshire Notable '51 B1951
Dumfriesshire Number '51 D1951
Dumfriesshire Safety '52 B1952
Dumfriesshire Science '52 B1952
Dumfriesshire Snowdrop '52 B1952
Dumfriesshire Solway '52 D1952
Dumfriesshire Songstress '52 B1952
Kendal Baffler '52 D1952
Kendal Forager '52 D1952
Kendal Forester '52 D1952
Lubert's Wee Willie D1952
Dumfriesshire Vagabond '52 DJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Vagrant '52 DJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Vandal '52 DJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Velvet '52 BJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Venus '52 BJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Violet '52 BJan-1952
Dumfriesshire Rally '53 B19-Jan-1953
Dumfriesshire Rhapsody '53 B19-Jan-1953
CH Ranter Of Dumfries '53 D19-Jan-1953 [photo]
CH Lugina's Viking D12-Feb-1953
Kendal Diver '53 D22-Dec-1953
CH Kendal Drifter '53 Drifter D22-Dec-1953 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Beatrice '54 B1954
Dumfriesshire Bracelet '54 B1954
Dumfriesshire Bugler '54 D1954
Dumfriesshire Factor '54 D1954
Dumfriesshire Farmer '54 D1954
Kendal Bachelor '54 D1954
Kendal Bellman '54 D1954
Kendal Glory '54 B1954
Dumfriesshire Rachael '55 B1955
Dumfriesshire Ranger '55 D1955
Dumfriesshire Rattler '55 D1955
Dumfriesshire Restive '55 B1955
Dumfriesshire Ringlet '55 B1955
Dumfriesshire Royal '55 D1955
Dumfriesshire Ruler '55 D1955
Kendal Bluebell '55 B1955
Aggressive Of Adriucha B1956
Brawn Of Adriucha D1956
Careless Of Adriucha B1956
Dumfriesshire Dainty '56 B1956
Dumfriesshire Damsel '56 B1956
Dumfriesshire Danger '56 D1956
Dumfriesshire Dauntless '56 B1956
Dumfriesshire Demon '56 D1956
Dumfriesshire Dragon '56 D1956
Dumfriesshire Driver '56 D1956
Dumfriesshire Duster '56 D1956
Kendal Beautiful '56 B1956
Buckingham Gunner '57 D1957
Buckingham Wishful '57 B1957
Buckingham Woeful '57 B1957
Dumfriesshire Gallant '57 D1957
Dumfriesshire Gambler '57 D1957
Dumfriesshire Graceful '57 B1957
Dumfriesshire Gravity '57 B1957
Dauntless Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1957
Delight Of Adriucha B19-Jan-1957
CH Dexter Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1957 [photo]
CH Doxey Of Adriucha B19-Jan-1957
Drifter Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1957
CH Driver Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1957 [photo]
Dumfriesshire Talisman '57 DFeb-1957
CH Dumfriesshire Tangle '57 Tangle BFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Tester '57 DFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Tinkle '57 BFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Towler '57 DFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Trinket '57 BFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Trumpet '57 DFeb-1957
Dumfriesshire Tulip '57 BFeb-1957
Dartmoor Bellman '57 D14-Oct-1957
Dartmoor Bellman '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Banker '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Bashful '58 B1958
Dumfriesshire Bellman '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Bounty '58 B1958
Dumfriesshire Brilliant B1958
Dumfriesshire Brilliant '58 B1958
Dumfriesshire Bruiser '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Gallant '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Gambler '58 D1958
Dumfriesshire Graceful '58 B1958
Dumfriesshire Gravity '58 B1958
Dumfriesshire Landmark '58 D1958
Eastern Counties Graphic '58 B1958
Galant Of Adriucha D1958
Gem Of Adriucha B1958
Get Of Adriucha B1958
Gone Of Adriucha B1958
Kendal Mariner '58 D1958
Kendal Nimble '58 B1958
Kendal Nimrod '58 D1958
Kendal Tammi '58 B1958
Handy Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1958
Hero Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1958
Hood Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1958
CH Hope Of Adriucha B19-Jan-1958
CH Hunter Of Adriucha D19-Jan-1958
CH Abbe Of Iroquois B13-Mar-1958
Buckingham Gamester '59 D1959
Dumfriesshire Careless '59 B1959
Dumfriesshire Cheerful '59 B1959
Dumfriesshire Cobbler '59 D1959
Dumfriesshire Countess '59 B1959
Kendal Sprightly '59 B1959
CH Jole Of Adriucha B12-Mar-1959
Josh Of Adriucha D12-Mar-1959
Joy Of Adriucha B12-Mar-1959
CH June Of Adriucha B12-Mar-1959
CH Kahn Of Adriucha D6-Jul-1959
CH Kismet Of Adriucha D6-Jul-1959
CH Lass Of Adriucha B28-Jul-1959