Index to Otterhound Database by Name


CH Abbe Of Iroquois B13-Mar-1958
CH Abbesgal Of Skye Top B18-Jul-1965 [photo]
CH Abel Of Saida D1-Jul-1960
CH Abelard Of Grass Roots D20-Aug-1972 [photo]
CH Aberdeen & Conestoga Verrry Interesting Artie B5-Mar-2016 [photo]
Aberdeen & Conestoga Visitor From Another Planet Moon B5-Mar-2016
Aberdeen & Conestoga Vote for Pedro Pedro D5-Mar-2016
Aberdeen & Crossroads Yeah Well I Got Plenty To Say! Skeeter B18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads Yetti Toki D18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Are My Sunshine Bodie D18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Can Leave Your Hat On Arlyne B18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Can'T Make This Up Doc D18-Jan-2019
GCH Aberdeen & Crossroads You Don'T Own Me Grace B18-Jan-2019 [photo]
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Had Me At Hello Nell B18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Really Got Me Yquem D18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You Say Potato Tito D18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re A Black Magic Woman Stevie Nicks B18-Jan-2019
CH Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re Killing Me, Smalls! Karl D18-Jan-2019 [photo]
CH Aberdeen & Crossroads You'Re The One That I Want Zuko D18-Jan-2019 [photo]
Aberdeen & Crossroads Yukon Jack Of the NW Territory Jack D18-Jan-2019
Aberdeen Achtung Baby Sirus D28-Apr-2020
Aberdeen All That And A Bag Of Chips Dexter D28-Apr-2020
Aberdeen Anchored In Love @ Dunham Lake B28-Apr-2020
Aberdeen Asking For A Friend V Mtn View Farm B28-Apr-2020
GCH CH Aberdeen Ay Caramba Bart D28-Apr-2020
CH Aberdeen Bently O'Corcra Gael Bently D3-Oct-1989 [photo]
CH Aberdeen Of Tar Beach D26-Feb-1976
Aberdeen's Able Bailey Bailey D19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Agatha Aggie B19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Alchemist D19-Jun-1986
CH Aberdeen's Alien Ripley B19-Jun-1986 [photo]
Aberdeen's Alzedo Lyle D19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Amber Amber B19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Angus Angus D19-Jun-1986
CH Aberdeen's Arthur Artie D19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Astarte Astie B19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Awesome D19-Jun-1986
Aberdeen's Bananas Bananas B3-Oct-1989 [photo]
Aberdeen's Bats In The Belfry D27-Nov-2021
CH Aberdeen's Beetlejuice Beetlejuice D3-Oct-1989 [photo]
Aberdeen's Belinda Belinda B3-Oct-1989
Aberdeen's Best Thing Since Sliced Bread B27-Nov-2021
CH Aberdeen's Blue Jacket McCarter Carter D3-Oct-1989
CH Aberdeen's Bombshell Bomber B3-Oct-1989 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Bonkers Bonkers B3-Oct-1989
Aberdeen's Bonnie Banner Bonnie B3-Oct-1989
Aberdeen's Boom Shakalaka Ginger B27-Nov-2021
CH Aberdeen's Brussels Sprout B27-Nov-2021
CH Aberdeen's Cauzn Confusn Osi Carly B11-Jun-1991
AM CH, CAN CH Aberdeen's Caveman Caveman D11-Jun-1991 [photo]
Aberdeen's Chance B11-Jun-1991
Aberdeen's Chi Town Colossus Chi D11-Jun-1991
CH Aberdeen's Chucky Cheez Osi Chucky D11-Jun-1991 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Cocoa Puff Of Osi Puff B11-Jun-1991 [photo]
Aberdeen's Cool Henry Luke Henry D11-Jun-1991
CH Aberdeen's Copper Dirt Devil Damien D22-Oct-1997 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Cosmik Debris Cos B11-Jun-1991
CH Aberdeen's Count Fredrick Fred D11-Jun-1991 [photo]
Aberdeen's Designated Driver Desi D6-Sep-2014
Aberdeen's Dipity Doo Dinker B6-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Douse De'light Dietta B6-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Dragonslayer D6-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Dreamer B6-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Dynamo Hum Dinah B6-Dec-1992
CH Aberdeen's Elmer Fudd Tails End Elmer D15-Dec-1992 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Elwood Kimmel D15-Dec-1992
CH Aberdeen's Energizer D15-Dec-1992
CH Aberdeen's English Ivy Ivy B15-Dec-1992 [photo]
Aberdeen's Excalibar D15-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Excaliber Merlin D15-Dec-1992
Aberdeen's Exquisitely Corcra Squeezy B15-Dec-1992
CH Aberdeen's Famos Amos Amos D21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Fandango De Molnmix B21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Fat Albert D21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Femme Fatale B21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Fiddle Dee Dee Scarlett B21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Fig Newton D21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Flat Foot Floozie B21-May-1994
Aberdeen's Frosted Flake D21-May-1994
CH Aberdeen's Funny Girl Fanny B21-May-1994 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Gee Whillikers CGC Gillis D9-Jan-1996 [photo]
Aberdeen's Gone Fishin' Hank D9-Jan-1996
CH Aberdeen's Good Golly Golly B9-Jan-1996 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Gorilla Congo D9-Jan-1996
CH Aberdeen's Gotcha Gotcha D9-Jan-1996 [photo]
Aberdeen's Great Gringo D9-Jan-1996
CH Aberdeen's Heidi-Heidi Ho CGC Heidi B1-Aug-1996 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Hog Wild O'Foxfire Kelly B1-Aug-1996
CH Aberdeen's Hostess W Th Mostes Amz Zuni B1-Aug-1996 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Hotlips Echovesna Lips B1-Aug-1996
CH Aberdeen's Hurricane Hannah Hannah B1-Aug-1996 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Iceman Of Menlo O'Neill D2-Aug-1996
Aberdeen's Inspector Clouseau D2-Aug-1996
Aberdeen's Instigator B2-Aug-1996
Aberdeen's Irma La Douce Irma B2-Aug-1996
Aberdeen's Isabeau Siena B2-Aug-1996
Aberdeen's Janora Bahama Mama B15-Jun-2001
CH Aberdeen's Janora French Kiss Kissy B21-May-1994 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Jeepers Creepers Jeepers B9-Feb-2000
CH Aberdeen's Jose Cuervo Joey D9-Feb-2000 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Killer Tomato Tommy D8-Dec-2000 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Knock Your Sox Off Kylie B8-Dec-2000 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Know It All Peabody D8-Dec-2000
CH Aberdeen's Krazy Kat D8-Dec-2000
Aberdeen's Lady Sadie B10-Feb-2001
Aberdeen's Liar Liar Pants On Fire Fletcher D10-Feb-2001
Aberdeen's Livin' On The Edge TD RN CGC VO Tyler D10-Feb-2001 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Lost In Space Smitty D10-Feb-2001 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Made You Look Sherman D25-Mar-2003 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Monster Mash Monster B25-Mar-2003 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Neanderthal Link D4-Nov-2003 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Neato Cool Nicky B4-Nov-2003 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's No Kidding Kidder B4-Nov-2003 [photo]
Aberdeen's Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Desmond D10-Jan-2005
CH Aberdeen's Object Of Desire Porter D10-Jan-2005 [photo]
Aberdeen's Off Color Lenny D10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Oh Fudge Mona B10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Oh La La B10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Once In A Blue Moon Leroy D10-Jan-2005
CH Aberdeen's Otter This World Princess Leia B10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Out Of Control D10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Out To Get You APDT RL2 RA CGC Goofy D10-Jan-2005
Aberdeen's Paint It Black B29-Aug-2005
CH Aberdeen's Party Animal Paris B29-Aug-2005
CH Aberdeen's People Are Strange Jim D29-Aug-2005 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Perfectly Normal Pris B29-Aug-2005 [photo]
Aberdeen's Persnickety B29-Aug-2005
Aberdeen's Practical Joke B29-Aug-2005
Aberdeen's Prince Oliver D3-Oct-1989
GCH CH, INT CH, UKC CH Aberdeen's Publicity Hound RN TDX CGC VOX Cubbie D29-Aug-2005 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Queen Of Everything Latifah B30-Nov-2005
CH Aberdeen's Quest For The Best Lady Jade B30-Nov-2005
CH Aberdeen's Quintessential Lady Quinn B30-Nov-2005
Aberdeen's Ruffled Feathers Snickers B7-Jul-2006 [photo]
Aberdeen's Runs With Scissors B7-Jul-2006
CH Aberdeen's Sangre de Cristo Cleona Cleo B11-Jun-1991
CH Aberdeen's Shaken Not Stirred CGC Stoli D22-Sep-2006
Aberdeen's Silly Rabbit Trix B22-Sep-2006
Aberdeen's Simple Twist of Fate Sailor D22-Sep-2006
Aberdeen's Simply Irresistible Domino B22-Sep-2006
CH Aberdeen's Sock It To Me Laffin B22-Sep-2006
CH Aberdeen's Star Of Texas Star B22-Sep-2006
Aberdeen's Stranger than Fiction Scout D22-Sep-2006
CH Aberdeen's Sufferin' Succotash Sassy B22-Sep-2006
Aberdeen's Super Freak Ricky D22-Sep-2006
GCH CH Aberdeen's Told You So Walter Webster D29-Dec-2008
Aberdeen's Triple Dog Dare You Ralphie D29-Dec-2008
Aberdeen's Trix Are For Kids B29-Dec-2008
Aberdeen's Trouble In Paradise B29-Dec-2008
Aberdeen's Truly Scrumptious B29-Dec-2008
Aberdeen's Twice The Legal Limit Appletini B29-Dec-2008
CH Aberdeen's Twisted Sister D29-Dec-2008
GCH CH Aberdeen's Ultimate Addiction Patron D31-Jul-2009 [photo]
Aberdeen's Uncola Nut Quirk B31-Jul-2009
GCH CH Aberdeen's Under The Influence DUI D31-Jul-2009 [photo]
Aberdeen's Unpredictable B31-Jul-2009
Am.,Int. CH Aberdeen's Unsolved Mystery Cooper D31-Jul-2009
Aberdeen's Up The Creek Izzie B31-Jul-2009
Aberdeen's Whole Enchilada Suiza B11-Aug-2016
Aberdeen's Why Not Dudley D11-Aug-2016
Aberdeen's X-Rated Lola B23-Sep-2017
GCHB CH Aberdeen's XLNT Adventure Teddy D23-Sep-2017 [photo]
Aberdeen's Xpect the UnXpected Oscar D23-Sep-2017 [photo]
CH Aberdeen's Ziggy Stardust Ziggy D17-Dec-2019
GCH CH Aberdeen's Zoltar RN BN-V Zoltar D17-Dec-2019
CH Aberdeen's Zomby Woof B17-Dec-2019
UK CH Acorn Kingstree Ticket B15-Jan-1983 [photo]
Actaeon's Jasper D8-Sep-1996 [photo]
Actaeon's Jazzy with Wildans Izzy B8-Sep-1996 [photo]
Actaeon's Jezebel Amber B8-Sep-1996
Actaeon's Jigsaw Josie B8-Sep-1996
Actaeon's Jynx B8-Sep-1996 [photo]
Actaeon's P'Nash Nash D19-Oct-1988
Actaeon's Pandemonium D19-Oct-1988
Actaeon's Pansy B19-Oct-1988
CH Actaeon's Persistence Percy D19-Oct-1988 [photo]
Actaeon's Persuader Hughie D19-Oct-1988
Actaeon's Polly Polly B19-Oct-1988 [photo]
Actaeon's Posy B19-Oct-1988
Actaeon's Precaution B19-Oct-1988
UK CH Actaeon's Precious B19-Oct-1988
UK CH Actaeon's Precocious with Kingstree Annie B19-Oct-1988
Actaeon's Promise Mabel B19-Oct-1988
INT CH Actaeon's Rose B19-Oct-1988
CAN CH Adelaide Of Lyonnesse Can. CD Livy B15-Oct-1975 [photo]
CH Adeline Poplar Hill's Ain't Misbehavin' CGC Booker D4-Aug-2009 [photo]
Adeline's Black Pearl Of Lane's Cove Earl D4-Aug-2009 [photo]
Adeline's Corundum Ruby B12-Jun-2006
Adeline's Daisy Daisy B12-Jun-2006
Adeline's General Lafayette Chocolate Thunder Porter D4-Aug-2009
Adeline's Hope Hope B20-Mar-2004
Adeline's If I Sang Otter Tune TD Ringo D4-Aug-2009 [photo]
Adeline's Jolly Man Jolly Man D12-Jun-2006
Adeline's Keeper of 4 Truths Maggy B20-Mar-2004
Adeline's Maggie Brown Maggie B12-Jun-2006 [photo]
Adeline's Mason Little Hawk Mason D12-Jun-2006
CT Adeline's Odo Proudfoot CD RE NAJ OJP VOX Odo D20-Mar-2004 [photo]
Adeline's Piccadilly Zelda B12-Jun-2006
Adeline's Ripley's Believe It Or Not Ripley B4-Aug-2009
Adeline's Royal Rumble Dwayne D4-Aug-2009 [photo]
Adeline's Seanna Seanna B20-Mar-2004 [photo]
Adeline's Silas of Lake Oconee Silas D4-Aug-2009 [photo]
GCH CH Adeline's Sine Metu TD NF NFP CGC VO Dareya B4-Aug-2009 [photo]
GCH CH Adeline's Sticky Wicket BISS Wicket B12-Jun-2006 [photo]
Adeline's Tabula Rasa Tallulah B12-Jun-2006 [photo]
Adeline's War Of The Worlds Orson D20-Mar-2004 [photo]
Adeline's Wilhelmina Willi B20-Mar-2004
Adousar L'Charman *** (Pack Otterhound) D
CH Adriucha Intuitive B4-Jul-1967
Adriucha Justops Brandy 1967
CH Adriucha Katrine Kelpie Katie B8-Sep-1967
CH Adriucha Kings Knight D8-Sep-1967
Adriucha Lady Luck Lucky B1968
Adriucha Master Marker D15-Jun-1968
CH Adriucha Mohawk Menace Eeyore D15-Jun-1968
Adriucha Off Again B3-Sep-1973
Adriucha Rambler B23-May-1973
CH Adriucha Rob Roy CD Scuba D23-May-1973 [photo]
Adriucha Robe B23-May-1973
Adriucha Ruler D23-May-1973
Adriucha Star D17-Nov-1973
Adriucha Super Of Lyonnesse B17-Nov-1973
CAN CH Adriucha Syren Of Lyonnesse B17-Nov-1973
CAN CH Adriucha Tamar Of Lyonnesse B1970s?
CAN CH Adriucha Tops Of Lyonnesse D27-May-1974
CH Adriucha Truthful CD B27-May-1974
Adriucha Vagabond D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vagrant D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Valor D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vaunter D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Viking D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Vincenta Vince B26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Viscount D26-Jun-1975
Adriucha Zola's Pirate D9-Oct-1969
Adriucha Zola's Priza UD B9-Oct-1969 [photo]
Adriucha's Cinnabar B1960s
Adriucha's Cinnamon D1960s
Adriucha's Faith Honey B30-May-1966
CH Adriucha's Fawn B30-May-1966
Adriucha's Foreman D30-May-1966
Adriucha's Ginger Ginger B7-Jun-1966
CH Adriucha's Glow B7-Jun-1966
Adruicha Toast Of Lyonnesse B27-May-1974
CH Aesop Of Tar Beach D26-Feb-1976
Agent van de Kweb D12-Sep-1997
Aggie Of Iroquois Aggie B5-May-1961 [photo]
Aggressive Of Adriucha B1956
CH Agrippa Of Adriucha D12-May-1964 [photo]
Ain't Misbehavin' B11-May-1995
Alderann Walnut Walnut B1-Apr-2014
Alderann Warwick Watson D1-Apr-2014
Alderann Watchman at Keepcott Watchman D1-Apr-2014
Alderann Wednesday Mavis B1-Apr-2014
Alderann Wotsit Wotsit B1-Apr-2014
Aldo van de Kweb D29-Jan-1982
CH Alexa Of Adriucha B12-May-1964
Alexandra Of Hartland B1900s
Alflasker Adolf D2-Feb-1990
Alflasker Agua Arno D16-Jan-1993
GER, EUR, INT CH Alflasker Agua Belanca Belanca B18-Aug-1999 [photo]
Alflasker Agua Billi D16-Jan-1993
Alflasker Agua Bubber D16-Jan-1993
Alflasker Agua Lisa B16-Jan-1993
Alflasker Agua Liva B16-Jan-1993
Alflasker Agua Mona B16-Jan-1993
Alflasker Alf D2-Feb-1990
Alflasker Alfredo D2-Feb-1990
Alflasker Aqua Andy D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Aron D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Berry D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Ditte B4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Dusty D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Harvey D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Jeff D4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Kasimir D4-Sep-1990
DAN, INT CH Alflasker Aqua Quinnie B4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Aqua Tarka B4-Sep-1990
Alflasker Asko D2-Feb-1990
Alflasker Aso D2-Feb-1990
Alflasker Baghira B18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Balthasar D18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Basil D18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Bastian D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Bea B18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Beatrice B15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Beethoven D18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Belanca B18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Belinda B15-Mar-1991
DAN, INT CH Alflasker Bellanca B15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Biene B18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Bluebell B15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Bonnie B18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Boss Knuddel D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Boy D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Brando D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Breeze B15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Bubble D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Bufas D18-Aug-1999
Alflasker Bunting D15-Mar-1991
Alflasker Caesar D8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Carlotta B8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Charly D8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Chris B8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Cicel B8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Ciggo D8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Cleo B8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Cody D8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Come Back D8-Apr-1992
Alflasker Gorba B27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Joy B27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Liva B27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Norma B27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Rocky D27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Stoffel D27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Tarka B27-Jan-1997
Alflasker Teal B27-Jan-1997
Alice B28-Feb-1988
Allspice Kingstree B15-Jan-1983
Alma B28-Feb-1988
Alvin van de Kweb D29-Jan-1982
CAN CH Amanda Of Lyonnesse B15-Oct-1975
Amanda van de Kweb B29-Jan-1982
Amber of Nanhelen B15-Jan-1983
Amethyst Twinrivers of Drakesleat B15-Jan-1983
Amigo vom Forellenhof D29-Oct-1993
Amis van de Kweb D12-Sep-1997
Anabel van de Kweb B29-Jan-1982
Anawim Serenading Andante D1-May-1988
CH Anawim Serenading In The Wind Dylan D1-May-1988 [photo]
CH Andel Ali D5-Dec-1971
CH Andel Ankh Ankh B5-Dec-1971 [photo]
CH Andel Annan CD B12-Aug-1975 [photo]
Andel Belladonna Tk.-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Benjamin Franklin D4-Jul-1976
Andel Berwick D5-Dec-1971
Andel Bilbo Baggins D6-Dec-1975
Andel Bogard D25-Mar-1974
CH Andel Camelot D26-Dec-1969
Andel Candy Man D3-Jul-1972
Andel Cat Dancing B25-Mar-1974
CH Andel Chief Joseph D3-Jul-1972 [photo]
Andel Dustin D25-Mar-1974
CH Andel Follyhoun Worthy Demon Demon B30-Jun-1974 [photo]
Andel Frodo Baggins D6-Dec-1975
Andel Geordie D25-Mar-1974
CH Andel George Scot Stuart D26-Dec-1969 [photo]
Andel Grace Nordmark B3-Jul-1972
CH Andel Hawk Who Hunts Walking Hawk D30-Jun-1974 [photo]
CH Andel Hoddom D12-Aug-1975
Andel Hope B26-Dec-1969
Andel Jennie Jennie B25-Mar-1974
Andel John Adams Murphy D4-Jul-1976 [photo]
Andel John Hancock D4-Jul-1976
Andel Judd Webfoot D26-Dec-1969
CH Andel Lady Ann B5-Mar-1976
Andel Liberty Bell B4-Jul-1976
CH Andel Little Big Man Blueman D31-Mar-1971 [photo]
Andel Lobelia S.V.-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Lockerbie B12-Aug-1975
CH Andel Mary Stuart B5-Dec-1971
Andel McDroolick D3-Jul-1972
Andel Merry Impulse B30-Mar-1983
Andel Merry Indiscretion B30-Mar-1983
Andel Merry-Pippin D6-Dec-1975
AM CH, CAN CH Andel Milk Bank Rugby D12-Aug-1975 [photo]
CH Andel Miss Honey Brodie B30-Jun-1974
Andel Mother Nature's Son Dundee D30-Jun-1974
Andel Mr. Chips D25-Mar-1974
Andel Nicholas Stuart D25-Dec-1977
Andel Norman D3-Jul-1972
CH Andel Patience B26-Dec-1969
CH Andel Primula Brandy B-Baggins B6-Dec-1975
Andel Samwise Gamgee D6-Dec-1975
CAN CH Andel Stanley Steamer D30-Jun-1974
Andel Star Spangled Banner B4-Jul-1976
CH Andel T Oliver Cromwell D5-Dec-1971
Andel Tecumseh D5-Dec-1971
Andel Thomas Jefferson D4-Jul-1976
Andel Tiege B30-Jun-1974
CH Andel Tiffin Nancy Stair B5-Dec-1971
Andel Tioga D20-Sep-1977
Andel Tobi D30-Jun-1974
CH Andel Tuolumne B20-Sep-1977
CH Andel Warlock D10-Feb-1971
Andel White Hill D12-Aug-1975
Dutch CH Angel van de Kweb Angel B29-Jan-1982
Angel van de Kweb 2 B12-Sep-1997
Angler Twinrivers of Khelin D15-Jan-1983
Aniseed Twinrivers B15-Jan-1983
Ankarstal's Chips And Dip B22-Sep-1991
Ankarstal's Coco-Cola B22-Sep-1991
Ankarstal's Coconut Butter D22-Sep-1991
Ankarstal's Da Capo D30-Nov-1992
Annan Kingstree D15-Jan-1983
Annanvale Xania B1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xanthe B1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xanthius B1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xanthus D1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xenon D1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xeren to Teckelgarth B1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xerxes to Teckelgarth D1-Oct-2016
Annanvale Xiomara B1-Oct-2016
Annie Get Your Gun B11-May-1995
Apollo D11-May-1995
Appelonia van de Kweb B12-Sep-1997
April In Paris B11-May-1995
Aramis vom Otterzentrum D1990s?
Archimedes D11-May-1995
Arctic Iken B2-Aug-1985
Ardmore Jean Alesi B7-Mar-1997
Aron van de Kweb D29-Jan-1982
Aron van de Kweb 2 D12-Sep-1997
Arous van de Kweb D29-Jan-1982
Arras Of Adriucha D12-May-1964
Artemis D11-May-1995
Arthur D28-Feb-1988
Arthur's Christmas Present Odie B30-Aug-1980 [photo]
Arundel Of Rinjan D1967?
Astor D28-Feb-1988
CH Astra Of Adriucha CD B12-May-1964
CH Astronauts Ace In The Hold D1960s
Auchetonshan Dasher D9-Aug-1993
Auldkirk Candlelight B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Carolsinger B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Caspar D19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Celebration D19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Celestial B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Cheerful B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Choirboy D19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Christmastide D19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Cracker B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Cradlesong B19-Dec-1989
Auldkirk Echo B22-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Eikon D22-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Ember B22-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Equinox D22-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Eureka at Quothquan D22-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Fait Accompli B15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Feat'n Alf D15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Fraulong B15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Frunosow D15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Frunoswen B15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Frunoswer B15-Mar-1993
Auldkirk Frunoswy B15-Mar-1993
Avalon D11-May-1995
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar Follyhoun Kahootz Hoot D20-Apr-1983 [photo]
Avitar Mapleleaf Optimist Rowdy D24-Apr-1998 [photo]
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's A Lady Cambrige Rosie B22-Apr-1982 [photo]
CAN CH, BERMUDA CH Avitar's Alfred the Great Fred D22-Apr-1982 [photo]
Avitar's All About That TJ Jazz TJ D15-Aug-2022
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's All That Jazz Can. CD Suzie B22-Apr-1982 [photo]
Avitar's Animal Cracker Annie B22-Apr-1982 [photo]
GCH CH, CAN CH Avitar's Bearsden Prairie Jazz RN Can. RA VO Riley B25-Sep-2004 [photo]
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Bold Beauty Of Rinjan Bridget B20-Apr-1983 [photo]
Avitar's Brandi Wine Brandes B20-Apr-1983 [photo]
CH Avitar's Briar Rose CD TD Airdrie B20-Apr-1983 [photo]
Avitar's Calgary Star Of Texas TD Daphne B10-Jun-1984 [photo]
CAN CH Avitar's Charlie Brown Charlie D10-Jun-1984
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Classical Jazz Am.,Can. CD Cheyenne B10-Jun-1984 [photo]
Avitar's Court Lids McGee B10-Jun-1984
Avitar's Dancing Shadow B9-Jan-1986
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Dixieland Jazz Dixie B9-Jan-1986 [photo]
CAN CH Avitar's Fatal Attraction Willow B16-Apr-1988 [photo]
CH Avitar's Feirie Femme Jazz B16-Apr-1988 [photo]
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's First Sergeant Jazz Can. CD FBX SHDCH Sergeant D16-Apr-1988 [photo]
CAN CH Avitar's Front Page News Baron D16-Apr-1988 [photo]
CAN CH Avitar's Good Time Jazz Can. CD SHDCH G.T. B16-Mar-1989 [photo]
Avitar's Great Little Follower Keela D16-Mar-1989
Avitar's Green Field Of Dreams Fenway B16-Mar-1989
Avitar's I'm Yukon Grizzly Grizzly D24-Jan-1993
CAN CH Avitar's In The News Duncan D24-Jan-1993
Avitar's Kalipso Jazz K.C. D26-Dec-1994
Avitar's Keepsake Nora B26-Dec-1994
Avitar's Klassical Jazz Kelvin D26-Dec-1994 [photo]
Avitar's Make My Day D24-Apr-1998
Avitar's Masked Marvel Spike D24-Apr-1998
Avitar's Maxmillan Mischiefmaker Rascal D24-Apr-1998
Avitar's Midsummer Frenzy B24-Apr-1998
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Mighty Fine Jazz Can. RN Jazz B24-Apr-1998 [photo]
Avitar's Mocha Almond Fudge B24-Apr-1998
Avitar's Motor City Sound Rock D24-Apr-1998
Avitar's Much To Do Chewbacca D24-Apr-1998 [photo]
Avitar's My Dear Dr. Watson Dr. Watson D24-Apr-1998
Avitar's My Name is Casey Casey D24-Apr-1998
CAN CH Avitar's Nanuu O'Canada Nanuu D22-Mar-2002 [photo]
Avitar's New Age Jazz Am.,Can. TD Am.,Can. RN Kiri B22-Mar-2002 [photo]
Avitar's Nonchalant Nelli CGC Nelli B22-Mar-2002 [photo]
Avitar's Northern Lights Nevi B22-Mar-2002
Avitar's Not 'Til I Say So Buck D22-Mar-2002 [photo]
Avitar's Notorius Gangster Otto D22-Mar-2002
Avitar's Packin' Heat Jasper D25-Sep-2004
CH Avitar's Pandemonium Bree B25-Sep-2004 [photo]
Avitar's Persuasive Ellie Mae Ellie Mae B25-Sep-2004
Avitar's Play It Again Sam D25-Sep-2004 [photo]
Avitar's Practically Perfect Peter D25-Sep-2004
Avitar's Puppy Of The Prior Doogal D25-Sep-2004
Avitar's Quantum Leaps Winn D13-Aug-2009
Avitar's Quarter Notes In Jazz Bryce D13-Aug-2009
Avitar's Queen Ethyl Rose Rose B13-Aug-2009
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Quick Riffs In Jazz Am., Can. RN Griffin B13-Aug-2009 [photo]
Avitar's Quidditch Bowen D13-Aug-2009
Avitar's Quiet Revolution Duncan D13-Aug-2009
Avitar's Quincy Quincy D13-Aug-2009
Avitar's Quips N' Quotes Nury B13-Aug-2009
CAN CH Avitar's Ragtime Jazz RN Rags B9-Mar-2013 [photo]
Avitar's Rebellious Wizard Oz Ozzie D9-Mar-2013 [photo]
Avitar's Rhinestone Clownboy Emmett D9-Mar-2013
Avitar's Rhythm N' Blue Jack D9-Mar-2013
Avitar's Rigamorol Murray D9-Mar-2013
Avitar's Seattle Snoop Oddie D27-Oct-2015
Avitar's Sequoia Rey McCoy Sequoia B27-Oct-2015 [photo]
Avitar's Sir Reginald Reggie D27-Oct-2015
AM CH, CAN CH Avitar's Smoking Hot Jazz RN VO Brodie D27-Oct-2015 [photo]
Avitar's Sound of Jazz Forever Gracie B27-Oct-2015
Avitar's Speaker of the House Puffin B27-Oct-2015
GCH CH, CAN GCH CH Avitar's Sweet Sounding Jazz RN VO Gio D27-Oct-2015 [photo]
Avitar's Take That Jazz Forever Bella B21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Tauri Nebula Nebi B21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Terrestrial Extra Moon Luna-Toons B21-Aug-2017
Avitar's The Best Is Yet to Come Fergus D21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Thorin Angus MacLaren Angus D21-Aug-2017
AM CH Avitar's Timeless Jazz Yuri D21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Total Eclipse Eddie Eddie D21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Total Eclipse is OtM SCN Ellie B21-Aug-2017 [photo]
Avitar's Trying My Patience Arthur D21-Aug-2017
Avitar's Twinkle Toes Ellie B21-Aug-2017
B&T's 4 On The Floor Dash D16-May-2010
B&T's Built Ford Tough Ranger D16-May-2010
B&T's Classy Chassis Sissy B16-May-2010
CH B&T's Cruizin In 4 Wheel Drive Aksel D16-May-2010
B&T's Cruizin Jus' Hold Em Tight Lugnuts D16-May-2010 [photo]
B&T's Honk If U Luv Me Beep B16-May-2010
B&T's Little Deuce Coupe Rudiger B16-May-2010
Baby-Boomerang B13-Aug-1994
Bachelor D1900s?
Badger D1929
Balder D4-Feb-1994
Balthazar Maestro D9-Sep-1998
Balthazar Magnum D9-Sep-1998
Balthazar Masquerade D9-Sep-1998
UK CH Balthazar Mimosa at Dinaleas Henna B9-Sep-1998 [photo]
Balthazar Minuet at Cairo's Gertie B9-Sep-1998
Balthazar Mistletoe B9-Sep-1998
Balthazar Musketeer D9-Sep-1998
Balthazar Sorcerer D24-Mar-1996
Balthazar Swashbuckler D24-Mar-1996
Balthazar Taffeta B7-Jun-1997
Balthazar Teaboy D7-Jun-1997
Balthazar Teddyboy at Cairo's Scrumpy D7-Jun-1997
Balthazar Tomboy D7-Jun-1997
Balthazar Topboy Ollie D7-Jun-1997 [photo]
Balthazar Toyboy D7-Jun-1997
Ban Ealasaid Of Four Paws B17-Apr-1978
Bandersnatch Tigger's Bounce Bounce B29-Sep-1975
Bandmaster Falconcrag D28-Jul-1986
Banff Jacques Villeneuve B7-Mar-1997
Banker D1910s?
CH Bardill's Big John D10-Aug-1975
CH Bardill's Black Mojo D15-Apr-1967
Bardill's Cindy CD B24-May-1967
CH Bardill's Delilah B4-May-1968
CH Bardill's Eleanor's Star Lady B17-Nov-1968
CH Bardill's Fated To Be D12-Nov-1970
CH Bardill's Feck D12-Nov-1970
Bardill's Feck's Tamora B2-Jun-1973
CH Bardill's Forgetive D12-Nov-1970
CH Bardill's Galena B24-Nov-1972
Bardill's Honcho D30-Nov-1979
Bardill's Indites Jackie B5-Aug-1985
Bardill's Indites Jane B5-Aug-1985
Bardill's Indites Jill B5-Aug-1985
Bardill's Indites Julie B5-Aug-1985
Bardill's Is So B2-Jun-1973
CH Bardill's Jill B10-Aug-1975
Bardill's Julie B10-Aug-1975
Bardill's Juliet B30-Nov-1991
Bardill's June B10-Aug-1975
Bardill's Keno B24-Aug-1975
Bardill's Laird D17-Mar-1976
Bardill's Lee D17-Mar-1976
CH Bardill's Lollapalooza B17-Mar-1976
CH Bardill's Lucid B17-Mar-1976
Bardill's May Be So D2-Jun-1973
Bardill's Mazard B1-Jul-1976
Bardill's Medea B1-Jul-1976
Bardill's Melanin B1-Jul-1976
Bardill's Pistol B13-Nov-1978
Bardill's Quinela B30-Nov-1979
Bardill's Romeo D30-Nov-1991
Bardill's Rugby's Indicia B28-Aug-1980
Bardill's Rugby's Indite B28-Aug-1980
Bardill's Rugby's Inson D28-Aug-1980
CH Bardill's Rugbys Image D28-Aug-1980 [photo]
CH Bardill's Tiddle Diddle B2-Jun-1973
Barilla Dance Away B12-Feb-1994
Barilla Dauntless at Ladestar B12-Feb-1994
Barilla Decorous B12-Feb-1994
Barilla Destiny B12-Feb-1994
UK CH Barilla Dewdrop B12-Feb-1994 [photo]
Barilla Dominant D12-Feb-1994
Barilla Donna B12-Feb-1994 [photo]
Barilla Dutiful B12-Feb-1994
Barilla Dynasty D12-Feb-1994
Barilla Sailor D11-Oct-1991
UK CH Barilla Sandman D11-Oct-1991
Barilla Seaman D11-Oct-1991
Barilla Skillful D11-Oct-1991
Barilla Soldier D11-Oct-1991
Barilla Tagus Otto D23-Apr-2000
Barilla Tarter Columbus D23-Apr-2000
Barilla Tiptoe B23-Apr-2000
Barilla Tranquil B23-Apr-2000
UK CH Barilla Trespass B23-Apr-2000 [photo]
Barilla Tuneful B23-Apr-2000
Barilla Tuscan D23-Apr-2000
Barilla Twinkle B23-Apr-2000
Barley of Twinrivers B7-May-1984
Barnaby Barnaby D15-Aug-2022
CAN CH Barney Of Lyonnesse D26-Jan-1979
Barrister D1800s?
Bay-Low's Charity B8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's Faith B8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's John Boy D8-Jun-1974
Bay-Low's Teddy Bear B8-Jun-1974
Baymore Augie Augie D16-Jun-2003
Baymore Bailey's Anthem Bailey D19-Jun-2000
Baymore Commander Lynus Lynus D16-Jun-2003 [photo]
Baymore Hoover At Quietwood Hoover D16-Jun-2003
Baymore Populaer Luxe Poppy B16-Jun-2003 [photo]
Baymore Regina Gina B16-Jun-2003
Baymore Royal Hudson Hudson D16-Jun-2003
Baymore Suite Nelly Dean Nelly B19-Jun-2000 [photo]
Baymore Tellus Lily Lily B16-Jun-2003
CH Baymore's Alaskan Liv TD CGC VO Liv B16-Jun-2003 [photo]
CH Baymore's Tobias TD RN CGC VO Toby D19-Jun-2000 [photo]
Baymore's Troubador Trevor D19-Jun-2000
Beacon Sinbad Sinbad D20-Sep-1993
Beargarden's Allu Allu D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Bagpipe D14-Dec-2009
Beargarden's Balalaika B14-Dec-2009
Beargarden's Banjo B14-Dec-2009
Beargarden's Barbate Barman D5-Feb-1990
Beargarden's Beach-Comber D8-Aug-2010
Beargarden's Beaming Girl B23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Bedizen Bestman D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Bee Bab A Luba D23-Jan-1991
FIN CH, SWE CH, EUR CH, INT CH Beargarden's Beer Drinker D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Befogged Being D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Befogged Belle B8-Aug-2010
Beargarden's Befooler Beau D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Beguiling Being B8-Aug-2010
Beargarden's Belated Betting D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Believe Or Not D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Bellow Beggar D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Benigant Begum B8-Aug-2010
FIN CH, SWE CH Beargarden's Better Than None B23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Bewhiskered Boy D23-Jan-1991
Beargarden's Bewitching Bear B8-Aug-2010
Beargarden's Biased Blinker B20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Bidder Blaber D20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Bidder Nimrod D4-Apr-1994
Beargarden's Big Billow D20-Sep-2015
FIN CH, SWE CH Beargarden's Big Wig D4-Apr-1994
Beargarden's Big-Game Hunter D4-Apr-1994
Beargarden's Bigot Bicker D20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Bilberry Pie B4-Apr-1994
Beargarden's Billion Dollar Baby B20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Binding Bite B20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Biscuit Baker D4-Apr-1994
Beargarden's Biscuit Bite B20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Bistre Bit D4-Apr-1994
FIN CH, SWE CH Beargarden's Bitter 'N Sweet B4-Apr-1994
FIN CH Beargarden's Bitter Bilberry Sisi B20-Sep-2015 [photo]
Beargarden's Bizarre Bird at Houndville B20-Sep-2015
Beargarden's Bob the Bogeyman Urho D25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Bohemian Bogey B18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Bohemian Princess Madde B25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Bold But Sweet B18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Bold Prince Rufus D25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Bon Bon Barbie B25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Boogie Woogie D25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Boon Companion B18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Booster Shot D25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Boreal Bonanza B18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Born As Black Bear Bishop D25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Born To Be Wild D18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Bottled Joviality B25-Jan-2022
Beargarden's Bow-Wow D18-Mar-1995
Beargarden's Buckish Bugbear D27-Jan-2002
Beargarden's Budweiser D27-Jan-2002
Beargarden's Buxom Bunny B27-Jan-2002
Beargarden's Bygone Baroness B5-Feb-2005
Beargarden's Byzantian Hoard D5-Feb-2005
Beargarden's Nanna Nanna B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Oops What a Boy D5-Feb-1990
Beargarden's Palm Bearer D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Palmy William D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Pampered Kid D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Pan for Beer D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Parole for Luck D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Part of Game B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Partner Forever D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Passion Painter D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Password to Joy B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Patchy Pal Nella B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Patron Paw B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Pattern Pard D28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Pawky but Sweet B28-Mar-1996
Beargarden's Peace Maker D23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Pearl In Black B23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Peart Pewit D23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Peek A Boo D23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Pep Pill D23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Peppy Peri B23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Perdu Sweetness B23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Persiflage Pet D23-Apr-1998
Beargarden's Picaroon Pilot D11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pick-Me-Up D11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Piece of Cake D11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Piggy Bank B11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pileated Pigeon B11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pin-up Princess B11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pinescot Picara B11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pint of Pilsner D11-Aug-2003
Beargarden's Pole Star at Houndville Megan B8-Aug-2010 [photo]
Bearsden Duncan O'Cannonfyre CGC TDI Duncan D29-Apr-1998 [photo]
CH Bearsden MacAndrew John Dhu MacAndrew D29-Apr-1998
Bearsden's Abby Maccoll Abby B27-May-2000 [photo]
Bearsden's Collier MacBean Peaches B27-May-2000
Bearsden's Friar Tuck o Wooded Glen CGC THDA THD TKN Tuck D18-Apr-2015 [photo]
Bearsden's Gordy MacGregor Gordy D27-May-2000
Bearsden's Hamish MacTavish TD Moose D27-May-2000 [photo]
Bearsden's Haydee MacBain Kiwi B27-May-2000
Bearsden's Lindsay MacFie B27-May-2000
AM CH, CAN CH Bearsden's MacDougal Argyll MacDougal D29-Apr-1998 [photo]
Bearsden's MacEwan O Muirwood Mac D29-Apr-1998
Bearsden's MacIan Ridge Runner MacIan D29-Apr-1998
Bearsden's MacNab MacMillan Nabbie D29-Apr-1998
Bearsden's Tally Ho o Muir Wood Tally B18-Apr-2015
Belle River Colonel Reb Hiro D14-Apr-1992 [photo]
Belle River Cotton Picker Ollie D14-Apr-1992 [photo]
CH Belle River Delta Queen Burke B14-Apr-1992 [photo]
CH Belle River Dixieland Jazz Jazzy B14-Apr-1992 [photo]
Belle River Magnolia Blossom Maggie B14-Apr-1992
Belle River Riverboat Gambler Gambler D14-Apr-1992
Bellhound's Blitzen Sigor D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Comet B19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Cupid Toony B19-Dec-1969
CAN CH Bellhound's Dancer Dancer D19-Dec-1969 [photo]
Bellhound's Dasher B19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Good Grief Critter B19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Holy Moley Moley D19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Leaping Lizards Watson D19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Prancer D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Rudolph Rudy D19-Dec-1969
Bellhound's Suffrin Succotash Monster D19-Feb-1977
Bellhound's Vixen Baldy B19-Dec-1969
Bellman Warrior Falconcrag D27-Apr-1990
Belmont of Twinrivers D7-May-1984
AM CH, CAN CH Belsprite Of Skye Top B24-Oct-1965 [photo]
AM CH, CAN CH Beltane's Count Tareyton D14-May-1969
Benchista Highland Mist B1990
AUS CH Benchista Lloyd George Rupert D1980s
Benriach Ayrton Senna D7-Mar-1997
Beowulf's O'Jodie Of Windsong B
Beretania Huia Cameo B9-Oct-2003
Beretania Kaka D9-Oct-2003
Beretania Kakariki D9-Oct-2003
Beretania Kereru D9-Oct-2003
Beretania Ruru B9-Oct-2003
Beretania Takahe Kipa D9-Oct-2003
Beretania Tui B9-Oct-2003
AM CH, CAN CH Beretta Of Skye Top B24-Oct-1965
Bertie D1990s
Bess Of Adriucha B1965?
Bessie Blue B1931 [photo]
Bessie's Blue Girl B1930s
Bessie's Camille B1937
CH Bessie's Capitaine Cap D1937 [photo]
Bessie's Cavalier D1937
CH Bessie's Countess B1937 [photo]
CH Bessie's Courageous Curry D1937 [photo]
Bilberry Kingstree at Carlbay B7-May-1984
Billikin Duh Tanman Of Jenell D7-Jul-1991
CAN CH Billikin Impressions Bazzle D28-Jul-1990 [photo]
Billikin's Abigail Of Leeds B13-Oct-1984
CH Billikin's Amanda Grizzlet Amanda B13-Oct-1984 [photo]
CH Billikin's Ann-Here-We-Go Annie B27-Apr-1988
Billikin's Beach Bum D1980s
CH Billikin's Bearpaws Got'r Ott'r Truffles B13-Nov-1994
Billikin's Best Triagain D7-Jul-1991
Billikin's Bonnie Connie B27-Apr-1988
CH Billikin's Dirty Hairy Tommy D13-Oct-1984
CH Billikin's Hillandwain Katy Katy B16-Jan-1987
Billikin's Jed D13-Oct-1984
Billikin's Mosey'round B27-Apr-1988
Billikin's One in a Billion Billy D1980s
Billikin's Otter Triagain B7-Jul-1991
Billikin's Princess Penelope B16-Jan-1987
CH Billikin's Ragamuffin Muffin B13-Oct-1984 [photo]
CH Billikin's Raggedy Man Winston D13-Oct-1984
CH Billikin's Rough Cut Diamond Maggie B13-Oct-1984
Billikin's Sandy Thunger B16-Jan-1987
Billikin's Shamus Again D27-Apr-1988
Billikin's Sir Oliver D16-Jan-1987
CH Billikin's Sir Tyler MacGyver Gyver D27-Apr-1988
Billikin's Spencer Emmaus D7-Jul-1991
CH Billikin's Tri'N For the Top Topper D16-Jan-1987 [photo]
Billikin's Who Gives A Hoot B28-Jul-1990
AM CH, CAN CH Billikin's Why Not Triagain Maddie B16-Jan-1987 [photo]
Billikin's Willful Spirit B16-Jan-1987
Birch-Dell Bunch B15-May-1979
CH Birchdell's Ragmop Of Sunwood Grizz B15-May-1979 [photo]
Birchrun Dell Puffin Stuff B15-May-1979
Birchrun-Dell Geraldine B15-May-1979
Birchrun-Dell King John King John D15-May-1979
Birchrundell's Brown Sugar Otter B15-May-1979
Birchruns Dellaire Of Rinjan D15-May-1979
Black Chirdon B27-Apr-1990
Blackberry of Twinrivers B7-May-1984
Blackcap of Twinrivers B7-May-1984 [photo]
Blackfoot Acres Travelin Man D7-Jul-1991
Dutch CH Blake van de Kweb Blake D21-Mar-1983
Blake van de Kweb 2 D2-Feb-1999
Blazor of Twinrivers D7-May-1984
CH, INT CH Blue Fairy's Against All Odds BN RI SCN SEN SBN CGCA TKN VOI Rachel B17-Mar-2016 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Back to the Future Newton D26-Oct-2012
AM CH, INT CH Blue Fairy's Black Mamba RN CGC VO Mamba B9-Oct-2007 [photo]
GCHB CH, INT CH Blue Fairy's Breaking Dawn CGCA RI TKN RATO BN VOX Bella B5-Mar-2012 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Breath of the Wild Zelda B17-Mar-2016
Blue Fairy's Crocodile Maggie May Maggie B9-Oct-2007 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Dance with Dragons Emme B17-Mar-2016
Blue Fairy's Deer Hunter Fiona B26-Oct-2012
Blue Fairy's Don't Stop Me Now! Freddie B12-Jul-2022
Blue Fairy's Eclipse of the Heart Billy G D5-Mar-2012
Blue Fairy's Fat Bottomed Girl Lyra B12-Jul-2022
CH Blue Fairy's Fifth Element RN CGC VO Leeloo B9-Oct-2007 [photo]
Blue Fairy's First Knight Kellen D4-Nov-2017
Blue Fairy's Floki of Kattegat Floki D17-Mar-2016 [photo]
CH, INT CH Blue Fairy's Force Awakens CGC Wookiee B11-Nov-2015 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Gone With The Wind Scarlett B26-Dec-2010 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Hound of Baskervilles Jace D26-Oct-2012
Blue Fairy's I Want To Break Free Ottilia B12-Jul-2022
Blue Fairy's Iron Lady Thatcher B26-Oct-2012
Blue Fairy's Killer Queen Jelly B12-Jul-2022
CH Blue Fairy's Legends of the Fall CGC Phoebe B26-Oct-2012 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Lord of the Rings Waylon D5-Mar-2012 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Mary Poppins Poppy B17-Mar-2016
Blue Fairy's Never a Dull Moment Cordelia B17-Mar-2016
CH Blue Fairy's Paper Moon Addie B5-Mar-2012 [photo]
CH Blue Fairy's Princess Angelfire Angela B9-Oct-2007 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Show Must Go On Basil D12-Jul-2022
CH Blue Fairy's Skye Girl, The Hollywood Superdog Skye B9-Oct-2007 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Something to Talk About Lily B17-Mar-2016 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Song of Ice and Fire Khaleesi B15-Sep-2014
Blue Fairy's Ticket To Ride To Con Cara's Olphae Dayze B21-Jun-2018
Blue Fairy's Toy Story Woody D26-Dec-2010 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Under Pressure Alice B12-Jul-2022
Blue Fairy's We Will Rock You Jethro Tull D12-Jul-2022
Blue Fairy's White River Daredevil Colin D17-Mar-2016
Blue Fairy's Winter Soldier Amos D4-Nov-2017
GCH CH, INT CH Blue Fairy's Wizard Of Oz CGC Ozzy D26-Dec-2010 [photo]
Blue Fairy's Wolverine Logan D4-Nov-2017
Blue Fairy's Yer A Wizard! Harry D19-Feb-2019
Bluebell Kingstree B7-May-1984
Boatman D1910s
Bob D23-Jan-1990
Dutch CH Bonnie van de Kweb Bonnie B21-Mar-1983
Bonnie van de Kweb 2 B2-Feb-1999
Boravin Abbot D16-Sep-1988
UK CH Boravin Admiral D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Ajax D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Alderman D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Amity at Teckelgarth B16-Sep-1988
Boravin Angler D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Anxious B16-Sep-1988
UK CH Boravin Archer D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Arkle D16-Sep-1988
Boravin Bacchus D2-Dec-1988
Boravin Banner B2-Dec-1988
Boravin Baron D2-Dec-1988
Boravin Beacon D2-Dec-1988
Boravin Chaser D30-Aug-1989
Boravin Crazy Ant B30-Aug-1989
Boravin Daggler B15-Apr-1990
UK CH Boravin Dancer B15-Apr-1990 [photo]
Boravin Daylight B15-Apr-1990
Boravin Drayman D15-Apr-1990
Boravin Easter B20-Apr-1990
Boravin Echo B20-Apr-1990
Boravin Elegant B20-Apr-1990
Boravin Emblem D20-Apr-1990
Boravin Eventer D20-Apr-1990
Boravin Fancy B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Fantasy B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Feather of Jorjess B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Fenman D30-Mar-1991
Boravin Finder D27-Dec-1986 [photo]
Boravin Florence B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Florin B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Frederick B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Frolic with Clunebrae B30-Mar-1991
Boravin Gala Sprite B1-Aug-1992
Boravin Galaxy B1-Aug-1992
Boravin Gaoler D1-Aug-1992
Boravin Goshawk D1-Aug-1992
UK CH Boravin Gossamer Gossie B1-Aug-1992 [photo]
Boravin Graceful B1-Aug-1992
Boravin Greybird B1-Aug-1992
Boravin Harvester D6-Aug-1992
Boravin Hazelnut B6-Aug-1992
Boravin Hecate B6-Aug-1992
Boravin Hedger D6-Aug-1992
Boravin Hessian D6-Aug-1992
Boravin Highlight B6-Aug-1992
Boravin Holly B6-Aug-1992
Boravin Jackpot D9-Jan-1998
Boravin Jacoranda B9-Jan-1998
Boravin Jargonelle B9-Jan-1998
UK CH Boravin Jasper D9-Jan-1998 [photo]
Boravin Javelin D9-Jan-1998
Boravin Jenna B9-Jan-1998
Boravin Jennet B9-Jan-1998 [photo]
Boravin Jingle Bonnie B9-Jan-1998 [photo]
Boravin Jitney B9-Jan-1998
Boravin Jute D9-Jan-1998 [photo]
Boravin Kagu D13-Jul-1999
Boravin Karri B13-Jul-1999
Boravin Karver with Ladestar D13-Jul-1999
Boravin Kenobi D13-Jul-1999
Boravin Kessi B13-Jul-1999
Boravin Khelin B13-Jul-1999
Boravin Khella B13-Jul-1999 [photo]
Boravin Kingwood D13-Jul-1999
Boravin Kracker D13-Jul-1999
Boravin Kyphi B13-Jul-1999
Boravin Lilypad B30-Aug-1999
Boravin Logger D30-Aug-1999
Boravin Marauder Marauder D16-Apr-2000
Boravin Marcasite B16-Apr-2000
Boravin Marsanne B16-Apr-2000
Boravin Maude Maude B16-Apr-2000
Boravin Mazard D16-Apr-2000
Boravin Meadow Meadow B16-Apr-2000 [photo]
Boravin Merlot D16-Apr-2000
Boravin Midnight B16-Apr-2000
Boravin Mirage Mirage B16-Apr-2000
Boravin Morton D16-Apr-2000
Boravin Nagor D22-Apr-1981
Boravin Negus D22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nightcap B22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nightflyer D22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nighthawk D22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nightowl D22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nightshade B22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nougat B22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nutshell Hazel B22-Apr-1981
Boravin Nyman D22-Apr-1981
UK CH Boravin Oakleaf Oakie B28-Sep-1982 [photo]
UK CH Boravin Oarsman at Teckelgarth D28-Sep-1982 [photo]
Boravin Officer D28-Sep-1982 [photo]
Boravin Onyx B28-Sep-1982
Boravin Ostler D28-Sep-1982
Boravin Outcry D28-Sep-1982
Boravin Outlaw D28-Sep-1982
Boravin Outrider of Brideshead D28-Sep-1982
UK CH Boravin Peeler Peeler D6-Jul-1983 [photo]
Boravin Plainsman D6-Jul-1983
Boravin Plover B6-Jul-1983
Boravin Puffin B6-Jul-1983
UK CH Boravin Quail B15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quaintly B15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quantock D15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quarley B15-Sep-1984
CH Boravin Quarryman Quarry D15-Sep-1984 [photo]
Boravin Quaver B15-Sep-1984
Boravin Queensbury D15-Sep-1984
Boravin Queller D15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quicksilver B15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quillet B15-Sep-1984
Boravin Quintain D15-Sep-1984
Boravin Raisin B9-Mar-1985
Boravin Secret B26-Sep-1985
Boravin Sheba Sheba B26-Sep-1985
Boravin Silverleaf B26-Sep-1985
Boravin Sophie B26-Sep-1985
Boravin Southerner D26-Sep-1985
Boravin Sportsman D26-Sep-1985
Boravin Tally B12-Oct-1985
Boravin Taverner D12-Oct-1985
Boravin Tobias Toby D12-Oct-1985
Boravin Traveller D12-Oct-1985
Boravin Truffle B12-Oct-1985
Boravin Umpire D3-May-1986
Boravin Unity Joline B3-May-1986
Boravin Urchin D3-May-1986
Boravin Useful Ousel B3-May-1986
Boravin Valesman D8-Jan-1986
Boravin Vanguard D8-Jan-1986
Boravin Vanity Daisy B8-Jan-1986
Boravin Vanner Vanner D8-Jan-1986
Boravin Verderer D8-Jan-1986
Boravin Villager at Teckelgarth MacGregor D8-Jan-1986 [photo]
Boravin Vivid B8-Jan-1986
Boravin Vixen B8-Jan-1986
Boravin Wafer B15-May-1987
Boravin Walnut at Inisfraigh B15-May-1987
Boravin Wheeler D15-May-1987
Boravin Wicket B15-May-1987
Boravin Windlass B15-May-1987
Boravin Witchery of Shardaroba B15-May-1987
Boravin Woodman D15-May-1987
UK CH Boravin Wychwood Falconcrag B15-May-1987
Boravin Yachtsman D4-Jul-1987
Boravin Yankee D4-Jul-1987
Boravin Yardmaster D4-Jul-1987
DAN CH Boravin Ymer Pastry D4-Jul-1987
UK CH Boravin Yorker at Teckelgarth D4-Jul-1987
Boravin Yulan B4-Jul-1987
Boravin Zadok D22-Mar-1988
Boravin Zebedee D22-Mar-1988
Boravin Zetta B22-Mar-1988
Border Counties Coachman '61 D1961
Border Counties Colombine '63 B1963
Border Counties Convict '61 D1961
Border Counties Convict '62 D1962
Border Counties Dauntless '08 B1908
Border Counties Dewdrop '08 B1908
Border Counties Dorcas '08 B1908
Border Counties Dorothy '08 B1908
Border Counties Dulcet '08 B1908
Border Counties Gameboy '07 D1907
Border Counties Gamester '07 D1907
Border Counties Gaylad '08 D1908
Border Counties Guardsman '08 D1908
Border Counties Radiant '10 B1910
Border Counties Rally '10 B1910
Border Counties Ranger '10 D1910
Border Counties Ransome '10 B1910
Border Counties Rattle '10 B1910
Border Counties Redrose '10 B1910
Border Counties Reveller '10 D1910
Border Counties Ringlet '10 B1910
Border Counties Rocket '10 D1910
Border Counties Ruby '10 B1910
Border Counties Telltale '10 B1910
Border Counties Tempest '10 B1910
Border Counties Triumph '10 B1910
Border Counties Warcry '10 D1910
Border Counties Warlike '10 D1910
Border Counties Watchman '10 D1910
Border Counties Wonder '10 D1910
Bowler D1860s
Boy D4-Feb-1994
CH Bramble Kingstree Bramble B7-May-1984 [photo]
Brawn Of Adriucha D1956
Bredzy B4-Feb-1994
Briarroot Darryl & My Other Brother Darryl Darryl D22-Jun-2020
Briarroot Sweet Heart of the Valley Hamilton D22-Jun-2020
Briarroot's Dark But Sweet Chip D18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Dreamy Montana Moon Rexie D22-Jun-2020
Briarroot's Gem of the Sapphires Sienna B22-Jun-2020
Briarroot's If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Mouse D18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Lucious Sticky Toffee Pudding MayBelle B18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Mixing Up Sweet Mischief Betty B18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Otterly Sweet Otter D18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Sarsaparilla Stevie B18-Jun-2022
Briarroot's Swing Low Sweet Satchmo Louie D18-Jun-2022
Bridie Murphy B18-Dec-1966
Brookfield Charity B1900s?
Brookfield Marksman D1900s?
Bruichladdich Charlie D9-Aug-1993
Bruiser D1860s?
Bryony of Twinrivers at Teckelgarth B7-May-1984
Buckingham Bachelor '08 D1908
Buckingham Banker '09 D1909
Buckingham Barmaid B
Buckingham Barmaid '05 B1905
Buckingham Barmaid '09 B1909
Buckingham Barrowman '10 D1910
Buckingham Baurhyte Upton D28-Jul-1990
Buckingham Beeswing '08 B1908
Buckingham Boatman '05 D1905
Buckingham Boozer '10 D1910
Buckingham Bracelet '09 B1909
Buckingham Brandy D
Buckingham Careless '07 B1907
Buckingham Councillor '08 D1908
Buckingham Countess '02 B1902
Buckingham Crafty B
Buckingham Dairymaid B
Buckingham Dairymaid '08 B1908
Buckingham Dauntless '08 B1908
Buckingham Daylight '08 B1908
Buckingham Daylight '10 B1910
Buckingham Dorcas '00 B1900
Buckingham Driver '05 D1905
Buckingham Drummer '06 D1906
Buckingham Duchess '06 B1906
Buckingham Dutchman '10 D1910
Buckingham Gadfly '04 B1904
Buckingham Gamester '59 D1959
Buckingham Gauntlet '01 D1901
Buckingham Gaylass '02 B1902
Buckingham Gaylass '10 B1910
Buckingham Gipsy '08 B1908
Buckingham Gladys '09 B1909
Buckingham Goldmine D
Buckingham Graceful '09 B1909
Buckingham Gunner '57 D1957
Buckingham Gypsy B
Buckingham Hamlet D
Buckingham Hamlet '06 D1906
Buckingham Hardship D
Buckingham Harkaway '09 D1909
Buckingham Landsman '04 D1904
Buckingham Leader B
Buckingham Maltster D
Buckingham Melody '06 B1906
Buckingham Merriman D
Buckingham Milkmaid '07 B1907
Buckingham Nursemaid '08 B1908
Buckingham Orator '04 D1904
Buckingham Pilgrim '10 D1910
Buckingham Pilot '05 D1905
Buckingham Prefect '10 D1910
Buckingham President D
Buckingham President '05 D1905
Buckingham Primate '10 D1910
Buckingham Ragman D
Buckingham Ragman '08 D1908
Buckingham Rambler '08 D1908
Buckingham Ranger D
Buckingham Ranger '06 D1906
Buckingham Ranter '04 D1904
Buckingham Rapture '10 B1910
Buckingham Rattler D
Buckingham Remedy '07 B1907
Buckingham Remus '06 D1906
Buckingham Reveller '09 D1909
Buckingham Romulus '06 D1906
Buckingham Royster D
Buckingham Royster '04 D1904
Buckingham Ruby B1902?
Buckingham Rummager '10 D1910
Buckingham Safety '05 B1905
Buckingham Songstress '08 B1908
Buckingham Spangler D
Buckingham Spiteful B
Buckingham Stewardess '08 B1908
Buckingham Stewardess '10 B1910
Buckingham Stormer '06 D1906
Buckingham Trojan '06 D1906
Buckingham Vanity '04 B1904
Buckingham Victory B
Buckingham Wagtail '65 B1968
Buckingham Warrior '69 D1969
Buckingham Waterman '09 D1909
Buckingham Wenlock '69 D1969
Buckingham Wishful '57 B1957
Buckingham Woeful '57 B1957
Buckley's Mawddwy Boaster D8-Mar-1901
Buckley's Mawddwy Crafty B
Buckley's Mawddwy Liberty B
Buckley's Mawddwy Ranter D1897
Buckley's Mawddwy Singer D
Buckley's Mawddwy Spartan D
Buckley's Mawddwy Stanley D
Buckley's Mawddwy Telltale B
Buckley's Mawddwy Trilby B
Buckley's Mawddwy Triumph B
Buckley's Mawddwy Trusty D
Buckley's Mawddwy Truthful B1890s
Bufas D4-Feb-1994
Buffalo-Bill D13-Aug-1994
Buffington's Lady Emily CD B1970s
UK CH Bunnahabhain Agatha B9-Sep-1999
Bunnahabhain Anna B9-Sep-1999
Bunnahabhain Aragon Audax D9-Sep-1999 [photo]
Bunnahabhain Author D9-Sep-1999
CH Bunnahabhain Authoress Lulu B9-Sep-1999 [photo]
Bunnahabhain Lancelot D25-Mar-2000
Bunnahabhain Lancer D25-Mar-2000
Bunnahabhain Lawman D17-Jul-2001
Bunnahabhain Lawrence D17-Jul-2001
NOR CH, DAN CH Bunnahabhain Leader Oyda D17-Jul-2001
Bunnahabhain Legend B25-Mar-2000
Bunnahabhain Liberty B17-Jul-2001
Bunnahabhain Livid B17-Jul-2001
Bunnahabhain Loxley D17-Jul-2001
Bunnahabhain Pharos D12-Nov-2005
Bunnahabhain Phoenix James D12-Nov-2005 [photo]
Bunnahabhain Pluto D12-Nov-2005
Bunnahabhain Rafferty B10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Ramsay Finlay D10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Ranger D10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Rangle B10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Ransom B10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Ricochet Can. TD Sprocket D10-Jan-2008
Bunnahabhain Ruthven B10-Jan-2008
Burnvale Alyssum B4-Aug-1991
Burnvale Amiable B4-Aug-1991
Burnvale Aniseed B4-Aug-1991
Cairo's Arry Otta D11-Jan-2004
Cairo's Dumbledore Henry D11-Jan-2004 [photo]
UK CH Cairo's Gryffindor for Spinotta Gryff D11-Jan-2004 [photo]
Cairo's Hogwarts Xpress D11-Jan-2004
IE CH Cairo's Hufflepuff Puff B11-Jan-2004 [photo]
Cairo's Madam Pomfrey Ruby B11-Jan-2004 [photo]
Cairo's Majikmoments by Wildan Majik B14-Sep-2005
Cairo's Marzbar Marz D14-Sep-2005
Cairo's Midastuch of Nolmacdon Merlin D14-Sep-2005
Cairo's Monticresto D14-Sep-2005
Cairo's Mu D27-Apr-2000
Cairo's Munkibizniz Munki B14-Sep-2005
UK,IE CH Cairo's Mystical Donut D14-Sep-2005 [photo]
UK CH Cairo's Mystry to Nolmacdon Mitch D14-Sep-2005
Cairo's Padfoot D11-Jan-2004
Cairo's Pandora Pandy B27-Apr-2000
Cairo's Ravenclaw B11-Jan-2004
Cairo's Roxanne B27-Apr-2000
Cairo's Suprize Suprize D27-Apr-2000
Cairo's Tarka D27-Apr-2000
Cairo's Wellington D27-Apr-2000
INT CH Caja vom Otterzentrum Caja B22-Dec-1995
Cajun Bayou Boy D4-Nov-1994
Calliope Of Skye Top Cally B4-Jan-1967
Camellia Hounds Mississippi Baked Bean Tips B29-Jul-2017 [photo]
CH Camellia Hounds Red Beans And Rice Andouille B29-Jul-2017 [photo]
Camellia Hounds Spill The Beans To Ironquest Tellem B29-Jul-2017
Caol Ila Nicola Larini B7-Mar-1997
CH Capitaine Of Skye Top D4-Jan-1967
Capitaine's Lunger D5-Sep-1945
Careless B1900s
Careless Of Adriucha B1956
Carillion Of Skye Top Corry B4-Jan-1967
Carlisle Actor '04 D1904
Carlisle Bellman D1860s
Carlisle Bellman '02 D1902
Carlisle Boozer D1860s
Carlisle Boozer '67 D1867
Carlisle Briton D
Carlisle Briton '06 D1906
Carlisle Bruiser '03 D1903
Carlisle Careless B1864?
Carlisle Charity B
Carlisle Charmer B1870
Carlisle Charmer '97 B1897
Carlisle Chaunter '97 D1897
Carlisle Columbine '01 B1901
Carlisle Countess B
Carlisle Countess '06 B1906
Carlisle Dainty '08 B1908
Carlisle Dancer D
Carlisle Danger D1900s
Carlisle Danger '06 D1906
Carlisle Danger '22 D1922
Carlisle Danger 20s D1920s
Carlisle Dauntless '08 B1908
Carlisle Dimple B1900s?
Carlisle Dragon '06 D1906
Carlisle Driver D1902?
Carlisle Faithful '06 B1906
Carlisle Fireman D1870s?
Carlisle Glory '65 B1865
Carlisle Khaki B1900s?
Carlisle Lily '91 B1891
Carlisle Lofty B1893?
Carlisle Lottery D1880s?
Carlisle Lucifer D1870s
Carlisle Luther D1860s
Carlisle Major D1860s
Carlisle Major '67 D1867
Carlisle Mona B
Carlisle Music '00 B1900
Carlisle Ocean D
Carlisle Phyliss B1900s
Carlisle Rafter D
Carlisle Rally B
Carlisle Ranter '03 D1903
Carlisle Rattler '06 D1906
Carlisle Remedy B1890s
Carlisle Ringwood D1900s
Carlisle Ringwood '03 D1903
Carlisle Royster '08 D1908
Carlisle Rufus D
Carlisle Ruler '07 D1907
Carlisle Sailor '10 D1910
Carlisle Sarah '07 B1907
Carlisle Sinbad '10 D1910
Carlisle Smuggler D1890s
Carlisle Smuggler '10 D1910
Carlisle Stanley '67 D1867
Carlisle Stormer D1900s?
Carlisle Stormer '07 D1907
Carlisle Swimmer D1870s?
Carlisle Swimmer '10 D1910
Carlisle Tanzy B
Carlisle Tester D1900s?
Carlisle Thunder D1870s
Carlisle Thunder '03 D1903
Carlisle Valour '03 B1903
Carlisle Warrior D1889?
Carmarthen Vanetta B15-Jan-1995
Carrick van de Kweb D27-Mar-1999
Carrick's Careless B1870s
Casey D26-Apr-1997
CH Cassandra Of Skye Top B4-Jan-1967
Catskill Busy Beaver Nellie B6-Jun-2019
Catskill Head of Household Adeline B15-Apr-2020
Catskill Heron You Loud and Clear Gryphon D6-Jun-2019
Catskill Indebted to Eu FDC TD Beulah B15-Apr-2020
Catskill Jovial Asset Quina B15-Apr-2020
Catskill Minor Deficit Dottie B15-Apr-2020
CH Catskill Mountain Hoowligan CGC FDC Herman D6-Jun-2019 [photo]
Catskill Otter Be My Valentine Cora B6-Jun-2019
Catskill Our Significant Otter Winston D6-Jun-2019
Catskill Poplar Hill's Major Asset CGC TKN TDN McFadden D15-Apr-2020
Catskill Porcupine Wild Thyme Sprocket D6-Jun-2019
Catskill Purple Panamanian Princess Wyatt B15-Apr-2020
Catskill Tax Fraud at Riverspruce 7 D15-Apr-2020
Catskill What the Fox Wiley D6-Jun-2019
Catskill While the Bobcat's Away CGC Gilbert D6-Jun-2019
Catskill Wild Wolf Howl Finnegan D6-Jun-2019
CH Cerberus Amber Patch Patches B18-Nov-1975 [photo]
CH Cerberus Ginger Bread Girl B18-Nov-1975
CH Cerberus Hexenkessel B18-Nov-1975
Cerberus Oliver D18-Nov-1975
CH Cerberus' Aragorn D18-Nov-1975
Chancey B
Charles van de Kweb D27-Mar-1999
DAN CH Charlie D27-Jun-1992
Charlie Conda Charlie B15-Aug-2022
Charmer II B
AM CH, CAN CH, MEX CH Charmer Of Skye Top Charmer B4-Jan-1967 [photo]
Chaucer Rocky Hill Robinhood D19-Dec-1985
CH Chaucer's Blue Collar Worker Gator D20-Mar-1987
Chaucer's Blue Magoo Of Oopik D20-Mar-1987
CH Chaucer's Buckhorn Buckhorn B8-May-1982 [photo]
AM CH, CAN CH Chaucer's Hocus Pocus Pokey D8-May-1982 [photo]
Chaucer's Hydramagic Chance D19-Dec-1985
Chaucer's Jessica McCaully B11-Nov-1991
Chaucer's Kris Kringle D20-Mar-1987
CH Chaucer's Macduff Calvani Mac D8-May-1982 [photo]
CH Chaucer's Mydramagic Charm Charlie B19-Dec-1985 [photo]
Chaucer's Mystery Man D17-Oct-1983
CH Chaucer's Paladin Paladin D8-May-1982 [photo]
Chaucer's Qcumber Kevin TD Kevin D2-Feb-1985 [photo]
CH Chaucer's Queen Gwenevere Queen B17-Oct-1983 [photo]
Chaucer's Radical Dude D11-Nov-1991
CH Chaucer's Rum And Coke Rum B19-Dec-1985 [photo]
CH Chaucer's Sir Duff Of Bearsden Duff D19-Dec-1985 [photo]
CH Chaucer's Sunflower Sunny B30-Aug-1980 [photo]
Chaucer's Whiskey Runner D8-May-1982
CH Chaucers Rapscallion Rascal B30-Aug-1980
Chaunter D1800s
Chauntress Of Skye Top B4-Jan-1967
Cheery OH's Amyable Lady B19-Jan-1997
Cheery OH's Brown Eyed Girl B19-Jan-1997
Cheery OH's Cracklin' Rosie Bailey B19-Jan-1997
CH Cheery OH's Daimler O'Corcra Gael Elizabeth B19-Jan-1997 [photo]
Cheery OH's Duke Of Earl D19-Jan-1997
CH Cheery OH's I Feel Good! CGC TDI James Brown D19-Jan-1997 [photo]
CH Cheery OH's Jumpin' Jack Flash Mick D19-Jan-1997 [photo]
Cheery OH's Little Darlin' Clementine B19-Jan-1997
CH Cheery OH's Poetry In Motion Molly B19-Jan-1997 [photo]
CH Cheery OH's Return To Scentasia Jake D19-Jan-1997 [photo]
Cheery OH's Say G'Dnight Gracie B19-Jan-1997
Cheery OH's Wild Thing B19-Jan-1997
Cheriton Gallant D1900?
Cheriton Racket B1900s?
Chester Higgins Chester D1990s [photo]
Chien de Chasse Heather B1960s
Chorister D1920s
AM CH, CAN CH Chorister Of Skye Top Clyde D4-Jan-1967
Chortle of Deanery B29-Sep-1997
Chuckle of Deanery D29-Sep-1997
Classy-Touch D13-Aug-1994
CH Clearwater Baileys Irishcream Campbell D21-Jun-2006 [photo]
Clearwater Cherry Parfait A'Rosewell Cher B4-Mar-2005
Clearwater Creek's Lonesome Dove Jack D11-Mar-2008
Clearwater Creek's Ole' Blue Moses D11-Mar-2008
CH Clearwater Howlaway What's On Tap Kegger D21-Jun-2006
Clearwater's Huckleberry Hound Huckleberry D11-Mar-2008
CH Clearwater's Blue Nun Sister B21-Jun-2006
Clearwater's Caramel Delight Cammie B4-Mar-2005
CH Clearwater's Creme Brulee Oscar D4-Mar-2005 [photo]
Clearwater's Flipper Finn B11-Mar-2008
Clearwater's French Silk TD Sundae B4-Mar-2005
Clearwater's Ginger Snap Ginger B4-Mar-2005
Clearwater's Holiday Cookie Cutter D4-Mar-2005
Clearwater's Huckleberry Johnnie D4-Mar-2005
Clearwater's Lucy Gidget Wanda B11-Mar-2008
Clearwater's Mash Rader D11-Mar-2008
Clearwater's Moonshine Sadie Mae B21-Jun-2006
CH Clearwater's Mud Pie CGC Marilyn B4-Mar-2005 [photo]
Clearwater's Ruby Cordial Ruby B21-Jun-2006
Clearwater's Sky King Penny B11-Mar-2008
Clearwater's Snickerdoodle Lily B4-Mar-2005 [photo]
Clearwater's Southern Comfort Murphy D21-Jun-2006
Clearwater's Star Trek Liam D11-Mar-2008
CH Clearwater's Tequila Mockingbird Kenni B21-Jun-2006 [photo]
Clinker D1870s
Clotterswood Bilberry D4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Blueberry B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Bramble B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Charger D3-Sep-1988
Clotterswood Cranberry at Hannikins B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Dasher D3-Sep-1988
Clotterswood Elderberry D4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Juniper at Carlbay B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Prowler D3-Sep-1988
Clotterswood Rambler Tali B3-Sep-1988
Clotterswood Scamper B3-Sep-1988
UK CH Clotterswood Skipper at Auldkirk D3-Sep-1988
UK CH Clotterswood Sloe at Auldkirk B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Stroller B3-Sep-1988
Clotterswood Sugarberry B4-Apr-1986
Clotterswood Whortleberry B4-Apr-1986
UK CH Clover ex Kingstree Clover B20-Apr-2006 [photo]
Clownahound's Hoo Dunnit D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's Hoo's On First D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's Hoo's Sorry Now B28-Mar-1980
Clownahound's Hooly Smoke D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's Hoos Anole Smoovy D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's How D'ya Hoo D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's Lick 'Na Promise D28-Mar-1980
CH Clownahound's Red White 'N Hoo D28-Mar-1980
Clownahound's Squire Lomax D28-Mar-1980
Clownahound's Thoughtful Bob D28-Mar-1980
Co Limerick Nickname B1900?
Co Limerick Tangle B1893?
Co Limerick Trouncer '96 D1896
Co Limerick Valesman '03 D1903
Cobbler D1800s
Cockermouth Ringwood D1860s?
Cockermouth Ruby B1880s
Comfrey of Deanery Comfers B29-Sep-1997
Con Cara & Blue Fairy's This Bird Has Flown Siggy B21-Jun-2018
Con Cara Blue Fairy's They Say it's Your Birthday! Ruger D21-Jun-2018 [photo]
IABCA NatCh IntCH HnrCH, HnrCH-B Con Cara's Aint She Sweet Lizzie B21-Jun-2018 [photo]
Con Cara's Elenora Rigby Brynlee B21-Jun-2018
Con Cara's Lady Madonna Maddie B21-Jun-2018
Conestoga & Crossroads Dancing To The Blues Legend Buddy D10-Mar-2019
Conestoga & Crossroads Dancing To The Chicago Blues Muddy D10-Mar-2019
Conestoga & Crossroads Dancing on Sunbeams Diva B10-Mar-2019
Conestoga & Crossroads Easy on the Eyes Bronco D04-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Engels Engels D04-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads English Dream at Otterslade Orsa B04-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Envy at OHeavens Sloane B04-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Eyes on the Prize Denali D04-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Faith Reagan B11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Fenella Fenella B11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Finn The Red Finn D11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Flirtatious Annabell Annie B11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Flyer Flyer D11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Franklin Hamish D11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Frederick George D11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Freya Genevieve Freya B11-Jan-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Georgia On My Mind Maggie B15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Go The Distance King Louis D15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Gone In 60 Seconds Memphis Lee D15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Good Day Sunshine Otto D15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Good Vibrations Jefferson D15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Goodbye, America Vasily D15-Jun-2021
Conestoga & Crossroads Great Balls Of Fire! Mabel B15-Jun-2021
GCH CH Conestoga Aberdeens Addicted to Love Tiger Woods D30-Jan-2014 [photo]
CH Conestoga Aberdeens Always Something Roseanna Roseannadanna B30-Jan-2014
CH Conestoga Adonis Be True Beau D30-Jan-2014
GCH CH Conestoga Agave Kiss Kiss B30-Jan-2014 [photo]
Conestoga All The Kings Men Albert D30-Jan-2014
Conestoga Analyze This Brewski D30-Jan-2014 [photo]
Conestoga Anejo on the Rocks Hershey D30-Jan-2014
GCHS CH Conestoga Another Tequila Sunrise Willie Nelson D30-Jan-2014 [photo]
Conestoga Augustus Prime Buddy D30-Jan-2014
Conestoga Bailey's Irish Crème C Major Bailey D10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Ballissima Tovi Tovi B10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Benedict Darby C Major Darby D10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Bread-N-Butyer Pickles Pickles D10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Briar Rose C Major Rose B10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Bubbles Galore C Major Bubbles B10-Jan-2017
CH Conestoga Butterfly Kisses Blair B10-Jan-2017 [photo]
Conestoga CMajor Daffodil Daffy B10-Jan-2017
Conestoga Cassiopeia Cassie B18-Jul-2017
Conestoga Conan Conan D18-Jul-2017
Conestoga Conrad Conrad D18-Jul-2017
GCH CH Conestoga Convallaria Montana CGC TKN Lily B18-Jul-2017 [photo]
Conestoga Dancing In The Rain At Crossroads Dani B10-Mar-2019 [photo]
Conestoga Dancing N The Dark At Crossroads Demi B10-Mar-2019
Conestoga Dancing With Myself D10-Mar-2019
Conestoga Dancing With The Stars D10-Mar-2019
CH Conestoga Darwin's Discoveries Darwin D10-Mar-2019
AKC CH, UKC CH Conestoga Doin It For OHeavens Sake RBIS Raphael D10-Mar-2019 [photo]
Conestoga Garden Party at Crossroads Party B15-Jun-2021
Conestogas Clearly Chuck Chuck D18-Jul-2017
Copper Chaos Gulliver Hajjar Gulliver D22-Oct-1997
Copper Country's Slobberknocker Otis D22-Oct-1997
Copper Doodle Daisy Graeber B22-Oct-1997
Corcra Gael AC Cobra Saar D21-Apr-2003 [photo]
CH Corcra Gael Aston Martin Bus D9-Mar-2001 [photo]
Corcra Gael Austin Healey D9-Mar-2001
CH Corcra Gael Bristol Royale Bristol B9-Mar-2001 [photo]
Corcra Gael Cousteau's Silver Shadow Cousteau D5-Jul-2008
CH Corcra Gael DeLorean DMC12 Ozzy D21-Apr-2003
CH Corcra Gael Frazer Nash Loopey D5-Jul-2008
CH Corcra Gael Golden Lotus V Ria Goldie B5-Jul-2008
Corcra Gael Jensen Abbygael B9-Mar-2001
CH Corcra Gael Lagonda Malcolm D5-Jul-2008
Corcra Gael Lea Francis Rya B5-Jul-2008
Corcra Gael MG Magnette CGC Murphy B21-Apr-2003 [photo]
CH Corcra Gael McLaren McLaren B9-Mar-2001 [photo]
Corcra Gael Morgan B9-Mar-2001
Corcra Gael Morris Minor Morris D5-Jul-2008
Corcra Gael Panther Deville Logan D21-Apr-2003
Corcra Gael Rolls Silver Dawn Dawny D5-Jul-2008
CH Corcra Gael Rolls Silver Spirit Gummi B5-Jul-2008
CH Corcra Gael Sunbeam Tiger Bonnie B21-Apr-2003 [photo]
CH Corcra Gael Triumph Spitfire L'il Di B21-Apr-2003
Corcra Gael Vauxhall Prince Henry Chewy D21-Apr-2003
Cotswold Collier D1800s
Cotter's Cafe Au Lait B5-Jun-1990
Cotter's Cajsa-Cavat B1-Jun-1988
Cotter's California-Clue B15-May-1990
Cotter's Call Me Claudette D5-Jun-1990
SWE CH Cotter's Candlelight for Dyfrgi's B2-Nov-1988
SWE CH, NOR CH Cotter's Captain Wilmer D8-Jun-1991
Cotter's Caramelle B18-Sep-1989
Cotter's Carols Wilma B8-Jun-1991
Cotter's Catch Me Quick D2-Nov-1988
Cotter's Celebrated Cobra D5-Jun-1990
SWE CH Cotter's Champagne at Beargarden B15-May-1990
Cotter's Charming-Casper D1-Jun-1988
Cotter's Chatty-Celina B2-Nov-1988
Cotter's Checkpoint Charles D15-May-1990
Cotter's Cheerly Choise B5-Jun-1990
Cotter's Cherry B2-Nov-1988
Cotter's Chessman D2-Nov-1988
Cotter's Chester D2-Nov-1988
Cotter's Chic Wilma B8-Jun-1991
SWE CH Cotter's Chiff-Chaff-Chipp D18-Sep-1989
SWE CH Cotter's Circus-Clown D18-Sep-1989
Cotter's Clever-Cosby D1-Jun-1988
SWE CH, NOR CH, INT CH Cotter's Colour of America B15-May-1990
Cotter's Colourproof At Dyfrgi's D15-May-1990
Cotter's Come To Be Continued D15-May-1990
Cotter's Cool Whiskey D8-Jun-1991
Cotter's Cool-Caddie D1-Jun-1988
SWE CH, NOR CH Cotter's Cosy Wicky B8-Jun-1991
Cotter's Count-on-Clara B1989
Cotter's Countess-Catty B1989
Cotter's Country-Charlie D18-Sep-1989
NORDIC CH, INT CH Cotter's Covert Crocodile D5-Jun-1990
Cotter's Crasy Winnie B8-Jun-1991
SWE CH Cotter's Cream-Candy B1-Jun-1988
Cotter's Credit-Card D15-May-1990
Cotter's Crested Walther D8-Jun-1991
Cotter's Curly Cousin For Flushtime B1989
Cotter's Eliza Of The Fives B29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Elliot Of The Fives D29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Elvira Of The Fives B29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Elvis Of The Fives D29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Emil Of The Fives D29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Emma Of The Fives B29-Dec-1993
Cotter's Happy Heart D19-Jul-1992
Cotter's Heart In Harmony B19-Jul-1992
Cotter's Heavens Heart B19-Jul-1992
Cotter's Honey Heart B19-Jul-1992
Cotter's Hungry Heart D19-Jul-1992
SWE CH Cotter's Jesper D18-Jan-1985
Cotter's Jilliana B18-Jan-1985
Cotter's Julissa B18-Jan-1985
Cotter's Parfait Amour D29-Apr-1992
Cotter's Peachtree B29-Apr-1992
Cotter's Perle Rose B29-Apr-1992
Cotter's Pommery D29-Apr-1992
Cotter's Qilroy D17-Sep-1991
Cotter's Qim B17-Sep-1991
Cotter's Qulan B17-Sep-1991
Cotter's Qvadrat D17-Sep-1991
SWE CH Cotter's Qvicka B17-Sep-1991
Cotter's Qvittra B17-Sep-1991
SWE CH Cotter's Racy-Regina B4-Jun-1986
Cotter's Raggy-Rhoda B4-Jun-1986
SWE CH Cotter's Red-Runner D4-Jun-1986
Cotter's Robban-Rival D4-Jun-1986
Cotter's Rosy-Rainbow B4-Jun-1986
Cotter's Royal-Rebel D4-Jun-1986
Cotter's Wild Obelix D17-Aug-1995
Cotter's Wild Oliver D17-Aug-1995
Cotter's Wild Oscar D17-Aug-1995
Cotter's Wildflower Dainty Sassa B17-Aug-1995
Cotter's Wildflower Daisy B17-Aug-1995
Cotter's Wildflower Dolly B17-Aug-1995
AM CH, FIN CH Cotton Ginny Ginny B2-Feb-1985
Coulter's Carlisle D1870s
Coulter's Joyful B1870s
Countess B1867
Courtenay Tracy Bachelor '08 D1908
Courtenay Tracy Careless '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Charmer B
Courtenay Tracy Chaunter '08 D1908
Courtenay Tracy Chorister '05 D1905
Courtenay Tracy Milkmaid '04 B1904
Courtenay Tracy Pagan '05 D1905
Courtenay Tracy Pedlar '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Rector '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Regent '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Songster '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Tackler '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Tapster '06 D1906
Courtenay Tracy Tempest '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Testy '10 B1910
Courtenay Tracy Tomboy '09 D1909
Courtenay Tracy Tracer '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Trifle '10 B1910
Courtenay Tracy Trojan '09 D1909
Courtenay Tracy Truemaid '05 B1905
Courtenay Tracy Trueman '10 D1910
Courtenay Tracy Truthful '06 B1906
Courtenay Tracy Tuneful '09 B1909
Courtenay Tracy Tyrant '09 D1909
Craft B1920s
Cragmont Annie Laurie B15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lady Heather B15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lady Laurel B15-Mar-1977
CH Cragmont Laird Andel Sleuth D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lloyd George D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Loch Maben D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Loch Ness D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lochinvar D15-Mar-1977
Cragmont Lorna Doone B15-Mar-1977
Cragshield Curlew Riva B27-Apr-1990
Craigspar Angelica B29-Jun-1999
Craigspar Rosemary B29-Jun-1999
Craigspar Sorrel B29-Jun-1999
Craigspar Sweet Joe Pye D29-Jun-1999
Creekhiker Abraxa B3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Accita D3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Actor Q D3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Akela B3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Andra B3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Annie B3-Sep-2000
Creekhiker Asira B3-Sep-2000
Crossroads & Conestoga Been Caught Stealing Woody D5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Benjamin Augustus Longears Auggie D5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Bernard Montgomery Monty D5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Betty Davis Eyes Millie B5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Brown Eyed Girl Pippie B5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Chewie Chewie D5-Jun-2021
Crossroads & Conestoga Our Girl Charlie Charlie B5-Jun-2021
Crossroads Avenger Teddy D29-Jun-2019 [photo]
Crossroads Loki Loki D29-Jun-2019 [photo]
Crossroads Millie Millie B29-Jun-2019
Crowhurst Dauntless '02 B1902
Crowhurst Destiny '03 B1903
Crowhurst Dutiful '09 B1909
Crowhurst Ganeymede '10 D1910
Crowhurst Gaylass '10 B1910
Crowhurst Glyder '10 D1910
Crowhurst Graceful '06 B1906
Crowhurst Gravity '10 B1910
Crowhurst Marksman D1903?
Crowhurst Spiteful '09 B1909
Crowhurst Stewardess '08 B1908
Crowhurst Stormer '08 D1908
Crowhurst Tiresome '09 B1909
Crowhurst Twilight '09 B1909
Crowhurst Wentworth '08 D1908
CAN CH Cruizin The Road to Eden Aston D30-Jun-2005
Cruizin's Dark Star Sarah B27-Jun-2007
AM CH, CAN CH Cruizin's Dudley DoRight Of WH Dudley D24-Dec-1999 [photo]
Cruizin's Hot Buttered Rum Bacardi B30-Jun-2005
Cruizin's Hot Ryder's Return Pancho Villa D30-Jun-2005
CH Cruizin's Hot Summer Daze Summer B30-Jun-2005
Cruizin's Just One Look RN CGC Anneliese B27-Jun-2007 [photo]
Cruizin's Misty Misty B30-Jun-2005
Culmstock Bachelor D1913? [photo]
Culmstock Bandsman D12-May-1993
Culmstock Banker D12-May-1993
Culmstock Baronet '10 D1910
Culmstock Bellmaid '07 B1907
Culmstock Bellman D12-May-1993
Culmstock Bellman '08 D1908
Culmstock Bo'sun D12-May-1993
Culmstock Boaster '07 D1907
Culmstock Buster '07 D1907
Culmstock Captain D18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Carver D18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Challenger D18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Charity B1900s
Culmstock Clansman D18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Collier '02 D
Culmstock Comely B
Culmstock Drummer '09 D1909
Culmstock Hamlet D
Culmstock Hebe B
Culmstock Hester B
Culmstock Major D
Culmstock Safety B18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Saucy B7-May-1993
Culmstock Seagull B7-May-1993
Culmstock Seaweed of Cilgwri B7-May-1993
Culmstock Smuggler D1998
Culmstock Snowdrop B18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Songstress '10 B1910
Culmstock Sunrise B18-Oct-2000
Culmstock Sunset B7-May-1993
Culmstock Susan '10 B1910
Culmstock Tempest B
Culmstock Wader D7-May-1993
Culmstock Watchman of Jorjess D7-May-1993
Culmstock Wellington D7-May-1993
Culmstock Wizard D7-May-1993